Short Hindu Girl Names with Meaning

In Hinduism, names hold a significant place and are believed to influence the personality and life of the child. Hindu names are often short, sweet, and meaningful, making them a popular choice among parents.

The significance of names in Hinduism cannot be overstated. Names are believed to have a profound impact on the life and personality of a child, and choosing the right name is considered to be an important aspect of a child's upbringing. In Hindu culture, names are often chosen based on their meaning and significance, with the aim of bringing good fortune, positivity, and success to the child's life.

Here is a list of some short Hindu girl names along with their meanings.

1. Aarav – Peaceful Aarav is a Sanskrit name that means peaceful. It is a popular name in India and is considered to bring peace and serenity to the child's life.

2. Anvi – God's blessing Anvi is a Hindu name that means God's blessing. It is a beautiful name for a baby girl and represents the grace and blessings of the divine.

3. Arvi – Green Pasture Arvi is a Sanskrit name that means a green pasture. It symbolizes growth, renewal, and abundance.

4. Avni – Earth Avni is a Sanskrit name that means the earth. It represents the connection to the natural world and is a unique and meaningful name for a baby girl.

5. Dia – Radiant Dia is a Sanskrit name that means radiant. It represents brightness, joy, and positivity, making it an ideal name for a baby girl.

6. Esha – Desire Esha is a Sanskrit name that means desire. It is a short and sweet name that represents the hopes and aspirations of the parents for their child.

7. Gauri – Fair-skinned Gauri is a Sanskrit name that means fair-skinned. It represents beauty and grace and is a popular name in India.

8. Hita – Good deed Hita is a Sanskrit name that means a good deed. It represents the kindness and compassion that the parents hope their child will embody.

9. Kaira – Princess Kaira is a Sanskrit name that means princess. It is a popular name in India and represents the grace and poise of a young princess.

10. Kavya – Poetry Kavya is a Sanskrit name that means poetry. It represents the creative and imaginative side of a child and is a unique name for a baby girl.

Short Hindu girl names are a popular choice among parents due to their sweet and meaningful nature. These names are not only easy to pronounce but also represent the hopes, aspirations, and values of the parents for their child. Whether you are looking for a name that symbolizes peace, grace, or beauty, there are plenty of options to choose from. By selecting a short Hindu girl name with a meaningful definition, parents can ensure that their child grows up with a strong sense of identity and purpose.

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