Boys Names

Baby Boys Names - Find the unique & popular baby Boys Names with Urdu & English meanings. Best list of new & cool Boys Names for new born baby with detail meanings, origin & lucky number.

Boys Names
Aabavaa Aabhara Aabhas
Aabhass Aabhava Aabheer
Aabher Aabid Aabidee
Aabinus Aabir Aachara
Aachary Aachman Aadalar
Aadalar Aadam Aadam
Aadan Aadarsh Aadavan
Aaddhar Aadeel Aadeep
Aadesh Aadhan Aadhar
Aadhav Aadhava Aadhika
Aadhike Aadhimu Aadhina
Aadhira Aadhira Aadhise
Aadhish Aadhish Aadhuni
Aadi Aadidev Aadijay
Aadil Aadimoo Aadinat
Aadipta Aadir Aadish
Aadisha Aadishw Aadit
Aaditey Aaditey Aadithy
Aaditva Aaditya

Baby Boy Names – Experiencing the birth of a cute baby boy is a joyful feeling that cannot be explained in words. Proud parents are overwhelmed and can’t thank enough to the Almighty’s unlimited blessings. The most significant part of child birth’s process is naming the new born. Hunt for suitable and unique baby boy names begin. No matter if the parents are experiencing this joy for the first time or second or third time, the search for baby boy name remains the most challenging task.

Various baby boy names suggestions strike your way, most of which are old and common ones. In such circumstances, parents can check out this exclusive and dedicated page of baby boy names. The parents of male child can get some amazing and unique boy names suggestions here. You can get a mix plate of unique baby boy names, meaningful and catchy baby boy names. You can browse online the boy names with meaning from various religious backgrounds, origins, and linguistics on this page. You can find the popular boy names, meanings, origin and various other details on this page. This platform is not restricted to any specific religion based names, as you can access Boy names from Hindi, Arabic, and Christian backgrounds here online.

You can witness updated list of cute boy names and unique baby boy names list here along with their meanings, origin, and other relevant details maintained by HamariWeb. Just click on any suitable name that you like while browsing and you will land on a specific page of that baby boy name. English boy names from the Christian background are searched and praised by the couples living in Pakistan or abroad in UK, USA, and Canada. Unusual boy names in Hindi are based on the ancient Hindu mythology with the blend of modernization. Hindu Boy Name list is getting the fame in India and other among foreign Hindu community across the world.

The boy names are listed in alphabetical order but you can search the boy names that start with j, boy names that start with a, and so on as per your preferences about certain alphabet. We are offering some extended list of English boy names, and French best baby boy names on our baby boy names categories which could facilitate the search of various parents living in Europe. Explore the best baby boy names with meaning page on HamariWeb before you name your newly born angel.

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I want to know that ARHAN is mulim name or hindu name? What is the meaning of this name? Can i keep this name to a muslim boy?

Firoz Khan , Patna Thu 15 Nov, 2018

My name is Abdullah Umar my result Kiya hai

Abdullah Umar , Bihar Thu 15 Nov, 2018

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I am good luck boy....

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Thnk you so much this name is so beautiful


My future husband

Hamza , Marrakesh Wed 14 Nov, 2018

Abdul Ahad
I want to know the meaning of name Tawooz (Aaozubillah .........). Only Meaning Please.

Adnan Ali , Peshawar Wed 14 Nov, 2018

shokrr hy mery khudya

saeed , sialkot Wed 14 Nov, 2018