Sidra Name Meaning

Sidra name meaning is A tree of Berry, tree in heaven, name of a Sahabiyya. Sidra is a Muslim girl name and it is an Arabic originated name with multiple meanings and the associated lucky number is 8. Get proper spelling and pronunciation of name Sidra.

Name Sidra
Meaning A tree of Berry, tree in heaven, name of a Sahabiyya
Gender Girl
Audio How to Pronounce Sidra Name
Origin Arabic
Lucky # 8
Religion Muslim
Short Name YES
Name Length 5 Letters and 1 Word
Sidra Name Popularity & Rank : 159
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Sidra Name Meaning

Sidra Name Meaning in Urdu - The name Sidra is belongs to Muslim girl name which is derived from Arabic language and associated with short name that is consisting of 5 alphabets and 1 sentence. Sidra has distinct meanings in English and Urdu languages, thus its English meaning is “Of the Stars or like a Star” and its Urdu meaning is “EK Dahrakht”.

Whereas, the lucky number of Sidra is 8, lucky days are; Friday and Monday, luckiest colors are; Blue, Green and White while Emerald and sliver are lucky stones and metals respectively.

Sidra name has religiously very significance as this name is directed in Quran Majeed and linked, shortly with Sidra-tul-muntaha. It is a Holy tree that is considered as the seven tree in Heaven. Moreover, the name is also associated with the companion of Holy Prophet and pious women. Thereby, the name has positive existence on the personality of a girl.

Hence girls with this name will posses; strong mind and can creatively and effectively did her task without following or coping others. She has strong imaginations and makes decisions by herself, she is not vulnerable so that not influence by someone. Apart from that, she is very sincere especially with her personal relations; always try to take care of them.

All these positivity make Sidra very popular among Muslim parents and they had frequently picked this name for their baby girls. The name is also very popular in news feeds and famous articles.

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My sister name is sidra .. he is very hard working women .. i was searched the meaning of her name and get it from here easily

haroon , peshawar Thu 23 Apr, 2020

I'm always use this website for name meanings because they had provided accurate info. Recently I had try out Sidra Name Meaning in Urdu.

Hira , Bhawalpur Mon 04 Nov, 2019

Its very beautiful name. Is it also a line in one of the 7 skies from where no angel can go forth including Jibraeel A.S. ? Please guide me.

Misbah , India Tue 22 Jan, 2019

I love my name

sidra khan , karachi Mon 25 Jun, 2018

sidra my wife name she is my life.

ahmad , lahore Sun 06 May, 2018