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I love dawn news
arham, karachi Wednesday, April 26 2017

Dawan is good chcnel &l like
Asif Niazi, karachi Monday, April 24 2017

We must stop corrupt system practiced by government and major institutions , Pakistan can not afford corruption any more . think of future generations who want to work in corruption free country . our todays generation is capable , eligible & would love to serve country on merit basis . Pakistan deserve people who work on merit .
Misbah, karachi Friday, April 21 2017

عدالتیں سرف پیپلزپارٹی کے لیے ھیں
s, k Thursday, April 20 2017

Super morning show . today program is very impressive and informative all morning host should learn from dawn news and should done like this kind of show.good
Ghazala, Karachi Thursday, April 20 2017

Dawn TV News is good channel I like it
DrAhmed Ali Memon, MalirKarachi Wednesday, April 19 2017

All the journalists and anchor person in Dawn News channel are well experienced. i especially watch all the headlines and special transmission to get the news about Panama case.
rana, khi Wednesday, April 19 2017

approaches to the empress market Karachi should be thorough & clean , as we have inherited it from the golden era of the subcontinent . empress market should be museum instead of fish market .
Misbah, Karachi Thursday, April 06 2017

heavy & big water tanker are driving at great speed in the center of the city . who will teach them how to drive big lorries in busy cities .
Misbah, Karachi Tuesday, April 04 2017

children's cheating in exams news & children collecting garbage that we see live on the roads every day , are suffering from the corrupt system governed by thieves who are ruling from past thirty eight years .
Misbah Sahto, Karachi Friday, March 31 2017

common men's vocabulary skills are limited . he is aware of voting & unable to define himself .
Misbah , Karachi Thursday, March 30 2017

The talk shows of Dawn News channel is not much famous but for the news this channel is the best source that is why I subscribe the live streaming of this channel in my device.
jabbar, khi Tuesday, March 28 2017

poor slgnal or live streaming problem
umar, karachi Monday, March 27 2017

common problems are unknown to common minds of 70 percent of our rural population . provide them with just one thing , that is water . they will cultivate , they can grow farms . so rest of 30% of the population can run their homes , transport , business & hotels .
Misbah, Karachi Wednesday, March 22 2017

It's unfortunate that we are more India focused than India is for us. Remember It's common phenomena that even an illiterate women never ask for flour, salt. sugar or tea from from her neighbor without excellent relations. When we know that India is our worst enemy then we should think of solution the out of the Indian box.

Collaborating between US, India and Israel is ant Pakistan and ant Muslim. We must make efforts to gather the like minded Muslim countries and must be china eccentric to resist that nexus against us.
Ibrahim Janjuarajput, Stockholm Sweden Sunday, March 19 2017

Dawn is a good channel . if the documentary films news on people's cultures & monuments will be added than Dawn channel would be my favorite channel .
Misbah , Karachi Friday, March 17 2017


Gulzar hussain shah(newas watch tv), Rwalpindi Tuesday, March 14 2017

This is the good site that gives me the every latest information about to doing everything in mine country or city that’s why I follow this site
nimra, karachi Monday, March 13 2017


Its fact that all channels in Pakistan running the basis on politics, I have a question that Pakistan do not have nothing else, apart from politics and news???? I wanted to run a program which will base on some new ideas.

shahzad, London Monday, March 13 2017

The coverage of Dawn news channel is expanding from a large districts and towns that is why the viewers of this channel is also increasing on daily basis. I especially like the talk shows of this channel.
khizar, khi Monday, March 13 2017

Dawn channel is my favorite channel & ZARA HUT KAY program is my top favorite .
Raid Sahto, Dadu Monday, March 13 2017

Motor Way is free of heavy lories , I want to ask our honorable Prime Minister That millions are spent already mapped Old Road from Karachi to Hyderabad is just renovated for heavy lories , that are not supposed to hit Motor way . Kindly built Motor way for the people of Sindh .
Misbah, Karachi Monday, March 13 2017

Ask "zarahat hat kay" people to read Quran surat AHZAB and
Surat TUBA before gIving their so called intellectual comments following biased pro government policy of dawn.
Mashhood, Isloo Saturday, March 11 2017

Dawn chennel bhetreen chennel he DAWN Tv munafik chennel nehi he, Ary Sama Or Geo ye teeno munafik chennel hen
Famida, Karachi Friday, March 10 2017

I like this famous channel
Asif, Karachi Thursday, March 02 2017

Gulzar hussain shah(newas watch tv), JEHLUM Wednesday, March 01 2017

DawnNews is Pakistan's leading news channel.it is best Pakistani news paper and also very famous in Pakistan all in Pakistan everybody read this news paper.
maham, layyah Friday, February 17 2017

