Sahabi Names with Meaning - Best Sahaba Names for Boys

Our Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) advised its ummah to name their newborn it is the vested right of the baby to have a name with a good or decent meaning. Because it is clarified that a person’s name is not only the identity in this world but it would be his identity on the Day of Judgment as well.

The title has been designated for those who joined united with the Holy Prophet PBUH and died as Muslims after believing in him. These individuals sat in close proximity to the Holy Prophet PBUH and intently observed his words and conduct. They were among the fortunate, which is why Sahaba holds such high regard in Islam. A person's name is forever associated with them and can have a significant impact on their life. As a result, choosing Sahabi names for baby boys may be the greatest method to respect your child while also fulfilling your first duty of naming your child. The Companions, also known as Sahabah, were the Islamic Prophet Muhammad's disciples, companions, and family. We've compiled a list of meaningful Sahabi names for your little one in this post.

Being a Muslim we have strong faith in Sahaba Karam and their sacrifices for Islam. So it would be a great honor for anyone to own a sahabi name. Sahaba Karam was from the era of Mohammad (PBUH) they were fortunate enough to be the companions, friends, family, and relatives of the Messenger of Allah.

List of the Sahabi Names

Sahabi Names Starting with A


Abbad means the companion of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was known for his love, dedication, faithfulness, and knowledge shown in the fight. This excellent Arabic name signifies 'admirer of Allah' or 'worker of Allah'.


Abd al-Rahman ibn 'Awf, sahabah, was one of the first individuals to acknowledge Islam. His unique name was Abdu Amru, yet Prophet Muhammad renamed him Abd al-Rahman after his conversion to Islam. Abd signifies 'slave of Allah'.


This delightful name, signifying 'warrior' is related to a sahabi who was likewise the pioneer of the Arab clan of Tayy, Adiyy ibn Hatim. Adiyy (additionally spelled Adi) ibn Hatim was likewise a part of the Islamic armed force at the hour of Abu Bakr. Adi signifies 'a group of warriors'.


Ahnaf is one of the most wonderful sahabi names for boys. It was additionally the name of a sahabi called Al-Ahnaf Ibn Qays, a Muslim general who lived at the same time as the Prophet Muhammad. The name Ahnaf signifies 'on the straightway' or 'admirer of Allah'.


Ammār ibn Yāsir ibn ʿāmir ibn Mālik Abū al-Yaqzān, one of the Muhajirun of Islam, is known for his commitment to this religion. He's viewed as one of the most adored partners of the Prophet (PBUH), which is the reason he possesses a high rank in Islam. The name Ammar signifies 'developer or one who keeps up and cares about something'. It likewise signifies 'one who is persevering and reliable'.


Anas ibn Nadhar had a place with the Banu Khazraj clan and was one of the partners of Prophet Muhammad. He battled courageously against polytheists until he was martyred in the Battle of Uhud. Anas signifies the 'absence of dread and stress'. It could likewise signify 'an individual who can bring you bliss and harmony.


Al-Arqam Ibn Abi'l-Arqam, sahabah, was the proprietor of the houses where gatherings of the early Muslim community were held. He initially had a place with the Makhzum group of the Quraysh clan. Arqam signifies 'a kind of dark snake with white spots on it'.


Asim ibn Thabit, a sahabi having a place with the initial generations of Muslims, helped Prophet Muhamad move to Medina. He was even taken an interest in the Battle of Badr. Asim signifies 'defender, shield or gatekeeper'.

Sahabi Names Starting with B


This old Arabic name is exceptionally mainstream in Bosnia and Turkey and is in some cases utilized in the US as well! It's attached to Bilal ibn Rabah, one of the most trusted and steadfast sahabas of Prophet Muhammad. The significance of Bilal is 'water' or 'a cool beverage'.

Sahabi Names Starting with D


'military administrator', is an ideal choice for guardians who need their child to grow up into a striking and daring man, much the same as military faculty.

Sahabi Names Starting with F


Fadl ibn Abbas, the cousin of Prophet Muhammad and the sibling of Abdullah ibn Abbas, was one of those of sahabah who explicitly faced at the Battle of Hunayn. Fadl articulated as 'Fazl' signifies 'great deed or honorable deed'.


