100 Hindu Girl Names with Meaning

Hindu names have a long history that is closely connected to the Hindu religion and culture. In ancient Hindu tradition, a child's name was chosen based on their astrological chart, and often included the name of a god or goddess. Hindu names also often have a meaning that is related to the child's birth or characteristics.

In the Vedic period, names were often chosen from the Vedas, the ancient Hindu scriptures. These names often had a spiritual or religious significance and were chosen to reflect the child's spiritual journey.

During the medieval period, Hindu names became more complex and often included multiple names such as a personal name, a family name and a gotra (clan name). This was also the time when many new names were introduced into the Hindu culture through invasions and trade contacts with other cultures.

In modern times, Hindu names continue to reflect the diversity and richness of Hindu culture. Many Hindu names are influenced by modern culture and media, as well as by religious and spiritual traditions. Hindu names also often reflect the child's gender, family background, and personal characteristics.

Overall, Hindu names are an important aspect of Hindu culture, and have a rich history that reflects the evolution of Hindu language and society over time.

Here are 100 popular Hindu girl names with their meanings:

1. Aaradhya : Worshiped

2. Advaita : Unique, Non dual

3. Aditi : Freedom, Limitless

4. Aishwarya : Wealth, Prosperity

5. Akanksha : Desire, Wish

6. Alia : Exalted, Sublime

7. Amara : Eternal, Imperishable

8. Ambika : Mother, Goddess Durga

9. Amrita : Nectar, Immortality

10. Ananya : Matchless, Unique

11. Anjali : Offering with both hands

12. Annika : Grace of God

13. Anoushka : Gracious, Favor

14. Anuja : Younger sister

15. Apsara : Celestial maidens

16. Aradhana : Worship, Prayer

17. Arati : Worship with lights

18. Arundhati : A bright star, Name of a wife of Sage Vasishtha

19. Asha : Hope, Wish

20. Ashmita : Rock

21. Ashwini : A horse

22. Avni : Earth, Whole universe

23. Ayesha : Woman, Life

24. Bhakti : Devotion, Faith

25. Bhanu : Sun

26. Bhargavi : Daughter of the Sun, Beautiful

27. Bhaswati : Glowing, Radiant

28. Bhuvana : World, Earth

29. Chaitra : Born in the Hindu month of Chaitra

30. Chandana : Sandalwood

31. Chandra : Moon

32. Charu : Beautiful, Attractive

33. Charvi : Beautiful woman

34. Chhavi : Reflection, Image

35. Deepa : Lamp, Light

36. Deepti : Glow, Luster

37. Deeksha : Initiation, Dedication

38. Deepta : Bright, Illuminated

39. Devanshi : Divine, Part of God

40. Devika : Little goddess, Minor deity

41. Disha : Direction, Guidance

42. Divya : Divine, Radiant

43. Durga : Invincible, Unbreakable

44. Esha : Desire, Possession

45. Gauri : Fair, Beautiful

46. Gayatri : A Hindu Mantra, Mother of the Vedas

47. Gita : Song, The Hindu scripture Bhagavad Gita

48. Hita : Loved, Beloved

49. Hridaya : Heart, Innermost feelings

50. Ishika : Paintbrush, Symbol of creativity

51. Jahnavi : Daughter of the river Ganga

52. Jai : Victory, Conqueror

53. Jhanvi : River Ganges

54. Jyoti : Flame, Light

55. Kairavi : Moonlight

56. Kalki : Last Avatar of Lord Vishnu

57. Kavya : Poetry, A work of literature

58. Kirti : Fame, Reputation

59. Kritika : Critic, Analytical

60. Lakshmi : Goddess of Wealth, Fortune

61. Leela : Divine play, Cosmic dance

62. Madhuri : Sweet, Beautiful

63. Mahi : The world, Universe

64. Malini : Gardener, Perfumer

65. Maitreyi : A woman sage, Friend

66. Meera : Dedicated to Lord Krishna

68. Megha : Cloud

69. Mukti : Freedom, Liberation

70. Aadhya : First Power

71. Aaradhya : Worshipped

72. Aarya : Noble; Goddess Durga

73. Aditi : Mother of the Gods; Freedom

74. Adya : First; Unique

75. Aishwarya : Wealth; Prosperity

76. Ananya : Matchless; Unique

77. Anjali : Homage; Offering with both hands

78. Anshula : Sunny; Radiant

79. Aarav : Peaceful; Calm

80. Arnav : Ocean; Stream

81. Arushi : First rays of sun; Dawn

82. Aryan : Noble; Ancient

83. Ashika : One with a pure heart; Lovable

84. Avantika : Princess

85. Avni : Earth; The entire world

86. Bhavya : Grand; Splendid

87. Chaitanya : Consciousness; Life force

88. Chandni : Moonlit; Silver

89. Darshana : Sight; Perception

90. Disha : Direction; Path

91. Divya : Divine; Heavenly

92. Esha : Desire; Purity

93. Gauri : Fair; Beautiful

94. Hita : Well

95. Hridya : Heart; Innermost self

96. Isha : Woman; Goddess Durga

97. Jahnavi : Daughter of Jahnu; Ganges river

98. Jiya : Sweetheart; Darling

99. Kavya : Poetry; Song

100. Kritika : Critic; Analytical

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