Alina Name Meaning

Alina name meaning is Bright, Fair, Good-Looking, soft, pliable, delicate. It is a Muslim Girl name with lucky number 1. Alina is an Urdu name that is widely popular in all Muslim countries. It is often used to form names in combination with other words. You can also find similar names to Alina like Ayesha, Anabia, Ayat.

Name Alina
Meaning Bright, Fair, Good-Looking, soft, pliable, delicate
Gender Girl
Origin Urdu
Lucky # 1
Religion Muslim
Short Name YES
Name Length 5 Letters and 1 Word

Alina Name Popularity & Rank : 228

Alina Name Meaning in Urdu
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Detail Meaning about Alina

Alina Name Meaning: - Alina name meaning is Fair,Beautiful, it is an Arabic originated name with multiple meanings. It is a Muslim Girl name which is common and easy to call. Alina name definition is also said to be the name of the Good Looking Girl. Alina name meaning in Urdu is “Khoobsurat”. Alina name meaning also defined as Soft or Delicate.

Numerology Aspects:

According to Numerology Predictions, the lucky number for Alina is 2. People with numerology # 2 are decent, gentle, affable and soft-spoken in nature. They are full of imagination due to the influence of Moon. They are prone to mood swings affected by different phases. They have a sense of stability and are very emotional. People belonging to number 2 are very gentle in nature.

Names effect on nature:

A person named Alina is a day dreamer. They like to understand unrealistic things in their lives. Sometimes it causes mental anguish in their lives. They loves Their family members and even close relatives very much. They will also be able to lead a successful and married life. They have their own values. They like to live their lives in their own terms and conditions. They are also sensible. They want to help someone selflessly. They are even responsible for their family and others.

Alternate Ways to spell name Alina:

Alina name can also spell Alena, Aleena, Eleena, Elina

1) What is the lucky number of Alina?

The lucky number associated with the name Alina is "1".

2) What is the meaning of Alina?

The meaning of name Alina is "Bright, Fair, Good-Looking, soft, pliable, delicate".

3) What is the name length of Alina?

The Name Alina consists of 5 alphabets.

4) What is the religion of Alina name?

The religion of the name Alina is Muslim.

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Alina Name : Review & Comment

My name is Alina ❤️ I did NOT like my name at all when growing up.. .. people would say it wrong, ask me if I was sure on the pronunciation of my name, ask questions like did your Dad spell it wrong on purpose?? Today however, I find that I feel very different about my name 🙂 I LOVE my name!!!! I don’t hear it very often and I’ve gotten a lot more confident with my name I think it’s actually quite sexy!!

  • Alina, Paso Robles
  • Thu 13 Jun, 2019

Alina is my sister name and mean is so much beautiful but i not agree the 2ud mean not verified and so disturbing me but i ignoring this

  • Hamad, karachi
  • Wed 02 Jan, 2019

Alina is my name .. and i love it.😍

  • Alina, karachi
  • Tue 30 Oct, 2018


  • Alina, Karachi
  • Fri 16 Feb, 2018

Alina is my name so cute

  • Alina Yasvacof, Russia
  • Fri 08 Dec, 2017