Lubna Name Meaning in Urdu - لبنیٰ

Lubna is an Arabic-originated Muslim name, Lubna name best meaning is Elegance, A woman who has milky white colour, Storax Tree in English and its Urdu meaning is دودھ جیسی رنگت والی، خوبصورت، گوری چٹی، سفید. Lubna name consists of 5 letters and the associated lucky number for Lubna is 2.

Lubna Urdu Meaning
  نام لبنیٰ
  معنی دودھ جیسی رنگت والی، خوبصورت، گوری چٹی، سفید
  جنس لڑكی
  زبان عربی
  لکی نمبر 2 ?
مذہب مسلم
مختصر نام ہاں
حروف کی تعداد 5 حروف اور 1 لفظ
Lubna Name Meaning in English

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Lubna Meaning in Urdu

Lubna name meaning is Elegance, A woman who has milky white colour, Storax Tree. It is an Arabic originated name with multiple meanings. It is a Muslim Girl name which is common and easy to call. Lubna name definition is also said to be worthy. Lubna name meaning in Roman is “Gori, Safaid Rangat”. According to Numerology Predictions, the lucky number for Lubna is 2. A person with #2 as name numerical are Growth oriented, strong, visionary, adventurous, spendthrift, freedom-loving, restless, and spiritual

Lubna name people are observed to be someone who is full of life, uplifting, inspiring, and even charming. They are the life of the party with your lively, intelligent, and witty personality. People find them as strikingly attractive and like being the center of attention. It is a beautiful girl name that can be perfect fit for your child.

What is the Name length of Lubna?

The Name consists of 5 alphabets.

What is the Meaning of Lubna?

Lubna name meaning in Urdu is دودھ جیسی رنگت والی، خوبصورت، گوری چٹی، سفید "Elegance, A woman who has milky white colour, Storax Tree" are the English meanings.

What is the Lucky Number of Lubna?

The lucky number associated with the name Lubna is "2".

What is the Religion of Lubna Name?

The religion of the name Lubna is Muslim.

لبنیٰ نام کے معنی اور مفہوم

لبنیٰ ایک اسلامی نام ہے جو کہ لڑکیوں کے ناموں کے لیے مخصوص ہے- اس نام کا تعلق اردو زبان سے ہے اور اس کا خوش قسمت نمبر 2 ہے- لبنیٰ کے معنی “دودھ جیسی رنگت والی، خوبصورت، گوری چٹی، سفید “ کے ہیں- اس صفحہ پر آپ اس نام سے متعلق تمام تفصیلات حاصل کرسکتے ہیں جس میں تعلق٬ لکی نمبر اور مذہب شامل ہیں- اس نام سے متعلق حاصل معلومات کو مدنظر رکھتے ہوئے صارفین نے اس صفحہ کو 3 اسٹار سے نوازا ہے جبکہ 110 تبصرہ بھی کیا گیا ہے-

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Lubna Name : Review & Comment

Lubna, I love my name... It's very unique and special name for me because my mother selected this name for me..

  • Lubna , Islamabad
  • Fri 12 Aug, 2022

I am all impressed with this page to find name meaning and they explained meaning authentically and correct

  • Hammad, Karachi
  • Wed 10 Aug, 2022

My name is Lubna and im glad to see correct meaning of my name from here and this page always give authentic details

  • Lubna, Karachi
  • Sat 06 Aug, 2022

Its a very beautiful name LUBNA, its a light meaningful name, suggesting it for my new born niece.

  • Sana, Islamabad
  • Fri 05 Aug, 2022

I’m very happy for what I’ve seen concerning my name I love it. The best site and i can recommend to one of my friend to search from here

  • Lubna, Karachi
  • Thu 04 Aug, 2022