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Balochi names are as beautiful as its culture. Balochi names are now trending in Muslim countries. Here you can find Top Muslim Balochi names with meaning. Popular Balochi names include Balach, Rukhsana, Basil, Dorrnaaz, Nibras, Mehnaz. A wide range of Balochi names are listed below with detailed information regarding meanings, lucky numbers and origin.

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Jannat Heaven, Paradise , Something that gives you great pleasure Muslim
Sadaf Shell, Oyster, Pearl Muslim
Rukhsar Face, Cheek, Complexion, Aspect Muslim
Hayat Life Muslim
Arqam Writer, The Best Recorder Muslim
Sohrab In Farsi meaning is : A character in Shahnameh (Rostam's son) Muslim
Murad Desire. Object. Muslim
Bakhtawar Lucky Muslim
Talat Prayer, One Who Is Spiritually Ascending Muslim
Nibras Lamp, light Muslim
Behram Mars, Planet Muslim
Afsana Story, Fable Muslim
Zabit Powerful, To Remember Muslim
Gunjal Treasure, Precious Muslim
Shanzay Princess Muslim
Balach One With Beautiful Locks Of Hair Muslim
Maahekaan Moonlight Muslim
Zaaferaan A valuable herb Dranna (f) = a valuable herb Muslim
Mahgul Moon Flower Muslim
Waahag The desire Muslim
Mahal Moon, Beautiful lady like Moon Muslim
Zaitun Olive Muslim
Kambar Black and White Muslim
Deedag The eye sight Muslim
Didag Pupil of the eye Muslim
Bahad Arm Muslim
Dil Murad Heart's wish Muslim
Durnaz Beautiful like pearls, Adorable Muslim
Eshin Understanding mind, Wisdom mind Muslim
Buhaa'dor Brave Muslim
Lalen Ruby, Precious stone Muslim
Hammal Friend from equal walk Muslim
Mah'deym Moon alike face Muslim
Meer'zaad From the aristocratic cast Muslim
Zarratunn Lady of Gold Muslim
Dranna A valuable herb Muslim
Mazaar Tiger, Brave Muslim
Rahson Guide Muslim
Ham'bal Friend of equal status or corrector Muslim
Shah'daad Gift of god; god given Muslim
Nosharwaan King of Iran Muslim
Mahbano Moon Muslim
Shah'zaad From the royal cast Muslim
Ban'dag Human Muslim
Beh'zaad Noble, High born Muslim
Mor'waared A precious stone Muslim
Durrbano Lady, Mistress Muslim
Delaa'waar Brave hearted Muslim
Gam'shaad Deal with sadness happily Muslim
Del'shaad With a happy heart Muslim
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Balochi names - In the Baloch community naming a baby is one of the most sacred responsibilities of parents and parents always try to find the best Balochi names. Baloch is one of the largest ethnic groups in Pakistan. They are rooted in Iranian people who live mainly in the Balochistan region of the southeastern-most edge of the Iranian plateau in Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan. The use of family names is prominent in Balochi-speaking families while the family names of the Baloch community are derived from the tribe or area in which they live. Balochi baby names are more related to nature and possess beautiful meanings. Once you know the value of names, start looking for unique and amazing Balochi names for your baby. Hamariweb has collected some most amazing Balochi names for everyone looking for it.

Parents can also see all the modern Balochi names and trending Balochi names here as this page is consists of huge data of Balochi names for babies. All the names are typically Balochi Muslim names as Pakistan consists of the Muslim majority but these names can also use by other minorities as all the names are beautiful and meaningful. Check out this amazing website for Balochi names and other related genres. A wide collection of Balochi baby names can be found here with complete information including meanings, origin, and lucky number.

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i love this name because my sweet cuti name is jannat junaid

  • junaid, Karachi
  • Wed 15 May, 2024

Unveiling the meaning of Rukhsar's name was a delightful revelation. Derived from the Persian word for 'cheeks,' Rukhsar beautifully encapsulates the idea of rosy, radiant charm and a warm, friendly personality.

  • Zain, a
  • Sun 22 Oct, 2023

My cousin recently named his daughter rukhsar, i was searching for its meaning. a great portal for name related queries.

  • Yasir, Hyderabad
  • Fri 27 Aug, 2021

Rukhsar name is a pretty name with good meaning. I really like this name

  • Anabia, Lahore
  • Mon 05 Apr, 2021

It is also a Turkish name.. :)

  • Hayat, Istanbul
  • Mon 06 Jul, 2020