100 Unique and Beautiful Hindu Boy Names with Meaning

In the rich tapestry of Hindu culture, choosing a name for your baby boy is a momentous decision. These 100 Hindu boy names are not just labels; they are vessels of tradition, heritage, and profound meanings that reflect the ethos of ancient wisdom.

Delve into this carefully curated list to discover names that carry the essence of Hindu spirituality and values.

1. Aarav: Aarav means 'peaceful' or 'calm', embodying the serenity of nature.

2. Aryan: Aryan signifies 'noble' or 'wise', reflecting qualities of dignity and honor.

3. Aditya: Aditya refers to the 'sun', symbolizing light, brilliance, and strength.

4. Arjun: Arjun is derived from the name of the legendary warrior in the Mahabharata, signifying courage and determination.

5. Abhinav: Abhinav means 'new', 'fresh', or 'innovative', capturing the spirit of creativity.

6. Akshay: Akshay translates to 'indestructible', representing eternal strength and resilience.

7. Bhavya: Bhavya signifies 'splendid' or 'majestic', evoking a sense of grandeur.

8. Chaitanya: Chaitanya embodies 'consciousness' or 'awareness', reflecting spiritual enlightenment.

9. Daksh: Daksh means 'able' or 'competent', representing capability and skill.

10. Devansh: Devansh translates to 'part of God', highlighting the divine connection.

11. Eeshan: Eeshan refers to 'Lord Shiva', symbolizing supreme power and cosmic balance.

12. Gaurav: Gaurav means 'respect' or 'honor', emphasizing dignity and admiration.

13. Harsh: Harsh signifies 'happiness' or 'joy', reflecting positivity and delight.

14. Ishan: Ishan is another name for 'Lord Shiva', representing the divine presence.

15. Jayant: Jayant translates to 'victorious', capturing the spirit of triumph.

16. Kabir: Kabir refers to the great mystic poet, embodying spiritual wisdom and humility.

17. Krish: Krish is a shortened form of 'Krishna', symbolizing divine love and playfulness.

18. Lakshay: Lakshay means 'target' or 'aim', signifying focus and determination.

19. Mohan: Mohan translates to 'charming' or 'enchanting', reflecting magnetic allure.

20. Nakul: Nakul is derived from the Mahabharata, symbolizing grace and elegance.

21. Omkar: Omkar represents the sacred sound 'Om', embodying the essence of the universe.

22. Parth: Parth is an epithet for Arjuna in the Mahabharata, denoting strength and valor.

23. Pranav: Pranav is another name for 'Om', representing the cosmic vibration.

24. Rahul: Rahul signifies 'conqueror of all miseries', embodying resilience and strength.

25. Rohit: Rohit means 'red', symbolizing vitality and energy.

26. Samir: Samir means 'breezy' or 'wind', evoking a sense of freedom and lightness.

27. Tanay: Tanay means 'son', highlighting the bond of family and legacy.

28. Ujjwal: Ujjwal means 'bright' or 'shining', representing luminosity and radiance.

29. Varun: Varun refers to 'Lord of the Waters', embodying the elemental forces of nature.

30. Yash: Yash means 'fame' or 'success', reflecting achievements and recognition.

31. Zayin: Zayin translates to 'grace of God', highlighting divine blessings.

32. Advait: Advait signifies 'non-duality' or 'oneness', reflecting spiritual unity.

33. Bimal: Bimal means 'pure' or 'clean', embodying innocence and simplicity.

34. Chirag: Chirag means 'lamp' or 'light', symbolizing guidance and knowledge.

35. Dheeraj: Dheeraj means 'patience' or 'tolerance', embodying inner strength.

36. Divyansh: Divyansh translates to 'part of the divine', symbolizing spiritual connection.

37. Ekansh: Ekansh means 'whole' or 'complete', reflecting unity and harmony.

38. Falgun: Falgun refers to the spring season, symbolizing rejuvenation and growth.

39. Gopal: Gopal means 'cowherd' or 'protector of cows', signifying care and responsibility.

40. Himanshu: Himanshu translates to 'moonlight', reflecting gentle illumination.

41. Indra: Indra refers to the king of gods, symbolizing leadership and power.

42. Jaidev: Jaidev means 'god of victory', embodying triumph and success.

43. Kanishk: Kanishk means 'an ancient king', reflecting history and heritage.

44. Lalit: Lalit means 'handsome' or 'charming', embodying aesthetic beauty.

45. Manav: Manav means 'human', highlighting humanity and compassion.

46. Naman: Naman means 'salutation' or 'respect', signifying humility.

47. Omesh: Omesh is another name for 'Lord of the Om', embodying divine presence.

