Islamic Baby Girl Names From Quran

Islamic Baby Girl Names From Quran - It’s the youth together that changes the world. Our youth is so dependent on parents for better upbringing that almost the future face of earth depends directly on how a parent treats his child and construct his/her personality. The first step for a parent is to bless the newly born baby child with prayers and gift him/her a beautiful and strong name.

Names impact people in the long run. Children must also be aware of the background, meaning and right pronunciation of their names so that they can stand as confident and self acknowledged young people. As Muslim parents, we seek inspirational, strong and pretty names everywhere while history is the best gateway to starting the exploration ride. Personalities like Hazrat Khadija RA, Hazrat Ayesha RA, Rabia Al Basri, Nusaybah and more remain are eternal source of inspiration. Let’s figure out the top 10 Islamic Baby Girl Names from Quran and Islamic History.

1. Khadija
2. Amna
3. Ayesha
4. Maria
5. Bilqis
6. Sarah
7. Fatimah
8. Maryam
9. Safwah
10. Hawwa

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