Our dear Quaid

Poet: shanzeh iqbal By: shanzeh iqbal, lahore

A solemn confession
I feel your presence around.
I hear you in every sound.
You are alive.
You are very much alive,
In our memories.
In our hearts.
But sadly for some,
You are alive just in parts.
These were few earlier,
Now they are many,
And they are the ones,
Who employ all the ways uncanny?
There is so much to owe.
But nothing concrete to show.
We miss you so much.
Our dear Quaid.
Please forgive us.
Our nation is lost.
We seem buried in frost.
Frost of forgetfulness.
Slumber and idleness.
We wish to follow,
But our inners are hollow.
We wish to live with honesty,
Consistency and integrity.
We wish to be upright.
But are lacking in foresight.
Alas we are wayward.
We are a lost animal herd.
We have forgotten.
Our intentions are rotten.
Wrapped in the oblivion,
All the struggles.
All the sacrifices.
Our ancestors rendered for us.
Dear Quaid we are sorry.
Very sorry indeed.
We are eaten by greed.
Please forgive us.

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01 Dec, 2014