Sufian नाम का अर्थ

Sufian Name Meaning in hindi
Gender Boy
Meaning Companion, Follower
Origin Arabic
Lucky # ?
नाम Sufian
लिंग लड़का
अर्थ साथी, अनुगामी
मूल अरबी
भाग्यशाली अंक ?

अधिक समान नाम  ( More Similar Names )

Subha Subhi Sufi
Subhaan Subhy Sufian
Subhan Sudie

How do u find this name? Sufian

My friend name is sophiyan, so i want to know actual meaning and spelling.

Sagar , Sydney Sat 05 Jan, 2019


SUFYAN , KUWAIT Tue 11 Dec, 2018

Indeed Sufian meaning signifies the one who follows the Prophet (P.B.U.H.), and follows his teachings in life. I named my son this and MashaAllah he is six and a very simple boy who has been very supportive in my life.

Farhan , Peshawar Mon 10 Dec, 2018

sufian is a very beautiful name, it not only means light but is also a representation of purity. I am so happy with my parents on their name selection.

Laraib , Lahore Sun 02 Dec, 2018

My youngest son has the purest heart you would ever find in a boy. He is very fitting to the name of SUFIYAN, i am so happy that i actually named him as such

uzair , hyderabad Wed 28 Nov, 2018

Sufian Name Meaning in hindi

Sufian is a Muslim boy name which has origin in Arabic language. Sufian name meaning in Urdu is ‘buhat roshan’, ‘buhat chamkeela’, ‘chamakta hua’ to name a few. Sufian name meaning in Urdu reveals that the name bearer must be someone who has the capabilities that makes him standout among others. Sufian name meaning in English is ‘companion’, and ‘follower’. There is a possibility that Sufian name has Persian origin. In some context, Sufian name meaning in English is ‘light’, ‘fast moving’, and ‘ nimble’. Similar sounding names are Soofiyan, and Sufyan to name a few.

Sufian name has 6 letters and therefore it is not so short name. Every name has lucky number, lucky stone, and lucky metal associated with them. Lucky number for name Sufian is 6. Lucky days for name Sufian are Thursday, and Sunday, which means these days might bring goodwill to the name bearer. Lucky stone for name Sufian is Blood stone, and lucky metals are silver, and iron.

Sufian is the name of many Sahaba (companions of the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah upon him), such as Sufian bin Abi Azzah, Sufian bin Abi Umayyah and Sufian bin Abul Hakam. Abu Sufyan ibn Harith was a companion and cousin of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and prayers upon him). Therefore in the Muslim world, parents of male child prefer this name.