Azlan Name Meaning in Urdu - ازلان

Azlan is an Arabic-originated Muslim Boy name, Azlan name meaning in Urdu is شیر، ببر شیر and Lion, Brave, Courageous man in English. Azlan name consists of 5 letters and the associated lucky number for Azlan is 8.

Azlan Urdu Meaning
  نام ازلان
  معنی شیر، ببر شیر
  جنس لڑكا
  زبان اردو
  لکی نمبر 8 ?
مذہب مسلم
مختصر نام ہاں
حروف کی تعداد 5 حروف اور 1 لفظ

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Azlan Meaning in Urdu

The name Azlan is a Muslim name that means "lion" in Urdu. It is a popular name for boys and is often given to children in the hope that they will grow up to be strong and courageous, like a lion. The name Azlan can also be used as a nickname for the name Aslan, which is the Turkish name for lion.

The name Azlan is a beautiful and meaningful name that would be a great choice for a baby boy. It is a name that reflects the strength, courage, and power of the lion.

Azlan is a unique and captivating name with origins rooted in Arabic. The name Azlan is derived from the Arabic word "Aslan," which translates to "lion" in English. Lions have long been revered for their strength, courage, and regal nature, making Azlan a name that embodies these qualities.

Choosing the name Azlan for your child signifies a desire for them to possess the virtues associated with the king of the animal kingdom. It reflects a hope for them to exhibit bravery, resilience, and leadership throughout their lives.

In many cultures, lions are regarded as symbols of power and majesty. By naming your child Azlan, you bestow upon them a name that carries a sense of nobility and distinction. It is a name that can inspire and motivate, reminding your child to embrace their inner strength and face challenges with unwavering determination.

Q. What is the Name length of Azlan?

The Name consists of 5 alphabets.

Q. What is the Meaning of Azlan?

Azlan name meaning in Urdu is شیر، ببر شیر "Lion, Brave, Courageous man" are the English meanings.

Q. What is the Lucky Number of Azlan?

The lucky number associated with the name Azlan is "8".

Q. What is the Religion of Azlan Name?

The religion of the name Azlan is Muslim.

ازلان نام کے معنی اور مفہوم

ازلان ایک اسلامی نام ہے جو کہ لڑکوں کے ناموں کے لیے مخصوص ہے- اس نام کا تعلق اردو زبان سے ہے اور اس کا خوش قسمت نمبر 8 ہے- ازلان کے معنی “شیر، ببر شیر “ کے ہیں- اس صفحہ پر آپ اس نام سے متعلق تمام تفصیلات حاصل کرسکتے ہیں جس میں تعلق٬ لکی نمبر اور مذہب شامل ہیں- اس نام سے متعلق حاصل معلومات کو مدنظر رکھتے ہوئے صارفین نے اس صفحہ کو 3 اسٹار سے نوازا ہے جبکہ 110 تبصرہ بھی کیا گیا ہے-

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Exploring Azlan Name Meaning was a journey into the richness of culture and history, encapsulating the essence of nobility and valor within a single name.

  • Zain, Attock

Azlan in Arabic culture, the lion is seen as a powerful and majestic animal that is associated with strength, courage, and bravery.

  • Asim Azhar, Karachi

Azlan name meaning is so pretty, we get great knowledge hear about any names from here easily. i like that name

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My sister decided to give this beautiful name to her baby boy

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I suggest my friend to visit this site to see the many beautiful names with their meanings. i found Azlan name here

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