Rehan Name Meaning

The name Rehan is a boy name of Arabic origin meaning "Scented, Fragrance, A Fragrant Plant". The popular name combination with Rehan includes Muhammad Rehan, Rehan Ahmed, Rehan Ali, Rehan Abbas, Rehan Hussain. Rehan is a short name contains with 5 letters, it holds significant appeal. In terms of popularity, Rehan ranks 38. Additionally, the lucky number associated with this name is 8.

Rehan Meaning
Name Rehan
Meaning Scented, Fragrance, A Fragrant Plant
Gender Boy
Origin Arabic
Lucky # 8
Religion Muslim
Short Name YES
Name Length 5 Letters and 1 Word

Rehan Name Popularity & Rank: 38

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Rehan Boy Name Meaning

The name Rehan is of Arabic origin, and it is a common name in many Arabic-speaking countries. The meaning of the name Rehan is "fragrant plant," and it is derived from the Arabic word "rehan."

People with this name are often seen as warm and caring, and they possess a natural ability to bring comfort and happiness to those around them. They are valued for their kindness and generosity, and they are seen as a source of stability and support for those in their lives.

In some cultures, the name Rehan is also associated with the idea of growth and renewal. This interpretation suggests that people with this name are naturally optimistic and hopeful, and they are able to see the possibilities for growth and change in even the most difficult situations. They are valued for their ability to bring new life and energy to those around them.

Overall, the name Rehan is a beautiful and meaningful name that is sure to be treasured for generations to come. Whether you are looking for a name that speaks to your cultural heritage or one that reflects your personal values and aspirations, the name Rehan is a great choice that is sure to be a source of pride and inspiration.

What is the Meaning of Rehan?

The name Rehan Means Scented, Fragrance, A Fragrant Plant and has an Arabic origin. It is a relatively short name with 5 letters, and it holds significant appeal due to its powerful meaning. In terms of popularity, Rehan ranks 38 in the US, indicating that it is a unique name. Additionally, the lucky number associated with this name is 8, which in numerology signifies new beginnings and opportunities.

What is the origin of Rehan name?

The name Rehan originates from Arabic (Muslim) culture. It’s a name that parents may choose with the hope that their child will embody these characteristics and lead a life filled with courage and divine blessings. The name is deeply rooted in Arabic culture and is often chosen to inspire strength and bravery in the child.

What is the name length of Rehan?

The Name Rehan consists of 5 alphabets.

What is the lucky number of Rehan?

The lucky number associated with the name Rehan is "8".

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Rehan Name: Review & Comment

Rehan is the elder brother's name, such a supportive person he is.

  • Zakir Khan, Nawabshah

A beautifully meaningful name, denoting 'sweet basil' or 'fragrance,' capturing the essence of nature's delightful aroma.

  • Adnan, Karachi

Rehan, The most beautiful names for a baby to have a good personality. The meaning of this name is really amazing

  • Zain, Karachi

I was searching for something unique name, I found it here easily and Correct meaning of Rehan name

  • Rehan, Karachi

Rehan is a beautiful name i really like Rehan name meaning

  • Shahana, lahore

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