New Pakistani Actresses Names with Meanings

There are many new faces introduced in the Pakistani showbiz industry whose performances are very much liked by the fans.
New Pakistani Actresses Names with Meanings

Similarly, last year and this year also many actresses came to the fore who won the admiration of the audience thanks to their brilliant work. Along with strong acting skills and beautiful personality, the names of these actresses have also received the limelight due to their attractive and interesting meanings.


Tania is a beautiful Muslim girl name that is adored by everyone. Tania Hussain is the daughter of Pakistan's famous model Natasha Hussain. Tania started her acting career with the drama serial Kashaf in which her performance was highly appreciated. The name Tania means "Princess of the Fairies".


Arshia Akbar started her acting career as a child star in the drama serial Udari, she also showed the essence of acting in the drama serial Ghisi Patti Mohabbat. Arshia is a very beautiful name that means "honorable, living in heaven". Arshia is the name of the Persian language.


A short sweet name Maha is an all-time favorite name of everyone. Maha Hassan is an actress who has acted in two hit drama serials including Eshqiya and Nand since the beginning of her acting career. The name Maha means "moon, chosen, great".

Dur e Fishan

Dur e Fishan is also a newcomer to the Pakistani drama industry who has acted in the drama Dil Ruba. Dur e Fishan is a very unique and lovely name that means "scattered pearl, pearl sprinkler".


Nawal Saeed is also showing the essence of her acting in Pakistani dramas that is liked by fans a lot. Nawal means "kindness, incomparable, grace, forgiveness".


Jawariya Kamran started her acting career with the drama serial Anna in which she played a negative role. Jawariya’s performance received a lot of praise from the fans. Jawariya is a pretty name that means Happiness spreader.


Hareem Sohail started her acting career with the drama serial Ghasi Patti Mohabbat. Hareem is the daughter of renowned Pakistani actress Bina Chaudhry. Hareem means "honorable, respectable, four walls".


Aiza Awan is also currently acting in many dramas, her name is unique and also short. Aiza means "honorable, status, position". While this name is taken from the Arabic language.


Fareeha Raza is also a new Pakistani actress who played the role of Momina's friend Aqsa in the drama serial Alif. Fareeha is an Arabic name meaning "prosperity, full of joy".


Areeba Shahud is the daughter of renowned Pakistani actor Shahud Alvi. She started her acting career with the drama serial Anna. Areeba name means "wise, prudent, and clever". Areeba is a beautiful girl name that almost everyone loved.

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پاکستان کی سیاسی خواتین دیکھنے میں جس قدر جازب اور خوبصورت نظر آتی ہیں، بلکل اسی طرح ان کے نام اور معٰنی بھی حسین ہیں۔ آج ہماری ویب میں جانیئے پاکستانی سیاسی خواتین کے ناموں کے ایسے معٰنی جو جان کر آپ بھی اپنے بچوں کو ان ناموں کا تحفہ لازمی دیں گے۔

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رمضان ! زندہ کرنے والا ماہ ۔۔ لڑکوں کے چند اسلامی نام جن کے معنی سب کو پسند آتے ہیں

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