Baby Girl Names

Most popular baby girls names with meanings. Pick a perfect name from the vast collection of Girl names. Find the origin, lucky number, religion, and other key aspects of name. The best part is that names are also categorized into different religions. Here you find Top Girl names meaning includes most trending names like Audrey, Kiara, Aadya, Anabia and Akshita.

Trending Girl Names
Audrey Noble strength Christian
Kiara little black one Christian
Aadya One who is Always First and Best; Name of Adisakthi; Parvathi Hindu
Anabia Turns towards Allah, Fragrance, Odor Muslim
Akshita Wonder Girl; Seen; Wonderful Girl; Permanent; Constant Hindu
Senorita Sweet Christian
Mahi 'The Union Of Heaven And Earth, Divine Being, Great Earth Hindu
Ananya Limitless Feeling; Endless; Beautiful Star; Matchless; Nice Hindu
Maheen Greatest, Fine, Feeble Muslim
Ritika Movement; Pretty; Cute; Of Brass; Bronze; One who Keeps Traditions (Riti Rivaz) Hindu
Adrija Goddes Laxmi; Of the Mountain; Another Name for Parvathi; Daughter of Himalaya Hindu
Hareem Sanctuary, Sanctum, Walls of House of Kabba Muslim
Shreya Excellent; Credit; Auspicious; Lucky; Better; The Best Forever; Goddess Lakshmi; Beautiful; To Give Credit to Someone Hindu
Aiman Righteous, blessed, lucky Muslim
Kelly Signifies pasture by the spring Christian
Anaya Without A Superior, Misfortune, Adversity Hindu
Kimberly Chief, ruler Christian
Anvi One of the devis names, Name of a Goddess Hindu
Mayra Honey; Beloved, Adored Sweet; Admirable; Aristocratic Lady Hindu
Zainab Generosity, Munificence, Fragrant Flower Muslim
Oishi Divine; Rose, Spiritual, Godly Hindu
Priyanka Dear One, Beautiful, Lovable Act Hindu
Alice Noble or kind Christian
Mirha Light Of Allah, Nimble, Agile Muslim
Linda serpent Christian
Zara High Status, Exalted, Eastern Splendour, Princess Muslim
Margaret Jewel Christian
Tonni Flourishing Christian
Stella star Christian
Tisha Aristocrat Christian
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Girls Names

Parents are always overwhelmed to welcome their baby in the world and if the baby is a girl she gets more attention due to the cuteness and adorability of the little angel. As soon as the baby arrives, parents and family start searching for a suitable name for their princess. More than 50% of the population consists of women which is why the name collection of women needs to be huge. Modern girl names are extremely popular in search while naming a baby. Most parents name their baby girl that sounds trendy and fits into today's times and yet are rooted in their culture.

Further, you can find baby girl names from different religions such as Islam, Christianity, Arabic, and Hinduism. Some like global names that work well in Asia and abroad too. If you’re looking for a modern name, you've come to the right place. Here you can find the top 10 baby girl names with detailed information. This page has meaningful girl names for parents who are in search of trending girl names as well as unique girl names with meanings. In short, it is mixed and comprehensive data of popular girl names and their meanings.

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Rameen name is pretty i like it alot

iraj , lahore Wed 20 Jan, 2021

Boht piyara name hy Unaiza aur iska matlb b boht kbhoobsurat hy

Shahana , karachi Wed 20 Jan, 2021

My daughter name is Asiya.... My inlaws was against this name but i loved it

hareem , lahore Wed 20 Jan, 2021

what a pretty name it is... SEHRISH pronounce so well

Arman , lahore Wed 20 Jan, 2021

when i was young i use to hate this name but now i know it is a meaningful name

Arman , Islamabad Wed 20 Jan, 2021

it is a lovely name and Zoya name meaning is also nice... i found this name meaning from here

Zoya , Sialkot Fri 15 Jan, 2021

My colleague name is Alishbah.... Meaning of this name almost exact according to her nature but she is not innocent :p

Tooba Naseem , karachi Fri 15 Jan, 2021

I have a great crush on Hania Amir and that is why i love this beautiful melodious name

Salman Butt , Punjab Fri 15 Jan, 2021

My colleague name is SADIA, she said sadia also means princess

Shahana , Islamabad Fri 15 Jan, 2021

Yusra name is attractive name, my best friend name is Yusra. We use to play alot in childhood

neha , karachi Fri 15 Jan, 2021