Unique Muslim Girl Names

Unique Muslim Gril Names refer latest trending names in the Muslim society and World. Latest Unique and trendy names include Ifrah, Isbah, Qaria, Inaya and Parishey. Top 3 Unique Gil names meanings are as follows: Ifrah meaning is Happy, Farhat; Isbah meaning is Light; Qaria meaning is Read The Quran Koran Recitation.

Unique Muslim Girls Name

1 Inaya Help, care, protection
2 Ifrah Happy, Farhat Religion
3 Nuzhat Truthfullness
4 Nadira Rare, Precious
5 Arooba A Woman In Love With Her Husband
6 Parishey Fairy face, beautiful, pretty, innocent
7 Shamsa Sunshine
8 Qaria Read The Quran Koran Recitation
9 Sabika A peace of Pure Gold Bar
10 Isbah Light
11 Imsha Intelligent
12 Nissa Lady

Unique Muslim Girls Names – The word unique is derived from the Latin term Unicus which means 'alone of its sort'. People are now more focused on uniqueness in their life, especially in names. Parents expecting a child usually look for a unique name for their baby. Muslims parents admire more meaningful names with the essence of uniqueness, especially for their baby girls. These unique names usually derived from different places, societies, overlooked names from history and nature.

Naming a child is a personal choice for each parent, and they choose their children's names on different approaches. From many unique Muslim girls names, Isbah is one of the beautiful Arabic originated names which means Lights. Imsha is another unique Arabic name which means intelligent.

This forum is for all the clueless parents searching names for their newborn baby girl. Here the reader will find unique Muslim girls names with meaning in Urdu. This way the reader who is a person searching for a good name would know the name with its meaning together with its pronunciation. Now people can find unique Muslim girls names real meanings and further information at a single platform.