Dawn News - One of the pioneers of high profile newspaper publications group, DAWN needs no introduction. Recognized as leading English newspaper in the country and inaugurated by Quaid-e-Azam are reasons enough to express the significance. The publication group has launched a current affairs channel DAWN News few years back with an aim to follow the theme of authentic and relevant news across the country. Dawn News Live is a subsidiary Urdu news channel from the Pakistan Herald Publications Limited, the largest English language media group in the country. The Dawn News started off as the initial English language news and current affairs television channel in Pakistan but later converted into Urdu to cater the larger subscribers and audience. The channel is running successfully 24/7 with the hot debatable talk shows and current affairs shows that gained immense popularity from masses.

Watch Live and Exclusive NA 122 By Election 2015 pml n (Ayaz Sadiq) vs Pti (Aleem Khan) and NA 144 bi pml n (Ali Arif Chaudhary) Vs Pti (Muhammad Ashraf Khan Sohna)

Dawn News Bulletin is broadcast almost every hour catering the top stories from different walks of life across the country. Dawn News Morning Show titled “Yeh Hai Zindagi” is being telecast. The Ramadan special transmission is in progress currently with the title “Raunaq-e-Ramadan” with various interesting segments like Ramadan Lounge with Sadia Imam and Chef Madiha, Raunaq e Iftar with Saira Kabeer etc.

Some of the popular shows of Dawn News include Qaum ka Sense, In focus, Reham Khan Show, News Eye, Faisla Awam Ka, Raid, 9 Do 11, Khabar se Khabar, Bhais Baadal Ke and much more. One of the popular anchors Reham Khan of Dawn News recently weds PTI Chairman Imran Khan. Find out the latest developments related to DAWN News live, DAWN News bulletin, DAWN News Live Urdu and Dawn TV Morning Show only on HamariWeb.

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Dawn is best chanel, in my pointivew.
MuhammadAasim , Hyderabad Friday, May 27 2016

imandar officers se guzarish hai ke apna eman barkaraar rakhen aur ch nisar jaisay insan ki ghalat policies ko na manay. aur emandari ke sath kam jari rakhaen khuda ke agay jana hai na ke ch nisar gunah bakhwaen ga ap logo ke ch nisar shb ki aik bohot gandi adat ye hai ke yeh tasub se bahary insan hai acha sochna in ki shannn ke khilaf hai lihaza aisay admi ka koi order na manay wo emandar log jo insan ko insan samjhte hai
hasnain, karachi Tuesday, May 24 2016

dear host,there is no audio.(jeddah)
jamil, jeddah,ksa Tuesday, May 17 2016

Dawn News Live streaming option is available on this page. I have book marked this page for watching the live streaming at my office. Thank you for uploading this option for us.
Jamal, Hyderabad Monday, May 16 2016

I do not know why Media bring Shaikh Rasheed as a respectable Politician on solo interviews where he can say anything . This guy is a Liar who said on National Media that If Dollar go down I will Resign --He never did, All the time he talk about Army is coming to take over & Miltary is running the country , & Nawaz Govt will not Last for more than a month--ALL lies But still he is Media Favorite. I do not know why ISPR do not take notice when he blame ARMY. I am a PTI Supporter but PAKISTAN comes first. Musharaf take over was wrong & Nawaz should complete his term . Guy like Shaikh Rasheed are ready to pull the Govt. down . Imran should never listen to him. Dharna was wrong
QAMER ZIA ZIA, CHICAGO-USA Sunday, May 15 2016

Minister Nawaz Shareef, Punjab is not only whole Pakistan the rest of it is also part of Pakistan, why don't you take strong decision to make dams in over all in country where necessary, take steps to control corruption, terrorism poverty & unemployment, improve education & health, enhance law & order
Awam, karachi Wednesday, May 11 2016

Dawn News Was My Fav: Channel Before Some days Ago . But Aftr Ur Fake News Abut Iqrarulhasan (jurm bolta hy ) About P.A.S
So Bad ,Ur Reporter Is Against Of ARY news ,So Thousands of People Dont Like See Dawn news Now .due to that reason
Ali, Khi Tuesday, May 10 2016

