Sahaba Names

Sahaba Names - Sahaba is an Arabic word which means “Companion”, they were the companions, friends and relatives of Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him). Sahabas are referred to those who had close to the Holy Prophet and seen him at the time when he was alive.

Sahaba has high level of prestige in Islam as comes after the prophets of Islam. That’s why Muslims parents are widely picking the names of Sahaba for their baby boys. However, it is very difficult to select because every site offers different Sahaba names along with different meanings. In such way, this web portal will provide accurate Sahaba names that are directed in Quran Pak along with their proper meanings. So you can easily select a name for your child from Sahaba names and enhance his personality.


Let’s take a look on some most popular Sahaba names with their meanings.


• Abbad (Servant and Worshiper of ALLAH).

• Ahnaf (Worshiper of ALLAH and on straight path)

• Ammar (Caring, Hard-worker and frequently fasting and prayers)

• Bilal (Trustworthy and who satisfies thirst)

• Fadl (Respectable and person with good deeds)

• Hashim (Kind and destroyer of Evil)

• Hubab (Beloved and friendship)

• Hussain (Beautiful)

• Ibrahim (Name of the son of Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) and Father of a multitude.

• Jabir (Caring and comforter who provide ease to the needy)

• Karam (Generosity)

• Kumail (Person with good deeds)

• Khulus (Pure and clear one)

• Mahfuz (Person who secured by ALLAH)

• Saad (Joy and Happiness)

All of the above Sahaba names and even more posses good meanings and very honorable so if you chose the name of Sahaba for your child so it will highly influence the personality of a child and develops positive characteristics on his personality throughout the life.

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