Fayruz al-Daylami, the Persian partner of Prophet Muhammad, was one of Yemeni Abna. He revoked his faithfulness to Chosroes and perceived Islam when he turned into sure of Prophet Muhammad and his spiritual nature. Fayruz signifies 'turquoise'.

Sahabi Names Starting with H


Hakim ibn Hizam was Khadija's nephew, conceived inside the Kaaba nook of Mecca. In the entirety of its varieties, Hakim is one of the 99 names of Allah, accordingly one of the most mainstream. It's one of the quickest rising names in the US. Hakim signifies 'educated, insightful man researcher or judge'.


Hanzala ibn Abi Amir, one of the friends of Prophet Muhammad had a place with the Banu Aus clan of the Ansar. He passed away at the age of 24 while battling against the polytheists in the Battle of Uhud. Hanzala signifies 'a plant that offers a severe organic product for therapeutic use'.


Harith ibn Rab's, one of the sahaba of Prophet Muhammad helped him in the conflicts of Hudaybiyyah and Uhud. Harith is an unusual and present-day sounding name, signifying 'farmer or cultivator' in Arabic.


Hashim ibn Utbah canister Abi Waqas, the nephew of Sa'd ibn Abi Waqqas, and the sahabah of Prophet Muhammad is known for his support in the Ridda Wars against disobedient Arabic clans. The name Hashim signifies 'Destroyer of Evil'.


Hassan is one of the most widely recognized Arabic names with a magnificent signifying, 'to be lovely, to be acceptable'. It's related to Hassan ibn Thabit, the sahabah who composed poems with regards to Prophet Muhammad.


Hatib receptacle Abi Balta'ah was a sahabi answerable for conveying the letter of Prophet Muhammad to Al-Muqawqis, the leader of Egypt. Hatib is one of the most distinctive Arabic names, signifying 'Firewood or wood collector'.


Al-Habib ibn al-Mundhir ibn Zayd, significant sahaba, and Ansar from Khazraj clan took an interest in the gathering at saqifah after Prophet Muhammad succeeded. Hub is a lovely Arabic name, signifying 'cherished'.


On the off chance that you are searching for a vintage Arabic name, Hudhayfah is an incredible pick. Hudhayfah ibn al-Yaman was confided in Prophet Muhamad's companions and took part in all the fights, except Badr.


Hussein is modest of the name Hasan, a typical Arabic name. This name appeared when Prophet Muhamad presented it to his grandson. This name signifying 'attractive', 'authentic', 'great mannered or delicate' is recognizable as the name of the King of Jordon.

Sahabi Names Starting with I


Ibrahim ibn Muhammad was the name of Prophet Muhammad's and Maria al-Qibtiyya's child. It's accepted that the child was named after Abraham, a prophet normal to the two Jews and Arabs. This name, signifying 'father of large number' has been utilized well by Muslim guardians in the Middle East and the US.


Ikrimah ibn Amr ibn Hishām was at first one of the central adversaries of Prophet Muhammad in Mecca. Be that as it may, later he changed over to Islam and turned into a noticeable early Muslim pioneer. This name has a truly strange signifying, 'female pigeon'.


Imran ibn Husain, a Qazi and buddy of Prophet Muhammad is a famous storyteller of hadith. Both Imran and his father Husain ibn Ubayd changed over to Islam seven years after Hijra. Imran is a cutting edge sounding name of notable importance however has no known importance.


Ishaq al-Ghanawy is likewise one of the most conspicuous sahabas of Prophet Muhammad. What's more, the name Ishaq has brilliant importance as well, 'one who laughs'. In other words a 'prophet'.

Sahabi Names Starting with J


Jabir ibn ʿAbdullah ibn ʾAmr ibn Haram al-Ansari was youthful, pretty much 7, when he gripped Islam. Students of history state that Jabir ibn ʿAbdullah ibn ʾAmr ibn Haram al-Ansar took part in 19 fights, including Battle of Badr. The significance of Jabir is 'comforter' or 'one who supports and takes care of poor people'.


Jabr was initially a youthful Christian slave who belongs to the Banu I-Hadrami clan. The name Jabr, signifying ‘to mend or to coerce’ has a poetic flow and a lovely sound, making it perfect for a young boy.


