Unique Pakistani Names For Boys

In Pakistan, parents usually name their child based on cultural, religious, and personal preferences.Some unique Pakistani names include Areeba, Hina, Zainab, Zara, Aqsa, Adeel, Asim, Faizan, and Haris. These names are commonly used in Pakistan and have different meanings and origins. For example, Areeba means "wise" or "intelligent," Hina means "meadow," and Zainab means "fragrant flower."

It's important to note that names are personal and unique to each individual, and may be subject to cultural, family and personal preferences.Many Pakistani parents choose names that have cultural significance. These names often have meanings that are specific to the culture and are passed down through generations.Many Pakistani parents choose names that have religious significance. These names are often chosen from Islamic literature such as the Quran or Hadith. However,some parents may choose to name their child based on personal preferences. They may name their child after a family member, a historical figure, or a favorite personality.It's important to note that names are personal and unique to each individual, and may be subject to cultural, family and personal preferences. Here we have gathered some Unique Pakistani names for boys.

1. Aariz (Respectable)

2. Aizaz (Respect, honor)

3. Asfandyar (Brave, fearless leader)

4. Daniyal (Close to God)

5. Ehtesham (Respect)

6. Faizan (Benefactor, grantor)

7. Hamza (Lion)

8. Junaid (Soldier)

9. Nabeel (Noble, generous)

10. Raza (Contentment)

11. Saad (Good luck)

12. Shazil (Smooth, polished)

13. Uzair (Small prophet in Islam)

14. Waleed (Newborn child)

15. Yaseen (Wealthy)

16. Zeeshan (Lion)

17. Zohaib (Abundance)

18. Zulfiqar (Name of Prophet Muhammad's sword)

Note that the names can have different meanings and spellings depending on the context and the language. It is always a good idea to check the meaning and the cultural significance of a name before choosing it for a child.

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