Hindu Boy Names

Hindu Boys Names characterize as Hindu masculine names in Hindu society and the world. Find here top Hindu boys names meaning includes most trending names like Aarav, Rahul, Aadhar, Ayush and Reyansh. Top 3 popular trending boys names meanings are as follows: Rahul meaning EFFICIENT; CONQUEROR OF MISERIES; GOUTAM BUDDHA'S SON; Aadhar meaning Base; Brilliant Like the Sun; Ayush meaning Long Life; Long Lived.

Devatithi Guest of the Gods Hindu
Swami Master Hindu
Debobrato Name of Bhismha Hindu
Amola Priceless Hindu
Hakeem Wise; All-knowing; One of God's Ninety-nine Qualities; Intelligent; Judicious Hindu
Yaan Time, Gift of God Hindu
Muktananda Liberated Hindu
Sheethal Cool Hindu
Balmukundh Lord Krishna Hindu
Gha Shine Hindu
Naraka Hell Hindu
Omol Time Lord Hindu
Shashi Moon Hindu
Sarajanm Born in Water Hindu
Ranger Ward of the Forest Hindu
Arva Fastest Motion Wind Hindu
Davuluri Hindu
Ayushi Long Life Hindu
Chandranan Moon Like Face Hindu
Durvish Who cannot be Affected by Poison Hindu
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10K+ Hindu Boy Names

Aarav Peaceful; Good Personality Hindu
Aadhar Base; Brilliant Like the Sun Hindu
Ayush Long Life; Long Lived Hindu
Reyansh A Part of Sun; Lord Vishnu Hindu
Aabhavannan Light, Il-Luminous, Bright, Shining Hindu
Aadhav Ruler Hindu
Aadalarasu King of Dance Hindu
Aabher A Cowherd, Name Of Dynasty Hindu
Aabir Fragrance, Aroma, Perfume Hindu
Vihaan Morning; Dawn Hindu
Aadhavan Sun; Brilliant Like the Sun; Lord Vishnu Hindu
Aabhas The Sense, Feelings, Realization Hindu
Arnav Briliant; Ocean; Sea; Vast; Endless Ocean Hindu
Aadhikara Lord Shiva Hindu
Aachman Intake of a Sip of Water Before a Yagya or Puja Hindu
Aadhimulam One who is Very First of Everything Hindu
Aadalarasan Attraction Hindu
Aabharan Jewel Hindu
Aadeep Light, Spiritual Illumination, A Source Of Radiance Hindu
Advik Unique, Exclusive, Someone who has no equivalent, Hindu
Aadesh An Order, A Command, Message, Means Instruction In Sanskrit Hindu
Aaban Name of an Angel Hindu
Aacharya Teacher; Another Name for Drona Hindu
Aacharappan Restless or Proactive Hindu
Aabhass Awareness, The Sense, Feelings, Realization Hindu
Aabheer A Cowherd, Name Of Dynasty Hindu
Aadarsh Ideal Hindu
Aadhikesavan One who is Ideal for Others Hindu
Aachalendra Himalayas Hindu

Hindu Boy Names with Meaning

Selecting a name for your baby is a profoundly significant choice, and in Hindu culture, it carries a weight of tradition and spirituality. Hindu boy names and Hindu girls names with meaning are not just labels, they are expressions of identity, heritage, and aspirations. Parents worldwide, including those living in foreign countries, often embark on a quest to find the perfect name for their little one, a name that will resonate throughout their child's life.

These names are carefully chosen, drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of Hindu mythology and culture. Each name encapsulates a unique meaning, connecting the child to virtues, deities, and values that parents hold dear. The process of naming a child in Hinduism is a sacred ritual, symbolizing blessings, hopes, and the bestowing of virtues upon the newborn.

These names for Hindu are not confined by geographical boundaries. They cater to the global Hindu diaspora, allowing families to preserve their cultural roots and pass down their heritage to the next generation, no matter where they reside.

In essence, the importance of Hindu boy names with meaning lies in their ability to shape a child's character and identity, instilling values and a sense of purpose. These names are more than words; they are a bridge to the past, a guide for the future, and a treasure for the present, embracing tradition and embracing the world.

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In Hindi tradition, Aadhav symbolizes strength and resilience, a name for a warrior destined for greatness.

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A Hindu Hindi boy's name, rich in cultural significance and profound meanings. Embrace tradition with this unique and meaningful choice.

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