Jafar was the name of a friend of the Prophet Muhamad, the third child of Abu Talib ibn Abdul Muttalib and the senior sibling of Ali. This name, signifying 'stream' or 'river' has been in use by people in the US since 1975.


Julaybib is the name of a saint and one of the less-known sahabas of Prophet Muhammad. His name signifies 'little developed', which recommends he was short or little, or even miniature person like.

Sahabi Names Starting with K


This one of a kind and the lovely name is related to Ka'b ibn Zuhayr, the sahabah and the Arabian artist of the seventh century. He's even the writer of Bānat Suʿād, a verse written in the commendation of the Prophet Muhammad. This male Arabic name, here and there spelled Kaab, was even utilized by Arab Jews in the first century and signifies 'honorable', 'high', or 'deferential'.


Khabbab ibn al-Pratt, a little youngster from Al Yamamahm, was one of the initial ten people to acknowledge Islam. Khabbab, signifying 'one who runs or walks fast', is a solid and brief name, and would make a fascinating alternative for your child.


Abū Sulaymān Khālid ibn al-Walīd ibn al-Mughīrah al-Makhzūmī, also called Saif Ullah al-Maslūl is noted even today for his military ability and strategies. It was Saif Ullah al-Maslūl who directed the powers of Medina under Prophet Muhammad. If you think that Khalid's ancient name, you can pick the great name, Sayf. Khalid, which signifies 'eternal'.


Khubayb ibn Adiy was one of the teachers that Prophet Muhammad had sent to lecture Islam. He was killed during the Expedition of Al Raji. A name with solid Arabic roots, Khubayb, or Khubaib, is a variation of Khabbab and signifies a 'quick walker'.


Khunais ibn Hudhaifa, the child of Hudhafa ibn Qays acknowledged Islam in the wake of being impacted by the lessons of Abu Bakr. He was one of those individuals who came back to Mecca under the guarantee of a resident. Khulna is a humble type of Akhnas and signifies 'lion'.

Sahabi Names Starting with L


Labīd, an Arabian artist and one of the colleagues of Prophet Muhammad, related to Bani Amir, a clan of Hazan. He initially met Prophet Muhammad when he went to get a solution for his weak uncle. Incidentally, even the name Labīd signifies 'partner or companion'.

Sahabi Names Starting with M


Malik Deenar was one of the first Muslims who arrived in India to spread Islam. He was a Persian slave's child, yet turned into a follower of Hasan al-Basri. This Arabic name, which has a few spelling varieties, for example, Maliq and Malek, signifies 'ruler', 'proprietor', king, or 'holder'.


Miqdad ibn Amr al-Bahráni, a Muhajirun, is viewed as one of the most regarded sahaba. He had a place with the Bahra clan. The importance of his name is 'solid or strong'.


Nawaz ibn Amr had changed over to Islam when his father, Amr ibn al-Jamuh carried out dawah, a task assigned to him by Prophet Muhammad. Nawaz, signifying 'one given restitution', is a flaming name with the perfect measure of delicacy.


Muaz ibn Amr was Am's canister Jamooh's child, who had grasped Islam, instead of belonging to having a place with a group of passionate god admirers. The importance of Muaz is 'protected'.


The name Muhammad was shared by the partners of the flag-bearer of Allah also. One of them was Muhammad ibn Maslamah, otherwise called the 'knight of Allah's Prophet'. The name Muhammad signifies 'excellent' and 'honorable'.


Munabbih ibn Kamil ibn Sirajud-Din Dhee Kibaar Abu-Abdullah al-Yamani al-San'ani was a Persian knight who changed over to Islam in the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad. The name Munabbih signifies 'the person who makes somebody mindful of something' or 'one who alerts somebody'.


Mus'ab ibn Umair from the Banū 'Abd al-Dār faction of Qurays, was the primary envoy of Islam. He passed on facing in the Battle of Uhud. The significance of Mus'ab additionally spelled Musab, is 'solid and capable'.

