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Your programme is very Good
Khuram latif, Kasur Saturday, July 01 2017

Khushnood, Bagh Thursday, June 08 2017

Your programme is very Good. Especially you invited Rescue 1122 today.
Sana, Rawalpindi Friday, June 02 2017

i like you progream
mian saeed, lahore Saturday, May 27 2017

Let see what the judiciary decide especially on Mariam Safdar statement regarding the Panama leaks because her statement was the big warrant that Nawaz family are involve in corruption.
pervez, lhr Wednesday, April 19 2017

Plz focus on global news.weather and sports.
Kaleem, Ryadh Friday, April 14 2017

کافی عرصہ سے ڈیرہ مراد جمالی میں وقت نیوز کی نشریات بند ہیں اہل ڈیرہ مراد جمالی کا شکوا وقت نیوز بہترین چینل ہے نشریات بحال کی جاے
sachal mangi, dara murad jamali Saturday, March 18 2017

ibrar kiani, shakargar Thursday, March 16 2017

This waqt news is the most popular TV channel that provide the best and authentic news to its viewers with the help of this site
bushra, Karachi Monday, March 13 2017

Mine family members really like this t channel and they watch the every news from this channel that give the every braking news firstly
shazia, Lahore Monday, March 13 2017

Imtiaz Gul and company thought have very difficult to understand the reality Pakistan is facing. Why should we condemn the Afghan Taliban. Imagine the scenario that American have very close relations with India and India very close to Afghanistan. Pakistan's own survival is not to make Afghanistan's Taliban our enemy otherwise all these shall (Naoz-Be-Allah) crush Pakistan to encircle China.
If US is so insecure thousands of miles away from Afghanistan that it has occupy it and replace it's own marionette in the form Karzai or Present president along with Abdalla Abdalla ?
How secure are we who has thousands miles border common with Afghanistan ? We have to think of our own benefits and ours are to establish a genuine modern Islamic System to eradicate the terrorism we are facing today. A secular Pakistan can never solve our problem. We can only cut the iron with diamond.
Ibrahim Janjuarajput, Stockholm Sweden Tuesday, February 21 2017

For a long time I never watch the streaming of Waqt news channel on this source, i dont know why this channel is not available on this page.
moiz, khi Thursday, February 16 2017

India is our worst enemy. Explore the weakness of this enemy. You shall find a lot more. Support freedom movements of India. Explore the dallats. help them become honourable Muslims and help them establish in India. Make them businessmen and poweful, help Singhs of India, Mezo Ram tribes, Assam and name it. This elephant can be broken in small ants. Who can do it ?
If RAW can do it against us then why ISI cannot do it against them. Increase ISI secret budget even though we have to eat the grass. Avenge the enemy. Make this chankia a sheep. Do as our ancestors have done to them. We have full capacity to do so. What we are waiting for. Do not talk too much but do too much.
Ibrahim Janjuarajput, Stockholm Sweden Sunday, February 05 2017

I am proud of Armed forces of Pakistan. We have to rely upon ourselves to fight for the freedom of occupied and oppressive forces of India. Rely not upon UNO which is only a handle of US. Cannot we realize that Hikmat Yaar was worst type of terrorist while fighting against American occupation of Afghanistan and now now declared as patriot by UNO just because he is cooperating with puppet regime of Afghanistan and accepts occupation.

UNO is behaving the same way.They know that Kashmir is disputed area and India is Obliged to give the People to show their will to be independent of India But they are not reacting at all the brutality of Indian aggressive and occupational forces just because the Kashmiri's are Muslims and not Christians in case of Sudan or Indonesia.
Ibrahim Janjuarajput, Stockholm Sweden Saturday, February 04 2017

