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nama anak laki-laki

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A timeless Christian name, embodying courage and wisdom, fit for a leader who guides with grace.

  • Sameer, Los Angeles
  • Sun 14 Apr, 2024

In Hindi tradition, Aadhav symbolizes strength and resilience, a name for a warrior destined for greatness.

  • Waseem, Lucknow
  • Sun 14 Apr, 2024

A name with Persian roots, carrying the essence of dignity and honor, perfect for a noble soul.

  • Zain, Karachi
  • Sun 14 Apr, 2024

A Christian English boy's name, echoing resilience and determination. Strong and reliable, it's a name that inspires confidence and trust

  • Sana, Attock
  • Mon 18 Mar, 2024

A Christian English boy's name, brimming with energy and vitality. Choose this name for your little one, symbolizing strength and vigor.

  • Naveed, Murree
  • Mon 18 Mar, 2024