Most Popular Names in Malaysia

Most Popular Names in Malaysia – In Malaysia, several communities, religious and ethnic groups are present. Due to a multicultural environment, names from different backgrounds are popular in the country. It is a reason that personal names in Malaysia vary significantly as per the ethno-cultural group. Names from Malaysian Chinese are widely used in the country due to the high presence of this ethnic group. On the other side, in some communities such as Bumiputera, Orang Asli, Malays, share the naming custom that possesses the use of personal name along with the patronym name. Here are some most popular names in Malaysia.

Most Popular Boy Names in Malaysia
• Ahmad
• Ashraf
• Irfan
• Hilmi
• Mikhail
• Taufik
• Hayden
• Devaraja

Most Popular Girl Names in Malaysia
• Aisha
• Amina
• Nur
• Putri
• Farah
• Sofia
• Intan
• Suhana

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