Popular Christian Boy Names

Popular Christian boy names refer latest trending names in the Christian society and World. Latest popular and trendy names include Alex, Alvin, Ryan, Scott, Nick. Top 3 popular trending boy names meanings are as follows: Alex meaning is A helper and defender of mankind; Alvin meaning is Noble friend or elf friend.; Ryan meaning is Little king.

Christian Popular Names For Boy With Meaning

Alex A helper and defender of mankind
Alvin Noble friend or elf friend.
Ryan Little king
Scott From scotland
Nick A short form of dominic, nicholas
Evan A form of john
Kiaan Archaic
Eric Brave ruler, Ever powerful
Kyle A narrow piece of land.
Jeffrey Divinely peaceful.
Onam vigorous, strong
Melvin Mill friend; council friend
Didi divine, heavenly
Noah Rest; comfort
Marvin Lover of the sea
Dicky powerful ruler
David Beloved
Ethan Strong, firm, impetuous
Vicky conqueror
Bryan high hill
Roni Shout for joy, my song of joy
Ivaan God is gracious ; in the bible , one of the apostles
Shane God is gracious
Devil accuser, slanderer
Ariel Lioness of god
Andy man warrior
Innocent harmless, innocent
Evaan God is gracious ; in the bible , one of the apostles
Dick powerful ruler
Dylan great
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Popular Christian Boy Names with Meaning

Takes the naming process to another level with this amazing website that has allowed you to select the best popular Christian boy name for your baby. Names influence the personality of a baby so parents are extra careful while naming their little bundle of joy, We have come up with the amazing idea that would parents help in the selection of perfect Popular Christian boy names. A Christian parent usually takes the names from the holy book Bible as these names signify the blessings of the religion. These names taken from the holy book are not only beautiful but also pleasing to hear. This page is based on the popular names of Christian boys that are taken from the Bible but still are the popular names.

To let people know about the best Popular Christian boy names we have created this page that is comprised of the Popular Christian boy names with meanings. This effort will surely give parents a better understanding of names and their meanings to select the best Popular Christian boy names for their little prince. In this collection of names, parents will be able to see all the latest Biblical names as well that are not only meaning Popular Christian boy names but also the Unique Popular Christian names for boys. Now start searching Popular Christian boy names and select the best name for your baby boy.

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Howard is a common name and its my all time favorite name, Howard name meaning is also nice but i love it pronunciation

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