Zari معنی نام

Zari is a Muslim Girl name and it is an Arabic originated name with multiple meanings. Zari name meaning in Hindi is Golden, and the lucky number associated with is .

Gender Girl
Meaning Golden
Origin Arabic
Lucky # ?
نام Zari
جنس دختر
معنی طلایی
اصل و نسب عربی
تعداد خوش شانس ?

نام های مشابه بیشتر  ( More Similar Names )

Zaadi Zababa Zabla
Zaafira Zabia Zabrina
Zaahida Zabira

How do you find this name? Zari

this beautiful name is mine i just love my name

zari jan , chitral Thu 08 Nov, 2018

Beautiful name and outstanding khubaib awan gujranwala

Khubaib awan , Gujranwala Sat 12 May, 2018

Zari is the name of girl which is usually you listen in the arabic countires, this is a lovely name.

Farwa , Karachi Wed 06 May, 2015

Zari Name Meaning in persian

Zari Name Meanings in Urdu - The name Zari means “Golden”. This name is for especially girls. Name roots and origins belong to Arabic region. Zari is already a popular name in Pakistan. Pakistani parents always want to give unique name to their daughters and therefore they always find such names that hold effective meanings. Parents are welcome to visit HamariWeb to get new names for their newly born girl. Muslim Boys & Muslim Girls Names Dictionary and their meanings in Urdu & English with Lucky Number including what is the meaning of Zari. Find Zari meaning and definition at name dictionary a Best place to find your accurate name meanings in Urdu.