Sahabi Names Starting with N


Nafi ibn al-Harith, the stepbrother of Nufay ibn al-Harith, was the central doctor of Banu Thaqif. He was suggested by Prophet Muhammad and even rewarded Sa'd ibn Abi Waqqas. We love this name for its straightforwardness and delicate quality. Furthermore, it's additionally one of the names of Allah. Nafi signifies 'valuable' or 'one who gives advantage'.


Nuaym ibn Masud, having a place with Ghatafan clan initially met Prophet Muhammad when Abu Sufian sent him to Medina to persuade individuals not to battle the Qurayshi armed force. He moved toward Muhammad and purported his longing to change over during the skirmish of the Trench. The importance of Nuaym is 'a storyteller of Hadith'.

Sahabi Names Starting with S


The name Sa'd likewise spelled as Saad, is an Arabic name signifying 'felicity, bliss and flourishing'. Sa'd ibn Abi Waqqas was one of the sahabas and the seventeenth individual to embrace Islam.


Sahl ibn Sa'd al-Sa'idi, an individual from the Ansar, was an immediate partner of Prophet Muhammad. His name signifies 'plain'.


Said ibn Aamir al-Jumahi, a conspicuous partner of Prophet Muhammad, was the Governor of Homs during the caliphate of Umar. The importance of Said is 'upbeat'. You can even spell this name as Saeid, Saeid, or Sayid.


Salit canister 'Amr 'Ala receptacle Hadrami, a seventh-century Muslim emissary to Bahrain, was one of the 83 Makkans Muslims to move from Ethiopia to Mecca. This name is likewise spelled Sleet and signifies 'eloquent' or 'one who talks too much'.


Salman al-Farsi, conceived as Rouzbeh, was the primary Persian to change over to Islam. History specialists state that Salman al-Farsi recommended delving a channel around Medina in the Battle of the Trench. The significance of Salman is 'blessing or peace'.


Shams ibn Uthman was a sahabi of Prophet Muhammad, executed in the skirmish of Uhud. Tricks begin from the Arabic word for 'sun' and are commonly utilized related to the center name or family name.


Safwan ibn Umayya at first restricted Prophet Muhammad and even battled against him effectively in the Battle of Trench. He was going to leave Mecca when he experienced Umayr ibn Wahb, who requested that he convert to Islam. He took two months to think about his alternative, and afterward in the end grasped Islam. The importance of Safwan is 'rock'.


Salim Mawla Abu Hudhayfa is known for his dynamic support in the fight against Musaylimah. He took on valiantly in the conflict, and in the end kicked the bucket. Salim is an Arabic name, signifying 'sheltered, secure and harmony'.

53- Shadad

Shadad ibn Aus, a buddy of Prophet Muhammad, is known for portraying the Hadith, particularly concerning Al-Sham, ethics, and great deeds. The importance of his melodic name is 'new, evergreen'.


Shuja' ibn Wahab al-Asadi is most popular for his undertaking to Al-Siyii in the second month of the Islamic schedule. Out of all the male sahaba names, this one truly sticks out, even though it probably won't be extremely well known in the western nations. The name Shuja signifies 'courageous and brave'.


Suhayb ar-Rumin was a captive of the Byzantine Empire, who later became Prophet Muhammad's sahabah and venerated individual from the early Muslim people group. The significance of Suhaib is 'of rosy hair or appearance'.


Suhayl ibn Amr was the Khatib or speaker of Quraysh clan. He was an expressive and sharp man, and his sentiment was regarded by everybody in the clan. The significance of Suhayl is 'delicate or simple' and 'name of a star'.

Sahabi Names Starting with T


Sahabah Talhah ibn Ubaydullah is most popular for his job in the Battle of Camel and Battle of Uhud, in which he was slaughtered. This wonderful Arabic name signifies a 'fruitful tree from paradise'.


There were two sahabah with the name Tamim, Tamim al-Dari, and Tamim Abu Ruqayya, and both are regarded for their commitment to the reason for Islam. Tamim is a wonderful Arabic name, signifying “complete”.


Thabit ibn Qais was one of the most recognized sahaba of early Islamic time. He assumed a noteworthy job in the Saqifah meeting and was changed over by Muhamad himself. The significance of Thabit in Arabic is 'the imperturbable one'.


