Unisex Boys Muslim Names

Unisex Boys Muslim Names - Selecting baby’s names is the responsibility of the parents; this is first thing to settle on, right after the baby is born. Parents keep their research work strong in make a decision the names of their babies; look for what is trendy and traditional according to their society norms and values.

Some parents choose baby names that adjust their family cultures and religions and some like very simple names that are kind of professional and time-honored. If you are looking for unisex boy name that symbolize creative value, nature, old traditions of school and a big role of your baby luck then you just landed on a right page, here you can find unisex boy names with fine meaning.

• Azmi (who fulfills promise)
• Imen ( faith or belief)
• Jamile/Jamille ( handsome)
• Melek (angel)
• Ziya (light)

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