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( Muslim Boys Names ) लड़कियों के नाम
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AABBAZ मुसलमान
AABID मुसलमान
AABIDEEN मुसलमान
AABINUS मुसलमान
AADAM मुसलमान
AADEEL मुसलमान
AADIL मुसलमान
AADROOP मुसलमान
AAFANDI मुसलमान
AAFAQ मुसलमान
AAFEEN मुसलमान
AAFI मुसलमान
AAFREEN मुसलमान
AAFSAR मुसलमान
AAGHA मुसलमान
AAGHAA मुसलमान
AAGHAA मुसलमान
AAGHIR मुसलमान
AAHID मुसलमान
AAHIL मुसलमान
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can anyone help me? i like name wasi

mustaq , Vijayawada Tue 04 Aug, 2020

I love this name as I love Arif the man, my best friend in the whole wide world.

CC , Washington DC Sun 02 Aug, 2020

I think this is one of the lucky name of the world, this name was the brave person name in the period of khalid bin waleed .This is islami name and our pak army have a tank who called zarrar tank .so i think whoever will under this name will be very brave and lucky . I also keep this name of my new born son. And he will be the PSP officer in the future insha Allah. In pakistan Army or pak police insha ALLAH.

Zarrar , Karachi Thu 30 Jul, 2020

My cousin's name is Rauhaan and he is kindhearted and compassionate as his name.

Majid , Islamabad Wed 29 Jul, 2020

My name is Khurram and I just love my name. It is just according to my personality.

Khurram , Karachi Wed 29 Jul, 2020

My name is Saad and my name offered me a great benefit and proved so much lucky for me. However, Saad name meaning is fortunate.

Saad , karachi Mon 27 Jul, 2020

My brother's name is Zohaib and he has a very good nature. It is also a name of famous singer Zohaib Hassan.

Kashif , hyderabad Mon 27 Jul, 2020

this is my name but i am a girl.

Umayyah , Leeds Sun 26 Jul, 2020

It's Good name

Shahzada , Lahore Sun 26 Jul, 2020

lucky profession

Sami ullah , qila ahmed abad Thu 23 Jul, 2020