Media is giving coverage to ayaan ali whereas they don't have room for FATA teachers who are fighting against discrimination.This puts an interrogative sign on the aim,moto and performance of media.
MohammadAziz, kohat Wednesday, May 04 2016

ZaRA hAt kE weL DonE
mohanlal, umerkot Tuesday, April 26 2016

Pakistan army is doing what can be done for nation. We must admire the efforts. We must admire the efforts and stop targeting ARMY as institution. In our country defense minister put and political parties had been putting blame on army.it must be stop and if any thing is wrong then appropriate accountablity must be initiated. It requires high moral grounds.

The only way out for Pakistan is Gen. Raheel Shari & Martial law.
Asad Ali Siddiqui, KARACHI Tuesday, April 26 2016

V good specialy zakirs kitchan
sualeh mohammad, karachi Thursday, April 21 2016

good chanel
mohanlal, umerkot Saturday, April 16 2016

very good chanel
mohanlal, umerkot Saturday, April 16 2016

your offline news are atlest 2 week old it suppose to be today's news plz fix that
Muhammad Bilal, karachi Sunday, April 10 2016

Nihayat Afsoos ki bat hai k itnay serious Elzamat Nawaz Sharif PM par lagen hain log phr bhi bahir nikal kar Ehtijaj nahi kar te
Pakistani, karachi Wednesday, April 06 2016

Not responding
Anis, Lahore Saturday, April 02 2016


Jawed Ahmad, Copenhagen Wednesday, March 30 2016

ABBAS BAIG MIRZA, Islamabad Monday, March 28 2016

khuda se daro ch nisar tum khuda nahi ho itna zulm mat karo urdu bolnay walo per ke bangladesh se bhi bura hal hojaen aur nafrat sari zindagi rehjaen khuda ka khof karo
hasnain, nawabshah Monday, March 21 2016

To Ahmad Ali khatri - Nowadays, Sama TV and some other channels including a section of people are unnecessarily criticizing Shahid Afridi and his team. Instead of criticizing we must support our team.
Danish, Overlan park, KS Thursday, March 17 2016

AHMED ALI KHATRI, KARACHI Tuesday, March 15 2016

Congratulation that with such a polite way you say that which other can not even notice .This reflect your productive mind thought that with out hearting other specially PEMRA you say much because they dont have the vision to notice what you said.
Let me draw your current clever game being played by current government as a pml n politic and i am surprise no body could know the depth of this issue.
CABLE OPERATOR GONE ON STRIKE AND ANNOUNCE THE CLOSING OF ON CHANNEL FROM 7 PM TO 10 PM in favour of pakistani people that government asking them to collect extra money on cable bills as a tax from consumer.
Appearantly it seems vary good gusture in favor of people
but vary cleverly govenment has got rid of current affair progrm due to which their corrupt pratices being exposed . WHAT A STRIKE BY CABLE OPERATOR THAT PTV HOME,PTV,NEWS AND PTV SPORTS WILL REMAIN OPEN AND ALL PRIVATE CHANNEL ARE OFF.
HAHAHA WITHOUT ANY EFFORTS WITH THIS NOORA KUSHTEY government encountered the media companion againt corruption.
Iwas trying to connect on phone but could not now let see your couridge to discuss it in your program.
Raja Ibrar, RAWAL PINDI Saturday, February 27 2016

The breaking news in the dawn news channel is very fast due to the fast network of dawn news channel usually I listen news in this channel.
veena, khi Monday, February 22 2016

wapda ki nijkari zaroori haen
kala khan, kohat Tuesday, February 09 2016

welcome welcome Wapda parivtization,pakistani qaum ki aik awaz wapda ki nijkari welcomen,govt aur kuch na karen sirf wapda ko nijkari me den to pakistan taraqiyafta mulk ban jaegah
hassan, Kalat balochistan Tuesday, February 09 2016

Govt. spokesmen are at present busy in press conference on privatization of PIA etc. Are these gentlemen representing general public of the country, I am sure NO, they simply speak what agenda is given to them, specially Mr. Danial Aziz, people recognize him well but the problem in our country is the very limited education as a result of which these sort of people come up with white collar.

