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Choose from the vast collection of baby girl names. It is a desire of parents to assign a good girls name to their little angel. Now, you do not need to go anywhere else to view girls names. The knowledge or information about girl names with meaning, gender, origin, and other key details is important for parents as they can assign the best possible name to their newborn.

Trending Girl Names
Aahana Inner light, Immortal, Born during the day, the First rise of the Sun Hindu
Hoorain Beautiful Eyes, fabulous friend in Paradise and Women of Paradise Muslim
Tisha Aristocrat Christian
Tonni Flourishing Christian
Abeeha her father, nickname of Hazrat Fatima Muslim
Monalisa Noble Christian
Brenda Sword Christian
Kiara Little black one, Dusky, Dark haired Muslim
Haniya Joy, Pleasant, To Be Happy Muslim
Margaret Jewel Christian
Anaya Without A Superior, Misfortune, Adversity Hindu
Simran Remembrance; Meditation; Beautiful Hindu
Ananya Limitless Feeling; Endless; Beautiful Star; Matchless; Nice Hindu
Aadya One who is Always First and Best; Name of Adisakthi; Parvathi Hindu
Adrija Goddes Laxmi; Of the Mountain; Another Name for Parvathi; Daughter of Himalaya Hindu
Maheen Greatest, Fine, Feeble Muslim
Aiman Righteous, blessed, lucky Muslim
Audrey Noble strength Christian
Ritika Movement; Pretty; Cute; Of Brass; Bronze; One who Keeps Traditions (Riti Rivaz) Hindu
Anaya God answered Christian
Prisha God's Gift; Beloved; Loving Hindu
Shreya Excellent; Credit; Auspicious; Lucky; Better; The Best Forever; Goddess Lakshmi; Beautiful; To Give Credit to Someone Hindu
Fatima Captivating, Accustom, One Who Abstains Muslim
Hareem Sanctuary, Sanctum, Walls of House of Kabba Muslim
Amal Work, Hope, Aspiration Muslim
Nicole victor of the people Christian
Anvi One of the devis names, Name of a Goddess Hindu
Charlotte man Christian
Ayesha Lively Woman, Life, alive, well-living, happily living Muslim
Names Records 91 To 120 (Total 26248 Records)


Girl Names That You Will Love

Parents are always overwhelmed to welcome their baby into the world. If the baby is a girl, she gets more attention due to the cuteness and adorability and gets the 1st gift from parents, i.e., best baby girl name. As soon as the baby arrives, parents and family start searching for a suitable name for their princess and show their concern more over the meaningful girl names.

More than 50% of the population consists of women; that is why the name collection of women needs to be huge, and we have compiled massive data of beautiful girl names with meaning. Modern girl names are trendy in search while naming a baby as they are more attractive and famous in society.

Most parents name their baby girl that sounds trendy and fits into today's times yet are rooted in their culture. To provide ease for parents, we have listed girl names and complete details, including meanings, origin, and lucky number. Find the Unique names for your baby and provide her individuality, among others. Your search will end on this platform as you've reached the right place.

Here you can find the top baby girl names with detailed information as well.

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