Top Muslim Names in Pakistan

Top Muslim Names in Pakistan - Name giving ceremonies are held with great enthusiasm in Pakistan. These ceremonies are called “Aqeeqah” in Pakistan. Islamic names have a unique and great status and value in the world and the Islamic names are kept all over the world anxiously.

People contact each other to ask their children’s name meanings to keep it for their own child. We provide you with a variety of classy and trending Muslim names which are easy and comprehensive. If you are in a search of cute and nice Muslim Pakistani names, you are on the right platform. We give you some top Muslim girls name and some top Muslimboy’s name from which you can select your desired Muslim names and keep them for your new born babies. The Pakistani society has some common names like Abdullah, Abdul Rehman, Bilal, Ahmed, Aisha, Saima, Fatima, Saba, and Khadija. These are the names which are very common in the Pakistani society but here we are talking about some trendy and classy top Muslim names in Pakistan.
The top Muslim names in Pakistan are as follows:

Azan name meaning
Feeha name meaning
Anabia name meaning
Zayan name meaning
Hashir name meaning
Faris name meaning
Arham name meaning
Hamdan name meaning
Rohaan name meaning
Urwa name meaning
Ayat name meaning
Iqra name meaning
Maheen name meaning
Inayah name meaning
Zoya name meaning

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