Girl Names Starting with W

Baby Girls Names Starting with W - Find the unique & popular baby Girls Names Starting with W with Urdu & English meanings. Best list of new & cool Girls Names Starting with W for new born baby with detail meanings, origin & lucky number.

Wafa Faithfulness, Loyalty Muslim
Wajiha Beautiful woman, glorious Muslim
Wareesha Lightening Muslim
Warda In german meaning is : Guardian Muslim
Waniya God's gift Muslim
Wardah Flower, Flowery, Rosy, Fresh, Glowing Muslim
Wajeeha Eminent; Distinguished Muslim
Washma Cultured. Muslim
Walia Owner, heiress Muslim
Wasifa praise Muslim
Warina Unique, imitation Muslim
Wendy friend Christian
Wadia Commitment, entrusted Muslim
Wirda Rose flower Muslim
Whitney White island Christian

Girl Names Starting with W

Waahibah Giver, generous. Muslim
Waahidah One, unique. Muslim
Waaizhah (Waa Muslim
Waajida One whose wants are satisfied, wealthy, a lover or beloved. Muslim
Waajidah One who acheives her goals in life, loved, beloved Muslim
Waaliyah The female Governor, she who directs, manages, conducts, governs, measures. Muslim
Waarithah (Waarisah) An heir, a master, a lord, an owner, a successor. Muslim
Waasifah Describing Muslim
Waasilah Joining, connecting. Muslim
Wabiba Variant Of Wahibah: Giver, Donor. Muslim
Wabisa Something Bright Muslim
Wabisah Bin Mabad RA had this name. Muslim
Wadaaat Mildness, Gentleness, Peace Muslim
Wadaana Prosperous. Muslim
Waddia Amicable, friendly. Muslim
Wadeedah Lover, Friend, Beloved, Devoted Muslim
Wadhaa Pretty Muslim
Wadi Gentle, calm. Muslim
Wadia Commitment, entrusted Muslim
Wadiah Calm, peaceable Muslim
Wafa Faithfulness, Loyalty Muslim
Wafa' Faithfulness. Muslim
Wafaa' Faithfullness Muslim
Wafeeqa Successful Muslim
Wafeeqah Variant Of Wafiqah: Successful. Muslim
Wafia Rights To Full Pay Muslim
Wafiqa Successful. Muslim
Wafiqah Successful. Muslim
Wafiya Loyal; Faithful Hindu
Wafiya In Muslim meaning is : Loyal; Faithful Muslim
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Girl Names Starting with W – Giving your little one suitable name from your favorite alphabet is the dream of every parent. Many parents prefer to choose baby name from ‘W’ alphabet. In case you like names starting from alphabet ‘W’ then don’t hesitate and pick and choose this dedicated page to browse through the ocean of Girl Names Starting with W. You will find meanings in English & Urdu, origin, and popularity graph information from this platform.

Find beautiful and unique names of Girl with alphabet W. Browse huge list of baby Girl names with alphabet W along with all information. Good luck in hunting suitable name for your baby starting with W. Complete list of baby names starting with letter W. Checkout Newly & Popular names by alphabets at

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Wafa is my school Friend name.. she is very decent girl .. and still she is my best friend

haris , islamabad Thu 20 Aug, 2020

Wishi is my best friend and very loveable girl, her name is beautiful and the meaning of this name is also good.

Tamanna , delhi Mon 10 Aug, 2020

My name is warda and i love this name and meaning of rose flower ☺

Warda raza , Pak karachi Mon 25 Nov, 2019

very good name

wajiha , DHAKA Tue 12 Nov, 2019

wafa naam wali girl bht beautiful hoti hain

Zeeshan Ali , Hyderabad Sindh Pakistan Sun 08 Sep, 2019

My daughter name

FArooq hussain , Mardan Sat 07 Sep, 2019

I am Wareesha and Wareesha means Zeenat.. Check it on 👉🏻Parah no 8.. Surah no 7… ayat 26

Wareesha , Karachi Tue 23 Jul, 2019

My name is Warda and my name meaning is Rose/ Ghulab ka phool

Warda , Sialkot Thu 14 Feb, 2019

mees luv this naims ... mees sista naims is wajiha and shes a lovely buutiful gurl

Zara , Ching Chong Sat 26 Jan, 2019


Wajiha , Hayaghat Sun 04 Nov, 2018