Umar Name Meaning

Umar name meaning is Name Of The Second Caliph . Umar is a Muslim boy name and it is an Arabic originated name with multiple meanings and the associated lucky number is 4. Get proper spelling and pronunciation of name Umar.

Name Umar belongs to Islamic history. Umar is the name of the companion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This name is quite popular in Muslim countries. Famous personalities named Umar are Umar Gul, Umar Sharif, and Umar Muhammad.

Name Umar
Meaning Name Of The Second Caliph
Reference Companion of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U. H)
Gender Boy
Audio How to Pronounce Umar Name
Origin Arabic
Lucky # 4
Religion Muslim
Short Name YES
Name Length 4 Letters and 1 Word
Personalities Umar Farooq (R.A)
Umar Name Popularity & Rank : 117
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Umar Name Meaning

Umar Name Meaning: - Umar name meaning is Long-lived, Name Of A Caliph, it is an Arabic originated name with multiple meanings. It is a Muslim Boy name which is quite common. Umar's name definition is also said to be an eloquent and gifted speaker. Umar's name meaning in Urdu is “Taveel Hayat”. Umar name meaning also defined as Life.

Numerology Aspects:

According to Numerology Predictions, the lucky number for Umar is 4. A person with #4 as name numerical are Stable, Calm, home-loving, detail-oriented, obedient, logical, active, organized, responsible, and trustworthy.

Names effect on nature:

As far as his life opinion is concerned, the locals named Umar have a very clear vision. He is also honest in his dealings. They are free to expose their minds and have no hesitation in doing so. By taking the very straight path they can hurt others. However, these people are not worried about it. The locals of this name are very determined. Those who come to this section show qualities of bravery. A notable feature of these individuals is their strong confidence in them, which helps them to succeed in their endeavors.

Famous Personality:

Umar, also called Omar ibn al-Khattab, the second Rashidun caliph of Islam

Umar al-Bashir (born 1944), President of Sudan

Umar Gul, (born 1984), Pakistani cricketer

Umar Sharif (born 1948), legendary Pakistani stand-up comedian, stage, film and television actor, writer, director and producer

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Umar name meaning is quite obvious by its name. btw it is nice name

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I love this name.

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What should be my son name??

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