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Hindu Boy Names

Hindu boy names - Selecting a suitable name for your baby is certainly a tough job. Most of the time parents don’t have good options and they end up keeping old fashioned common names. In a Hindu family, the task of deciding Hindu baby boy name is usually performed by Priest (Pundit). The horoscope of child is created on the basis of child’s date of birth, time of birth, and location. The Hindu boy name as suggested by the Pundit is finalized. Hindu names for boys are mostly traditional and have their roots in Hindu mythology.

Modern Hindu parents who are looking for unique, meaningful and popular Hindu Boy Names can get some of the best suggestions from this online platform. This page offers you the most comprehensive and latest Hindu boy names along with their respective meanings, origin, and popularity graph. Hindu baby Boy names are listed in proper alphabetical order, with each alphabet comprise of extensive range of old and new names. You can click on any Hindu boy name you find interesting, that can lead you towards a dedicated page where you can find information including gender, meaning, and origin of that particular name. Hindu Names for Boys are maintained in a systematic manner starting from alphabet A till Z. Every Hindu baby name page is categorized in three sections: popular names, most viewed, and newly added names. You can check out the latest Hindu boy names that are added from time to time, and the most popularly trending ones. Name of the Day is another important highlight of this page, where the viewers can access the daily pick. Daily one Hindu boy name is selected as the name of the day.

You can share this Hindu Boys name page on social media platforms with your family and friends who are experiencing child’s birth to help them in selecting the suitable name. You can have an exclusive Hindu baby boy names page where you can post and share various details with your relatives and friends who are living abroad. Hindu Baby names are popular due to unique meanings and their religious origin to catch your attention. Some of the most searched Hindu names for boys are Ajay, Rajesh, Vishal, Ahil, Aarav, Amish to name a few. There is a huge potential market in India who search for latest and unique Hindu baby boy names. This page can serve as a paradise of name hunting online. Hindu parents who look up for Indian Boy Names on the internet for suggestion, this page can provide them plenty of options. Search and facilitate from the huge database of Hindu names for boys for a better response.

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Poojya is a hindu girl name which means "Worshipped". It is one of the names of Durga Goddess

Karthika , Bangalore Wed 05 Dec, 2018

Tell me the meaning

Arbaz , safdarabad Wed 21 Nov, 2018

my foi (father's sister) has suggested this lucky name when I was only 5 days old.

Nalin , Karnavati Sun 18 Nov, 2018

I want to know that ARHAN is mulim name or hindu name? What is the meaning of this name? Can i keep this name to a muslim boy?

Firoz Khan , Patna Thu 15 Nov, 2018

my name

indudhar , tirupati Thu 15 Nov, 2018

Hello sir happy happy name to my name isShamkumar

Shamkumar Mn , Bangalore Tue 13 Nov, 2018

name kaisa rahega

rihan , gopalganj Fri 02 Nov, 2018

whats in the meNING OF OMENDRA

omendra singh , jaipur Fri 26 Oct, 2018

Very Nice

Rithvick , Bijapur Fri 26 Oct, 2018


Chandu , Andhra pradesh Thu 25 Oct, 2018