Waqt News - Private channels are flourishing in Pakistan as the print media groups made its way to the electronic platform. Waqt News is definitely a proud private current affairs channel belonging to Nawa-e-Waqt group. Editorially independent and flag barriers of media freedom, Waqt News Live is shining bright on the largest news association network in the country. The journalist, anchors, and hosts of Waqt News are highly professional and dedicated to create synergy.

Waqt News Live TV among the known news channel of Pakistan and has a wide range of political TV programs. The channel broadcasts some brain blogging and interesting current affairs programs based on the current political and economic turmoil in the country. Meaningful debates, in dept analysis and interesting authentic content are the hallmark of Waqt News shows. You can watch your favorite Waqt TV programs like Apna Apna Gareban, News Lounge, In Depth with Nadia Mirza, Labb Azad, Insight, Embassy Road, Salam Pakistan, Assignment, Karachi se Khyber Tak, Game Beat to name a few. Waqt News Live is broadcasting the special Ramadan transmission titled “Rehmat –e- Ramadan” covering the essentials of Sehr o Iftar, catering the guests, giving away gifts, and lot more. Watch Waqt TV online news live, talk show, current affairs program at Waqt News live streaming online. Watch Waqt News Live streaming only on HamariWeb.

Waqt News

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sir waqt news bhot acha tv ha hum is ke sub program dakhte hen phle jo program guzar jata tha os ko repet kar ke dakhte the lakin ab repet ni hota agr hota ha to baten kis tharan hota ha plez sir
bharam kahn khakhrani , usta muhammad balochistan Thursday, October 08 2015

sir old news ki downloading kesi ho ghy
muhammad anwar ansari , sanglahill Monday, September 21 2015

nice channel waqt news
bharam khakhrani usta muhammad balochistan, usta muhammad Wednesday, August 19 2015

sir plz give me jobs
Ghulam Murtaza, islamabad Tuesday, August 18 2015

Happy Independence Day
Ghazanfar Ali, Lahore Friday, August 14 2015

I like waqt tv.
Muhammad Yamin, Kasur Thursday, August 13 2015

altaf bhai na akk naye tope karay de ha wo bohak hartal pa jaray ha ya karachi ma sab sinde ha ab pakistan kohi magihar nahi ha ok
s h jaffri, karachi Sunday, July 19 2015

ya watan tumra ha tum ho pasban is kay ma dil say pore pak forces ko jo jawan shaheed ho gay madray watan kay khater un sab ko eid mubrak ma be eid nahi manow ga abi tak maray pehawar kay school kay bacho insaf nahi mala ha or jab tak army cortes wojad ma nahi aite s h jaffri
s h jaffri, karachi Saturday, July 18 2015

Waqt news is best TV chanal
shahzad warraich, phalia Friday, July 17 2015

janab ya nab say kuch nahi malay ga pakistani ko ya sab top derma ha ya cortes insaf karay ge jo peshwar school kay bacho insan na day sake is pakistan ma sarif army cortes lagat ge to insaf ho ga ya sab iftakhar choudry na jaz bacho ke cortes ha s h jaffri
s h jaffri, karchi Thursday, July 16 2015

dear sir allah maray chef ko bore nazar say mafooz rakay ameen har har moquam pa pak army kay chef hotay ha lakin ya jo pakistan kay takay dar ha sab apnay mazay may lagay ha sab bohal gay maray bacho ke taklif ab kohi bat nahi karta ha army cortes ke ak be case army cortes ma nahi bajah ha abi tak army cortes nahi lagi ha ya sab deshad gar kay sati ha kohi bat nahi allah kay pas dar ha magar andar nahi hum pakistani road pay cortes lagay gay inshallah or sab say palay ya zalam murda zameer jo batay ha in ko apne cortes ma hum un ko road pa sazaha day gay mara dil ajj be rota ha un bacho ke tasveer maray samna ha wo maray bachay tha poray pakistan kay bachay tha kase amm pakistani ko army cortes say kohi dar nahi ha sarif dar ha to ya jo pakistan kay takay dar ha un ko ha allah tu dack raha ha ma kase insaf mago apnay bacho ka allah madad kar marae pak arme ke,is cortes pa mujay yaqeen nahi jis nay maray pakistani or mare pak forces kay qateel ko bare kar deya jis nay maray jawan kay galay katay is cortes us ko bare kar deya allah hemat day is pakistani quyam ko akk bar sab bahar nakal kay bolay hum ko army cortes ka nazam chaya allah ma samjo ga mare duaa pore ho gi allah madad kar mare quyam ke apne fazeelit wali rat kay fazal say duaa go s h jaffri
s h jaffri, karachi Thursday, July 16 2015

Zaid hamid k lye muassar aawaz uthai jaye !
Hasan Sidiqi, silver spring Monday, July 13 2015

waqt news is best channel and very best coverage

Muhammad Aamir, Haripur Friday, July 10 2015

your information is totally wrong and appears malafide. Had Ayub not come we would have been begging even from Sri lanka. And had Zia not come your name right now would have been nadeemov . It appears you have been a victim of sweeping statements from a PPP fellows - who are known for corruption and misinformation. If you have been told that Bhutto was a haji then it appears you are not a well read person. The only way is to stop listening from prejudiced PPP or politicoians whose source of corruption ends when Army takes over and then they start indulging in creating hatred for the army. Believe me ZAB was an evil and that he was hanged was a well deserved punishment for him what he did to Pakistan and ruined its economy and thinking process by nationalising Industry and education and then appointing his own cronies and the DMG group fellows who bank corrupted the state institutions which had been contributing to the profit for the state
Request read more and do not lend your ears to hero worshipers
a m malik, Karachi Saturday, July 04 2015

