Salman Name Meaning

Salman name meaning is Companion, Especially Of Prophet Muhammad . Salman is a Muslim boy name and it is an Arabic originated name with multiple meanings and the associated lucky number is 1. Get proper spelling and pronunciation of name Salman.

Name Salman
Meaning Companion, Especially Of Prophet Muhammad
Gender Boy
Origin Arabic
Lucky # 1
Religion Muslim
Short Name YES
Name Length 6 Letters and 1 Word
Personalities Salman Khan, Salman Taseer

Salman Name Popularity & Rank : 110

Salman Name Meaning

Salman Name Meaning in Urdu - Salman is a Islamic boy name that is connected with Arabic language and based on short name category as it is composed of 6 Alphabets and 1 word. The meaning of Salman in Urdu language is “Zaara, Tukra or Sahabi ka Nam”. While in English language it has different meaning; “Safe”.

Besides that, the lucky number of Salman is “1” and lucky colors are; Blue and Green and the lucky days are; Friday and Monday. To talk about its effect on person’s characteristic so it is very positively and productively impacts the person who entitled with Salman.

As this name enables the name of Holy Prophet PBUH companion, Hazrat Salman Farsi and several famous people like; the King of Saudi-Arabia, Prince of Bahrain, Pakistani Cricketer and so on. The name has several positive traits like; a boy who associated with Salman name is very responsible and done his task with full of dedication and sincerity. He is also very efficient in managing the things and can able to do numerous task at a same time without any lagging. Besides that, he is very humble and always ready to help needy one.
The Muslims parents try to select this name for their child very commonly. This name is also covering top news. Stay with us for more updates about different names.

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Salman Name : Review & Comment

Big thanks to this web portal for offering Salman Name in Urdu Meaning and in English Meaning with all info.

  • Tariq, Lahore
  • Mon 04 Nov, 2019

Bundle of thanks

  • Tahir , Lahore
  • Fri 15 Mar, 2019

Very interesting

  • Salman Rasheed, Karachi
  • Thu 03 Jan, 2019

I have always been called Salamandar which translates to a dragon and I think that's why I also like my name because Salman meaning signifies someone who keeps you safe and I think that's amazing.

  • Salman, Lahore
  • Mon 10 Dec, 2018

My name is Salman Nick name Noti and complete name is Malik Salman Channar i love this name but i lpve one other name that name is wajahat Ali my dream Allah gives me son then i will give that name

  • Malik Salman, bep
  • Mon 27 Nov, 2017