Ubaid 名字的含义

Ubaid is a Muslim Boy name and it is an Arabic originated name with multiple meanings. Ubaid name meaning in Hindi is In egyptian meaning is : Faithful., and the lucky number associated with is .

Gender Boy
Meaning In egyptian meaning is : Faithful.
Origin Arabic
Lucky # ?
名称 Ubaid
性别 男孩
含义 埃及含义是:诚信。
起源 阿拉伯
幸运数字 ?

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Ubaadah Ubaidah Ubay
Ubadah Ubaidullah Ubaydullah

How do you find this name? Ubaid

INSHALLAH ayesha your husband name is ubaid....

Ubaid Khan , Karachi Tue 20 Aug, 2019

I like the idea of the meaning of Ubaid which is faithful. I hope my husband is also of the same name of Ubaid

Ayesha , Islamabad Tue 23 Oct, 2018

thank u papa for giving me this unique name, I love my name almost,this name is really luckiest because I'm really very very lucky only bcs of this name when I want where I want I had achieved it easily

ubaid Iqrar , timergara Mon 08 Oct, 2018

There is no LUCKy number in Islam! Save yourself from shirk!!

Abu Ahmed , Saudi Arabia Thu 31 May, 2018

My name is ubaid, I'm from Peshawar

Ubaid , Peshawar Thu 08 Mar, 2018

Ubaid Name Meaning in chinese

在意大利Ubaid名称的含义 - 这个名字的意思是 埃及含义是:诚信。 这是 男孩 的名字。根和名称的起源与阿拉伯语的联系。名字的含义是好的,家长可以给Ubaid名字他们新出生的 男孩 婴。甚至你可以认为这个名字谁是要很快成为父母的人。 HamariWeb提供的名字和他们对谁发现唯一的名称及其他们新出生的婴儿的含义父母含义。musulman靓 男孩 名字字典及其在意大利语幸运数字,包括什么是Ubaid的意思含义。