Aabhavannan Name Meaning in Marathi

Aabhavannan is a Hindu Boy name and it is Hindi originated name with multiple meanings. Aabhavannan name meaning in Marathi is प्रकाश, इल-लुमिनस, तेजस्वी, प्रकाशमय. Aabhavannan name meaning in Marathi, popularity and rank stands at and lucky number for Aabhavannan is 7.

Aabhavannan Marathi Meaning
Name Aabhavannan
Gender Boy
Meaning Light, Il-Luminous, Bright, Shining
Origin Hindi
Lucky # 7 ?
नाव Aabhavannan
लिंग मुलगा
याचा अर्थ प्रकाश, इल-लुमिनस, तेजस्वी, प्रकाशमय
मूळ हिंदी
भाग्यवान # 7 ?
Aabhavannan Name Meaning in English
अधिक सिमिलर नावे
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Aabhavannan हिंदू मुलाचे नाव आणि ते हिंदी भाषेचे नाव आहे, Aabhavannan Marāṭhīta artha cā artha; मराठीत अर्थ चा अर्थ; प्रकाश, इल-लुमिनस, तेजस्वी, प्रकाशमय.

Aabhavannan याचा मराठीत अर्थ

Aabhavannan name meaning for Marathi is प्रकाश, इल-लुमिनस, तेजस्वी, प्रकाशमय. It is a good Marathi name for Boy and could leave a positive impact on a child’s personality. Check the origin, lucky number, religion, and other aspects of name. This beautiful name can be considered or suggested to people who are becoming parents soon. Hamariweb has a vast collection of Marathi baby names. Other unique and popular Marathi Boy names can be also checked on this website.

Aabhavannan लोकप्रिय मराठी नावे
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Aabhavannan's meaning is well-detailed on this page, offering insights into its Hindu origin, making it a helpful resource for those seeking to understand the significance of this unique name.

  • Sameer, Islamabad

Aabhavannan, a name that exudes uniqueness and charm, holds its roots in Sanskrit, symbolizing a radiant personality that brings joy and positivity wherever it goes.

  • Shankar, Karachi