48. Pranay: Pranay means 'love' or 'affection', reflecting emotional connection.

49. Raahi: Raahi translates to 'traveler', symbolizing the journey of life.

50. Shantanu: Shantanu means 'peaceful', embodying tranquility and harmony.

51. Tejas: Tejas means 'radiance' or 'brightness', representing brilliance.

52. Udit: Udit means 'risen' or 'awakened', reflecting new beginnings.

53. Vaibhav: Vaibhav means 'prosperity' or 'wealth', embodying abundance.

54. Yuvan: Yuvan means 'young' or 'youthful', signifying vitality.

55. Zenith: Zenith refers to the highest point, symbolizing excellence and achievement.

56. Alok: Alok means 'light' or 'brightness', embodying illumination.

57. Balaji: Balaji is another name for Lord Vishnu, representing divine protection.

58. Chandan: Chandan means 'sandalwood', signifying purity and fragrance.

59. Divakar: Divakar means 'sun', embodying radiance and energy.

60. Ganesha: Ganesha is the elephant-headed deity, symbolizing wisdom and auspiciousness.

61. Harit: Harit means 'green', representing nature and growth.

62. Ishaan: Ishaan refers to 'Lord Shiva', embodying divine energy.

63. Jagdish: Jagdish means 'Lord of the universe', signifying cosmic power.

64. Kanhaiya: Kanhaiya is another name for Lord Krishna, representing divine love.

65. Lohit: Lohit means 'red', symbolizing passion and energy.

66. Madhav: Madhav is another name for Lord Krishna, signifying sweetness and charm.

67. Naksh: Naksh means 'star', embodying cosmic energy.

68. Omkaar: Omkaar represents the 'Om' sound, symbolizing universal unity.

69. Prabhu: Prabhu means 'Lord' or 'master', embodying divine authority.

70. Rahul: Rahul means 'conqueror of all miseries', embodying strength.

71. Shyam: Shyam is another name for Lord Krishna, signifying the dark-skinned deity.

72. Tarun: Tarun means 'young' or 'youthful', representing vibrancy.

73. Uday: Uday means 'rising', embodying dawn and new beginnings.

74. Vatsal: Vatsal means 'affectionate', signifying loving nature.

75. Yashwanth: Yashwanth means 'famous' or 'renowned', reflecting recognition.

76. Alok: Alok means 'light' or 'brightness', embodying illumination.

77. Bhavesh: Bhavesh means 'Lord of the world', signifying cosmic power.

78. Charan: Charan means 'feet', representing humility and devotion.

79. Dakshesh: Dakshesh means 'Lord Shiva', symbolizing supreme power.

80. Eknath: Eknath is a name of Lord Vishnu, embodying divine wisdom.

81. Gaurav: Gaurav means 'respect' or 'honor', reflecting dignity.

82. Hemant: Hemant means 'winter', symbolizing the season of tranquility.

83. Ishan: Ishan is another name for 'Lord Shiva', signifying divine presence.

84. Jitendra: Jitendra means 'conqueror of senses', embodying self-control.

85. Kirtan: Kirtan means 'devotional song', symbolizing spiritual resonance.

86. Laxman: Laxman is the name of Lord Rama's brother, signifying loyalty.

87. Manish: Manish means 'wise' or 'intellectual', representing knowledge.

88. Naresh: Naresh means 'king' or 'ruler', embodying leadership.

89. Omkaar: Omkaar represents the 'Om' sound, symbolizing universal unity.

90. Pranav: Pranav is another name for 'Om', reflecting cosmic vibration.

91. Rajiv: Rajiv means 'lotus', symbolizing purity and growth.

92. Shaurya: Shaurya means 'courage' or 'valor', embodying bravery.

93. Tejas: Tejas means 'radiance' or 'brightness', signifying brilliance.

94. Udayan: Udayan means 'rising', embodying dawn and new beginnings.

95. Vibhav: Vibhav means 'richness' or 'greatness', reflecting abundance.

96. Yashovardhan: Yashovardhan means 'one who enhances fame', signifying recognition.

97. Aditya: Aditya refers to the 'sun', symbolizing light, brilliance, and strength.

98. Bhuvan: Bhuvan means 'world', embodying the essence of creation.

99. Chirag: Chirag means 'lamp' or 'light', representing guidance and knowledge.

100. Dhruv: Dhruv is derived from the North Star, symbolizing stability and steadfastness.

Embarking on the journey of parenthood is a sacred endeavor, and naming your child is a way of honoring the heritage, values, and dreams you hold dear. These 100 Hindu boy names offer a glimpse into the profound meanings that Hindu culture holds, inviting you to choose a name that resonates with the divine spirit within your child. As you embrace this joyous responsibility, may each name become a source of inspiration and aspiration for your little one's life ahead.

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