Trending Muslim Boy Names

Trending Muslim Boy Names refer latest trending names in the Muslim society and World. Latest Unique and trendy names include Roomi, Shahzain, Sameer, Badar, and Ammar. Top 3 Trending boy names meanings are as follows: Roomi meaning is Citizen of Room; Shahzain meaning is Brave, Good adornment, Skillful; Sameer meaning is Jovial, Entertaining Companion.

Trending Muslim Boys Name

1 Saad Felicity. Good Fortune. Good Luck.
2 Maaz Brave Man, Refuge, Shelter, Companion Of Prophet
3 Danish Knowledge, Wisdom, Consciousness, Intellect
4 Sameer Jovial, Beneficial, Entertaining Companion, Good Friend
5 Ammar Long-Lived, God-Fearing, Pious, One Whose Presence Brings Joy To Others'
6 Haider Lion, Virtuous, Fortunate, Brave man
7 Aasim In Muslim meaning is : Protector
8 Nihal Romantic, Joyful, Newly Planted tree, young tree
9 Shahzain Brave, Good adornment, Skillful.
10 Aadil Just
11 Kamal Perfection, Completeness
12 Muntasir Victorious, Triumphant
13 Ziyad In egyptian meaning is : He shall add.
14 Ibraheem Variant Of Ibrahim: The Biblical Abraham Is The English Language Equivalent. A Prophet's Name
15 Nawfal Generous Old Arabic Name For The Sea
16 Haady Variant Of Hadi: Guiding To The Right
17 Mohid Believing in One God
18 Raatib Variant Of Ratib: Arranger
19 Roomi Citizen of Room
20 Faaris Perspicacity
21 Ma’awiya First Umayyad Khalifah, Companion Of Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.)
22 Badar Full Moon

Trending Muslim Boys Names – Word trending is a combination of old English and Germanic origin words which means ‘revolve’. Anything become trending when it is most discussed or popular at a certain point in a time. It usually involves an increasing number of people doing something increasingly often. A name becomes trending and hot debate among people when everyone shares their perspective on it in conversation and on social media. While talking about choosing a name for a baby, it is a big commitment. Do you want to go with an all-time classic name or something trendy and of-the-moment? Do you want a popular name or want to go with a traditional one? These are the most relatable questions for the family expecting a baby. Every parent wants to give their baby a name that can hold his personality with positivity. It is a common thought that names affect personality but at the same time they look for trending names. Such names can individualize their child among others.

Muslim parents can find a variety of trending Muslim boys’ names here as this page is created cater to the need of parents looking for trending names. They can access a variety of uncommon, Trending names for their male child that can influence & suit his personality. It is observed that people get emotionally attached to characters they watch in dramas or movies and named their child on them. This is quite obvious that these trends change frequently as well as the names.

Some trending names of 2020 are listed here with their meanings and origin. People who want to name their child with trending names can easily get backpack knowledge from here. Nowadays in Muslims, Shahzain is the most trending name with Urdu Origin, which means Skillful, Brave and Good Adornment. Another trending name inspired by one of the famous Pakistani drama characters is Danish, a Persian originated name which means Wisdom, Knowledge. It from one of the common names but now trending in Pakistan.

This page is dedicated to create ease for all the expected parents searching for on-trend names. They can find numerous trending Muslim boys' names with complete guidelines related to their meaning, gender, and origin along with lucky numbers. This platform is providing a wide range of trending names and it will be updated with changing trends.Find all the trending Muslim boys names at one place.