Is it fair on the part of Govt. to use force against the employees? Almighty Allah is there and such people should not forget that what may happen with them for such cruelty.
Taqi Ullah Khalid, Jeddah - Saudi Arabia Wednesday, February 03 2016

All those who write Samaa ,Dunya or other TV Channels - Please ASK MEDIA & LOCAL & FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO GIVE ADDS AFTER EVERY HOUR ABOUT AWARENESS OF TERRORISTS. How & where to report a suspicious Activity or Suspicious Person. How an ORDINARY PERSON CAN BE HELPFUL IN THIS REGARD. Terrorist do not drop from sky ,In most cases they LIVE AMONG US. PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THIS MESSAGE & BY doing so You might save YOUR OWN LIFE ,or the life of someone you LoveOR LIFE OF SOMEONE's Brother,sister,Mother,Father--Life of a HUMAN. Please spread this message for SAKE OF HUMANITY
QAMER, CHICAGO-USA Monday, February 01 2016

Last night (19 JAN 20) I watched a program on Dawn TV News about proposed new provinces in which the attitude of Anchor Ameer Abbas was highly objectionable and partial. He was not impartial at all. First of all, I ask why he did not call any Sindhi speaking guest to his discussion program on this important issue? Unfortunately, it is undeniable fact generally all Urdu TV Channels are prejudiced.
Anchor wrongly claimed Bangladesh have six provinces whereas in Bangladesh there are 6 Divisions. However, in Sindh we have already 6 Divisions also. Further, he generally calls Suleman Mujahid (MQM MNA) in his program who as member of City Council of Karachi in the past by removing his own belt, punished female members during the session and such photo appeared in all leading newspapers including Jang. Such morally criminal should not be given unnecessarily publicity.
I hereby warn Dawn News TV Channel, the proper representation to Sindhis must be given in various discussion programs .Neglecting them is highly objectionable otherwise Sindhis would be justified to boycott Dawn TV News. I suggest Dawn TV Management to take action against Anchor Ameer Abbas and in future if any discussions related to Sindh directly or indirectly, Sindhis should not be neglected in any case.
Mohammad Khan Sial, karachi Wednesday, January 20 2016

plz viste namal mianwali
imran aslam, namal mianwali Wednesday, January 06 2016

i am enable to understand that all the cruelty, kidnapping , prostitution, extra judicial killing, rapes, all the so called development with billion of us $ is taking place in Lahore is there is no other place in Punjab or Pakistan,which need development?
Muhammed Usman, TORONTO,CANADA Monday, January 04 2016

Dawn News is a 24 hour Pakistani News channel, a subsidiary of Pakistani Herald Publications Limited. The channel originally broadcasted its transmission in English in 2010, later it converted into Urdu news Channel mainly due to financial crisis of thin viewership in Pakistan. Dawn News TV was initially launched by former President Pervez Musharraf and it officially housed in Haroon House, and later moved to its current premises in West Wharf Karachi. Dawn News TV transmission is telecasted and watched in all urban localities of Pakistan. It also has access to the rural population, wherever the cable reaches. Dawn News TV has made an agreement with several satellite TV channels, including BBC World, Sky News, ABC News and Al-Jazeera which makes it accessible and can be watched in the US, Europe, Middle East and Africa. In U.K. it can be accessed through Sky cable at Channel 845. Some of the key important programs of Dawn News TV include Raid, Awam ki Baat, News Eye, 9 Do 11, Faisla Awam Ka, Bhais Baadal Ke, Qaum Ka Sense, Hoshiyaar, Khabrain, Mano ya Na Mano among others. Hamariweb has an online stream of Dawn News TV available on its website for foreign viewing.