Most Popular Names In Bahrain

Most Popular Names In Bahrain - Names kept in Bahrain are originated from Arab mainly, these names are unique and have a positive meaning. People in Bahrain name their child keeping religious aspects and want their child’s personality to have a good impact on it.

Name keeping is indeed a very first and risky responsibility on parents. The name of the child is carried throughout the life. Parent keeps their child’s name keeping all the aspects in mind. They also name their child to their ancestors and want them to follow the paths of their forefather’s success.

Here are the few popular names in Bahrain:


• Adbul (servant)
• Akram ( most generous)
• Arif (knowledgeable)
• Khaliq (creative)
• Labib ( sensible intelligent)
• Maimun ( lucky)
• Tahbit (strong,firm)


• Amal (hopeful)
• Dunia (life)
• Malika (queen)
• Nabila (born to Nobility)
• Yashira (wealthy)
• Zuleika (brilliant)

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