Panjab Government: Shame on you, you are keep killing innocent people because of you all being incoputent all of you guys are busy in corruption and keep beating false drum you have made Karachi & Lahore safe cities, and its toally lie. Your government and police are busy in braging about, their performance and yet innocent civilians are getting killed every day. Pakistan needs atotally new system and goverment, exsisting systems and police is corrupted, terrorist are step ahead of government's plan and always acomplished their mission, all these CHAMCHEY politicians come on tv and give 2 hour BAKWAS as the know every thing better then anybody in this world nothing but anoying talk show. My last adwise to IMRAN KHAN TAHIRUL QADRI should address the nation only get them out of their homes and turn their MAHAL upside down wipe them out, other wise they will keep killing Pakistani people because politicians are intoxicated in money.
Khan, Canada Tuesday, February 14 2017

DR. RAFI NAQVI, ISLAMABAD Thursday, January 05 2017

Dawn News Live is surely one of the oldest and prominent current affairs channel that you can watch online on live streaming from any where in Pakistan. You can even play it in office or work place.
Umar, Karachi Wednesday, January 04 2017

Dawn News Live – Another renowned Urdu news channel of Pakistan, Dawn News is a subsidiary of Pakistan Herald Publications Limited. It is known as Pakistan’s largest English language media group inaugurated by Quaid e Azam back in 1940. With the rise of electronic media in Pakistan, Dawn TV began its transmission in July 2007. Dawn TV News started its operations as an English news channel initially but faced financial crisis and thin viewership that forced the management to switch to Urdu news. Since then, Dawn News TV Urdu is running successfully 24/7 with the hot debatable talk shows and current affairs shows that gained immense popularity from masses.

Dawn TV Live is actively reporting about all the recent news and top stories like the terrible accident of PK -661 crash, Panama leaks case etc. Dawn News is acting as a responsible channel and reporting all the latest events as it happens. Dawn News Bulletin is broadcast almost every hour catering the top stories from different walks of life across the country. Dawn News Morning Show titled “Yeh Hai Zindagi” is being telecast every morning. Some of the popular shows of Dawn TV News include News Eye, Zara Hut Kay, Bol Bol Pakistan, Chai Toast aur Host, Jaiza, Dosra Rukh, Qaum ka Sense, Bakhabaar 5, Mano ya Na Mano, Raid, Awam Ki Baat, Khabrain, to name a few. To enjoy watching these shows, Dawn News Live is available for online viewers across Pakistan. Find out the latest developments related to Pakistan or international arena on DAWN News live, DAWN News bulletin, or DAWN News Live Urdu only on HamariWeb.

Dawn News Live - Another brilliant Urdu news channel, Dawn News is functioning 24 hours to give you latest and authentic news as it happens. Dawn News TV started off as an English news channel in 2010, but later after realizing the market need for Urdu news, the channel converted into premier Urdu news channel. Dawn TV News was initially launched by former President Pervez Musharraf and it officially housed in Haroon House, and later moved to its current premises in West Wharf Karachi. Dawn News TV transmission is telecasted and watched in all urban localities of Pakistan. It also has access to the rural population, wherever the cable reaches. Dawn TV has made an agreement with several satellite TV channels, including BBC World, Sky News, ABC News and Al-Jazeera which makes it accessible and can be watched in the US, Europe, Middle East and Africa. In U.K. it can be accessed through Sky cable at Channel 845. Dawn News TV Urdu is getting fame due to professional reporting and gaining immense popularity among the masses. Public is always looking for news in Urdu as that is the most comprehendible language in Pakistan, therefore Dawn News Live Urdu has integrated well and offers wide range of Urdu news along with current affairs shows for public interest. Dawn News Bulletin is telecasted every hour on the channel covering all the latest breaking news and top stories. Some of the key important programs of Dawn News TV include Raid, News Eye, Zara Hut Kay, Bol Bol Pakistan, News Wise, News Eye, Dusra Rukh, Apki Kahani, In focus to name a few. The dedicated viewers can watch Dawn TV live streaming available on this website.

Some of the most popular Dawn TV shows on air these days are:

Bol Bol Pakistan

It is one of the premier shows of Dawn News TV that on airs on Monday at 8:05 pm. Bol Bol Pakistan is hosted by popular journalist Nusrat Javed and Gulmeenay Sethi who takes you to an incredible journey where they will discuss social problems faced by general public, political turmoil and its impact on society and future of Pakistanis in the light of current events. Don’t forget to watch Bol Bol Pakistan only on Dawn TV.

News Eye

Another popular Dawn News show is News Eye hosted by renowned Pakistani journalist Meher Bukhari. It is a current affairs based show that on airs from Monday to Thursday at 10:05 pm and is repeated on Tuesday and Friday at 2:05 AM & PM. Meher Abbasi discuss a significant issue in every show, she invites guests and cross questions them. The issue selected for the show is properly debated.