Asif Name Meaning in Urdu - آصف

Asif is an Arabic-originated Muslim name, Asif name best meaning is Forgiveness, Strong, Powerful, Fierce in English and its Urdu meaning is قابل آدمی، لائق، مضبوط، طوفانی، شدید، طاقتور. Asif name consists of 4 letters and the associated lucky number for Asif is 8.

Asif Urdu Meaning
  نام آصف
  معنی قابل آدمی، لائق، مضبوط، طوفانی، شدید، طاقتور
  جنس لڑكا
  زبان عربی
  لکی نمبر 8 ?
مذہب مسلم
مختصر نام ہاں
حروف کی تعداد 4 حروف اور 1 لفظ
Asif Name Meaning in English

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Asif Meaning in Urdu

An attractive name Asif meaning in Urdu is قابل آدمی، لائق، مضبوط، طوفانی، شدید، طاقتور. It is a beautiful boy name originated from the Arabic language. Asif name meaning is well described on the page along with several meanings in Urdu. Asif is manly names even the boys with Asif name have a pleasant but strong personality. It is one of the popular Muslim names for boy to mold a beautiful personality even it is also the most preferred name by most of the parents around the world as Asif name Urdu meaning is quite attractive. Urdu meaning of Asif name can be written in roman as “Qabil Admi”. Masculine name Asif is adored by every parent because of its different pronunciation and deep meaning. The lucky number of Asif name is 8. Complete Asif name meaning in Urdu along with other details can be easily found on this page to get the whole information regarding the name.

What is the Name length of Asif?

The Name consists of 4 alphabets.

What is the Meaning of Asif?

Asif name meaning in Urdu is قابل آدمی، لائق، مضبوط، طوفانی، شدید، طاقتور "Forgiveness, Strong, Powerful, Fierce" are the English meanings.

What is the Lucky Number of Asif?

The lucky number associated with the name Asif is "8".

What is the Religion of Asif Name?

The religion of the name Asif is Muslim.

آصف نام کے معنی اور مفہوم

آصف ایک اسلامی نام ہے جو کہ لڑکوں کے ناموں کے لیے مخصوص ہے- اس نام کا تعلق اردو زبان سے ہے اور اس کا خوش قسمت نمبر 8 ہے- آصف کے معنی “قابل آدمی، لائق، مضبوط، طوفانی، شدید، طاقتور “ کے ہیں- اس صفحہ پر آپ اس نام سے متعلق تمام تفصیلات حاصل کرسکتے ہیں جس میں تعلق٬ لکی نمبر اور مذہب شامل ہیں- اس نام سے متعلق حاصل معلومات کو مدنظر رکھتے ہوئے صارفین نے اس صفحہ کو 3 اسٹار سے نوازا ہے جبکہ 110 تبصرہ بھی کیا گیا ہے-

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Asif Name : Review & Comment

Although Asif has become an old name, but the meaning is still interesting. My father name is Asif. And indeed he is a man of forgivness and strong nature. We love you dad!

  • Shadab Asif, Islamabad
  • Tue 24 May, 2022

Asif is my colleague name. he is very talented and he has amazing personality and its name meaning is also nice

  • Ahad, karachi
  • Fri 15 Jan, 2021

so beautiful name ASIF

  • Asif Hussain, Gothenburg Sweden
  • Sat 09 Feb, 2019

Very nice name. And its true

  • Asif Iqbal, Rabigh
  • Sun 30 Dec, 2018

asif mening

  • Muhammad asif, karachi
  • Sun 09 Dec, 2018