Most Popular Names in Afghanistan

Most Popular Names in Afghanistan - Afghanistan is officially known as Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The country is bordered by Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, China, Tajikistan and Iran and that’s why Afghanistan has divided into multiple ethnicities and considered as a multilingual/multiethnic country.

In Afghanistan the names are considered as a first and precious gift to babies that is giving by their guardians, parents or relatives. Thereby, Afghanis are highly concerned while choosing the names of their babies and always choosing meaningful names.

However, it also depend upon the trends but usually selected names regarding Islamic personalities, months, days, seasons, festivals, public figures and concepts.
Here are the lists of some most popular Afghani girls and boys name.

Girls Name
 Eshani
 Cesar
 Samira
 Fatima
 Blessing
 Jenny
 Taiba

 Alan
 Ramadan
 Aditya
 Harry
 Hussain
 Omer
 Brev
 Alexander

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