We all Govt employees hate to DAAR because he is enemy of Govt employees mehnagi 100% burhai hay or salaries 7.5% shame for Nawz Govt we request increase the conveyance allowance and house rent and revised scale increase 100% and all employees salaries be equal no difference between directoate and secretiat all is govt emploees
sadaquat Ali , Karachi Thursday, June 11 2015

Today Waqat News is a reputed channel and people wants to watch it. It is just because of the professional approach, dedication and commitment to the cause efforts of the team.
But my concern is that M/s Universal Cables (local cable operator) of my area i.e Ch. Park, Chokhar Town, Amin Park, Nasir Park and Karim Park is reluctant to air the channel on the one pretext or the other. Despite of our best efforts, the inhabitant of the area failed to convince the Cable Operator.
Finally we were told that the Waqat News should contact the administration of M/s Universal Cables for the needful.
May we request the administration at Waqat News to intervene so that the problem is solved.
We willbe grateful !
Muhammad Majeed Ahmed, Lahore Wednesday, June 10 2015

Saudis, Bahrainis, Emirateans, Kuwaitis and Brunaians are all SOB's using Pakistan as a dumping field of UMMAH"s shit and themselves enjoying all the riches or the UMMAH. Oh I see SOB's also keep indifferent of Muslims Plight all around the word. These bastard ask Pakistan to give them nationality instead of granting them theirs. They want Pakistani Army to save their asses but do not give Pakistanis Nationality to even induct in their armies to save their asses. Their own citizens and openly guys and unable to fight. ROHINGIYA Muslims would find a savior INSHA
Shakir Mumtaz, Atlanta GA USA Monday, June 08 2015

Are they not worth being considered Human beings ?
EAST TAiMORE was created for that many CHRISTIANS.
SOUTH SUDAN was created for roughly that many CHRISTIANS
Kashmir was never FREED for MUSLIMS.
Palestine was never FREED for MUSLIMS.
UGHER MUSLIMS's FREEDOM never mentioned.
KHALISTAN was never FREED for Sikhs
IS that only CHristian are Human beings?
Where are USA--EUROPE, UN, OH I SEE ???
Shakir Mumtaz, Atlanta GA USA. Monday, June 08 2015

I like waqt tv because we get vital information by using tv.
salahudin, rawalpendi Friday, June 05 2015

I am Asghar from Kotli Azad Kashmir

i also like the waqt news because waqt news is the best chanel and it work independently and other working for just Money even taking the her news of world
Asghar, kotli Monday, June 01 2015

The present situation of Pakistan is sad. It did not start recently but it started right from the beginning. The excesses of Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Shareef too it to the lowest ebb. Ayub Khan imposed martial law and curtailed civil liberties, thus took out Bengalis out of decision making process, alienated them and forced them to demand their own independent country. To blame Yahya Khan or Mr Bhutto ir rather naive. The real culprit was undoubtedly Ayub Khan. Then we saw Gen Zia imposing martial. Son of a mohallah maulvi who would eat jooth(leftovers) given by his mohallaydars to survive. Gen Zia took Pakistan back to dark ages, and his reminiscences are still around to haunt Pakistan. An evil man who created MQM and brought in hundreds of thousands of refugees, who brought in drugs and Kalashnikov guns to Pakistan. Benazir Bhutto a very corrupt leader, whose hubby Asif ZArdari, with a bottomless greed for wealth took Pakistan to a new low. The biggest disservice Benazir did to Pakistan to help Rajiv Ghandhi to quell Khalistan uprising by providing Indian agencies the lists of Sikhs youths. What goes around comes around, So, Benazir met her violent end. Now. we have Nawaz Shareef, with thirty eight of his relatives in assemblies and in ministries at provincial and federal level. Nawaz Shareef family raised form a humble family with a small foundry who would encourage Railways employees to steal iron ore and sell it to them. MQM leader who would run his empire like a mafia boss Al Capon did more damage to Pakistan economy than 195 and 1971 wars combined.combined. Altaf Hussain is at the end of his rope. He would meet his fall ignominiously.Now, what is the solution for Pakistan? Do not vote PML(N) and Peoples party to bring back Pakistan on track.If any one disagrees wit my comments. I shall be more than happy to debate any one . Thanks for reading.
Nadeem Ahmad, Davis, USA. Thursday, May 28 2015

Kindly improve your channel programs. please include children programs, dramas, making of food programs, stage programs, please pay attention on these programs.
Aamir Kamal Soofi, Lahore Monday, May 18 2015

waqt news is the best channel.
Muhammad Aamir, Haripur Monday, May 18 2015

I like waqt news
khan siab, fsd Monday, May 18 2015

waqt tv hannels are very disturbing. Very eeak! Please improve
MOHAMMAD SIDDIQ, tucson arizona, usa Friday, May 15 2015

Mr matiullah.jan.this is 1st time I watch your show . please be responsible. When you asked questions. Let explain the person.donot.cut of let them explain you
Naseem khan yousaufzai, Durham nc.USA Wednesday, May 06 2015

I lik tv pakstan
jamil ahmed, bahrain muharraq Tuesday, May 05 2015

I laik tv
jamil, muharraq Tuesday, May 05 2015

i used to read Waqt News paper, i never know they have their tv channel as well..
abdul, isb Tuesday, April 28 2015

It is really amazing that MQM only received 90,000 Vote. Does that mean there are only 90,000 Bhata Khoor and taget killers in MQM? I think there are a lot more people in MQM don't have jobs, they must be living on Bhata money provided by MQM, since majority of money goes straight to London.
Angel, Haven Friday, April 24 2015