Thawban, signifying 'recuperation after sickness or return' is related to five associates of Prophet Muhammad, Thawban receptacle Bajdad, Thawban al-Ansari, Thawban, the granddad of Umar container al-Hakam, Thawban al-Ansi and Thawban canister Yamada.


Thumamah ibn Uthal was one of the most compelling and amazing Arab leaders of his time. He was the leader of al-Yamamah and the chieftain of the Banu Hanifah. The name Thumamah signifies 'millet plant'.

Sahabi Names Starting with U


Ubay ibn Ka'ab, conceived in Medina, was one of the most regarded individuals of the early Muslim people group. His name Ubay, additionally spelled as Obai or Ubai, begins from a tri-consonant Arabic word. The name signifies 'the person who is rejecting the mortification' or 'one with high self-esteem'.


Ubayd-Allah ibn Abd-Allah was the sahaba who retold the Hadith of pen and paper when he heard it just because of Ibn Abbas. Ubayd is an Arabic name signifying 'little worker of God'.


There are five sahabah of the Prophet Muhammad with the name Ukashah, however the most noticeable was Ukasha receptacle Al-Mihsan, most popular for his campaign to Al-Ghamir at the request for Prophet Muhammad. The name methods for Ukashah is 'arachnid'.


Umar, signifying 'firstborn child, the extensive or smooth and skilled speaker' is a name with an ideal blend of recognition and exoticism. Utilized generally in Muslim families, this name is related to Umar ibn al-Khaṭṭāb, one of the most powerful Muslim caliphs and sahabah of the Prophet Muhammad.


Uqbah, signifying 'the end of everything', was a partner of the flag-bearer of Allah and an individual from the early Muslim people group.


The name Urwah, signifying 'lion', is best related to Urwah ibn Mas'ud, the chieftain of Taif and one of the main individuals to acknowledge Islam.


Usama receptacle Zayd was Zayd ibn Harithah's child, whom Prophet Muhammad received as his child. He was additionally the most youthful individual to be chosen as a general by Prophet Muhammad. The significance of Usama is 'lion'.


Utbah ibn Ghazwan was the seventh individual to acknowledge Islam and even partook in the Hijra to Abyssinia. In any case, he came back to Mecca to remain with Prophet Muhammad. The significance of Utbah is 'threshold'.


Uthman, additionally s/spelled as Othman is a typical Muslim Names, likewise transliterated as Usman or Othman. Its namesake is Uthman ibn Affan, one of the 'Appropriately Guided Caliphs', conceived in Mecca during the hour of Prophet Muhammad. Uthman signifies 'child bustard', where bustard is a large bird.


Uwais al-Qarani, a Yemen Muslim living in the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad, was a solid adherent to Islam. His name signifies 'little wolf'.

Sahabi Names Starting with W


Walid ibn al Walid, the child of Walid ibn Mughaira, and sibling Khalid Bin Waleed was probably the most punctual friend of Prophet Muhammad. The significance of Walid additionally spelled Waleed, is 'infant or newborn'.

Sahabi Names Starting with Z


Zayd al-Khayr, hailing from Tayy clan in northern Nejd, was one of the most critical buddies of Prophet Muhammad. This notable and all around utilized Arabic name signifies 'progress or development'.


Ziyad ibn Abih, an individual from the Umayyah tribe, was a Muslim general and executive during the early Islamic time. The name Ziyad is a phenomenal variety of Zayd and signifies 'increment, development or abundance'.


Az-Zubayr ibn Al-Awam from the Asad faction, the leader in the Rashidun armed force, was perhaps the nearest partner of Prophet Muhammad. The significance of Zubair is 'Solid and savage' or 'sense and intelligence'.

These unique sahabi names are not simply saved for individuals with an Arabic background or of the Muslim religion. Some of these names are even modern and can be utilized for young men of any religion. So, which of these sahabi names would you pick for your baby boy?

According to the generality described in the definition, "one who is gathered with the Prophet", a person who sat in that place for a short or long time, who reported or did not report any hadith to him, who joined or not Join the battle with, who saw him only once, even if he was not sitting in the same place or someone who did not see him because he was blind or for some other reason is called.

There are many known sahabas whose names are mentioned above. Parents can use these names for their babies as well. All these people are the highly sacred personalities of Islam and helps prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the preaching of Islam.

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