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The name Brandon is of English origin and is derived from the Old English words "brom" and "dūn," meaning "broom" and "hill" respectively. It symbolizes strength, resilience, and a connection to nature

  • Anas, Karachi
  • Wed 07 Jun, 2023

Vihaan Name Meaning" is an excellent guide for anyone curious about the profound significance behind the name Vihaan. With its comprehensive and insightful analysis, this resource deepens our understanding of this name's cultural origins and spiritual connotations.

  • Chanda, Lucknow
  • Wed 07 Jun, 2023

Bilawel Name Meaning" is an insightful and comprehensive resource for those seeking to understand the origins and significance of the name Bilawel. It provides valuable information that enriches one's understanding of this unique and meaningful name.

  • Rehan, Karachi
  • Wed 07 Jun, 2023

Simeon is a strong and timeless name with significant biblical roots. Derived from the Hebrew language, Simeon means "heard" or "God has heard." The name embodies a sense of divine connection and prayerful reverence.

  • Mahi , Murree
  • Tue 06 Jun, 2023

Vihaan is a captivating name with a significant meaning. Derived from the Sanskrit language, Vihaan translates to "dawn" or "morning" in English. The name symbolizes new beginnings, freshness, and the start of a promising journey.

  • Zimal, Faisalabad
  • Tue 06 Jun, 2023