Famous Muslim Scientist Name

Famous Muslim Scientist Name - The Muslims Scholars and scientist are belonged to Arab, Turkey and Persia. They had carried out drastic invention and contribution in various fields like; Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Astrology are few numbers.

Here is the list of some famous Muslims Scientist Names that were contributing some inventions in different fields in order to solving the problems of Muslims. Each scientist has their own importance and value that does inspire others.


Most Popular Muslim Scientist Names

• Ibn-Sina. (Economist and sociologist)

• Jabir Bin Haiyan. (Arab Chemist)

• Ibn-Al Haytham. (Arab Astronomer and Mathematician)

• Muhamad Ibn-e-Musa Al-Khwarizmi. (Mathematician)

• Al Masudi. (Historian, Traveler and Geographer)

• Abu-Nasr Al-Farabi. (Philosopher and Sociologist)

• Al-Battani. (Arab Astronomer , Mathematician and Astrologer)

• Ibn Rushd (Historian)

• Omer Khayyam (Mathematician and Astronomer)

• Abu Bakr Al-Razi. (Physician)

• Ibn Ishaq Al Kindi. (Mathematician, and Musician therapist, Physician)

• Ibn Khaldun. (Arab Historian )

All of the above and even more, all are very famous and greatly influence the world. Without them and their contribution we do not have incredible inventions that we have enjoying today. Like; without the invention of medicine we are unable to get deeper knowledge about the medicine, the inventions of algebraic numeric will ease our solutions and much more. All of them were discovered something fruitful and we always remember all the Muslims Scientist and heroes and as well as their contributions and discoveries.


In this regard, if you want to get more knowledge about Muslim Scientist and their contributions then stay with us.

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