Most Popular Names in Saudi Arabia

Most Popular Names in Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabia/ Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is located in Western, Eastern and central parts, therefore, the country has various multi groups along with various different languages. Saudi Arabia is a country where Islam was born thereby, the country is deeply connected with Islamic traditions and values.

As far as with naming concept in Saudi Arabia so, it is considered as a treasure and prestigious in the country because in Islam, naming a child is regarded as one of the major responsibility of parents. It is necessary to select a name of new-born along with beautiful meanings. As mentioned above Saudi Arabia is based upon Islamic values that’s why naming a child is a part of religion. So, if you’re in searching of unique names in Saudi Arabia then check the next paragraph.

Here are some Most Popular Names in Saudi Arabia.

 Girls Name
• Abelarda.
• Abia.
• Abida.
• Afra.
• Bibi.
• Bushra.
• Cala.
• Dunia.
• Gamila.
• Hayat.
• Hadeel.
• Huda.
• Indemira.

 Boys Name
• Abbas.
• Abbud.
• Abdul.
• Aden.
• Basam.
• Borak.
• Chakir.
• Dabir.
• Butrus.
• Fadi.
• Faris.
• Harb.
• Ibrahim.

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