Islamic Baby Boy Names from Quran

Islamic Baby Boy Names from Quran - To name the baby child of family, Muslim parents seek out inspiration from famous Muslim personalities and Quranic names. Names are believed to influence characters and life paths as well. That is the reason parents spend time and effort to bring out the best name for their baby child from a mess of name suggestions.

In Quran, there are a range of men names that can help parents who are seeking out Islamic Baby boy names from Quran. Islamic names are well respected and mostly adopted worldwide for newly borns. Names which have been used in Quran are mostly the names of prophets, people associated with the messengers or angels. Such names have power in pronunciation and in meaning as well. They are strong, powerful, easy on tongue and expected to project positive influence. Here are the top 10 Islamic Baby boy names from Quran that you should consider when naming your own baby child.
Select 2-3 names and delegate your loved ones to pick the best among them all. These names are easy on tongue, strong in meaning and positive in background. Your boy is precious and so is his name. Get the right name picked.

1. Muhammad
2. Yusuf
3. Umer
4. Sulayman
5. Yunus
6. Ibrahim
7. Adam
8. Harun
9. Idris
10. Ahmed

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