Kaif Name Meaning

Kaif name meaning is Pleasure, Spirit, Exhilaration, A State Of Joy. Kaif is a Muslim boy name and it is an Arabic originated name with multiple meanings and the associated lucky number is 9. Get proper spelling and pronunciation of name Kaif.

Name Kaif
Meaning Pleasure, Spirit, Exhilaration, A State Of Joy
Gender Boy
Audio How to Pronounce Kaif Name
Origin Arabic
Lucky # 9
Religion Muslim
Short Name YES
Name Length 4 Letters and 1 Word
Kaif Name Popularity & Rank : 197
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Kaif Name Meaning

Kaif is a Muslim boy name that belongs to Arabic origin. Kaif name meaning in English is ‘state of joy’, ‘state’, ‘pleasure’, ‘high spirits’, ‘condition’, ‘mood’. The name bearer of this name Kaif is someone who might possess delightful and joyful personality. Kaif name meaning in Urdu is ‘Suroor’, ‘Khushgawar tabiyat wala’, ‘Nasha’, or ‘Khumar’. Some popular Urdu details of name Kaif are Kaif ul Islam, Kaif ul Imaan, Kaif ul Khair, Kaif ul Sadaq to name a few.

Lucky number for name Kaif is 9. Lucky days for name Kaif are Friday, Tuesday and lucky metals are Silver, Iron for name Kaif. Lucky stones for name Kaif are Coral. The name bearer Kaif should try to wear their lucky colors more often, and should try to keep their lucky stones near to keep bad omen away. Kaif is a four letter word and is very short name. It is easy to pronounce. Kaif is a common name used in Pakistan, India and some Middle Eastern and Gulf countries.

Name meaning reflects the personality of the name bearer. Those who are extremely good spirited are given this name. Many renowned people are given this name; some carry it as their surname. For instance, Katrina Kaif, who is a renowned Bollywood actress, bears it as her surname. Similarly, Indian cricketer Muhammad Kaif also bears it as his surname.

Naming a baby is considered to be the most sacred responsibility for a parent living around the world. Muslim parents always choose the best possible Muslim name for their baby boy. Kaif is a boy name that is adored by Muslim parents for their little prince as it is a popular Muslim name. Kaif name origin is Arabic and it has multiple meanings. Kaif name meaning is Pleasure, Spirit, Exhilaration, A State Of Joy. It is a beautiful name that is not only pleasing to listen to but also belong to many famous personalities.

According to the numerology prediction of the Kaif name, a lucky number is 9 and it impacts positively on personality development. The name Kaif consists of 4 Letters and 1 Word that includes it in a short name however Kaif name meaning is quite snazzy. People living in the UK, America (USA), Canada, India, and Saudi Arabia can search the details of Kaif name online without any hassle. Find accurate name meanings along with origin, gender, rating, and much more about the name Kaif.

Kaif name can be accessed from the Muslim Boy name starting with K, and there are more names in this list. Find Kaif name meaning in Urdu and English, as well as other languages on this portal. How to pronounce Kaif name can also hear to be quite sure while giving this name to a baby. Kaif meaning has been searched 94578 times till today Date.

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1) What is the lucky number of Kaif?

The lucky number associated with the name Kaif is "9".

2) What is the meaning of Kaif?

The meaning of name Kaif is "pleasure, spirit, exhilaration, a state of joy".

3) What is the name LENGTH of Kaif?

The Name Kaif consists of 4 alphabets.

4) What is the religion of Kaif name?

The religion of the name Kaif is Muslim.

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Kaif Name : Review & Comment

My son name is Muhammad Kaif, but he is a patient of Major Thallaseamia and his age is 16 years and he is a 10th class student. Pleas pray for my child health.

Muhammad Kaif , Islamabad Wed 20 Nov, 2019

Nice Name..

usman , hyderabad Tue 04 Dec, 2018

The name of word ‘kaif’ is ‘Pleasure. High Spirits’ as mentioned in your website. It seems like a decent and nice name for both girls and boys.

Ghina , Lahore Sun 02 Dec, 2018

My papa give me this name

Kaif ansari , Bhiwandi Mon 01 May, 2017

my son name Muhammad Kaif

raja farrukh , aljubail Thu 27 Apr, 2017