My motherland was broken into Bengladesh and the country and it's armed forces were behind this, They established training camps for Mukti Bahni and also India helped by attacking East and West borders of my motherland and it's prime Minister is hiding that even he was involdved. On the other hand our own national and beloved one just states that we must help our our Kashmiri brothers with armed struggle and he is now behind the bars. Arn't we hypocrats? we say something else and act some thing else. I can understand that Islamic Republic of Pakistan is at present unable help the way we should do and off course our lontime objectives should be to avange this worst enemy of us and Kashmir is just cause according to the norms of the World.
Ibrahim Janjuarajput, Stockholm Sweden Friday, February 03 2017

Rana Sahib ! What about Moodi who claimed that he fought for independence of Begladesh, Don't you think that he is the biggest terrorist and even Indian Army trained Mukti Bhani in India by Indian Army.
There is a difference if Hafiz Saeed says that he is sending Mujahideen in Kashmir to fight against Indian Occupation or for the Liberation of Kashmir we must fight against Indian Army and when he says we that mean the Armed forces of Pakistan not his men.
Ibrahim Janjuarajput, Stockholm Sweden Thursday, February 02 2017

Pak Navy ka program kb lagy ga
shahid, Karachi Monday, January 30 2017

This poor chap Faiz Ul Hassan has got Shrifo fobia like his master Imran Khan.Some one must tell him loud voice cannot make some one win.PPPP belongs to now Zardaari family rather than Bhutto. Bilawal Zardaari is son of Asif Zardaari and Bhutto's are Fatima and herb brother.Power now lies in the Zardaari's and Bhuttos are eliminated from politics.
Ibrahim Janjuarajput, Stockholm, Sweden Sunday, January 22 2017

This page show me the good collection of TV channels which is available there authentically without any advertisement
Akram, Karachi Friday, December 23 2016

This page show me the good collection of TV channels which is available there authentically without any advertisement
Akram, Karachi Friday, December 23 2016

The best page for watching the news episodes of dramas without any advertising for enjoys it more and likes to watch
Naeem, Karachi Friday, December 23 2016

Madam can you correct your Urdu. It is "Hazrat Aisha Razzee Taala Unhaa not Unho"
Ibrahim Janjuarajput, Stockholm, Sweden Sunday, November 27 2016

Waqt News channel is the best news channel in all I just support this news channel they cannot hide anything from any politician sight
Owais, Karachi Thursday, November 03 2016

Waqt Channel shows different news Dunya channel shows different news and other channels shows other types of news today I don’t get the point of any one channel
Saddam, kaarchi Saturday, October 29 2016

The waqt TV news channel show the every news first at there and mine family really like its every news and daily they watch it in every time
afeefa, lahore Saturday, October 29 2016

Actually I couldn’t watch this channel in my home Tv that is why I browse the live streaming of Waqt News channel at 9 P.M to watch the live streaming of Waqt News.
yusuf, khi Thursday, October 27 2016

Daily morning mine father see this TV channel Waqt and he really like it when ever any news show in it so he watch it very eagerly
nazia, lahore Monday, October 24 2016

great channel of the world great majeed nizami marhoom teem
mustafa basit , distric chiniot Friday, October 21 2016

Waqt TV channel is the best TV channel in all over the world because it gives me the best new of my country on daily bases
Qureshi, Karachi Thursday, October 20 2016

Waqt news channel doing their job much better because they show the news about every situation in our and other countries
Daniyal, Karachi Tuesday, October 18 2016

Waqt News – Dedication and professionalism is the hallmark of success of media industry of Pakistan. Print Media group Nawa-e- Waqt has achieved huge applause from the spectators on authentic coverage of news and current affairs. The channel has broadcast some popular and debatable shows for the viewers. Waqt News Live is shining bright on the largest news association network in the country. The journalist, anchors, and hosts of Waqt News are highly professional and dedicated to create synergy.

Waqt News Live TV among the known news channel of Pakistan and has a wide range of political TV programs. The channel broadcasts some brain blogging and interesting current affairs programs based on the current political and economic turmoil in the country. Meaningful debates, in dept analysis and interesting authentic content are the hallmark of Waqt News shows. You can watch your favorite Waqt TV programs like Waqt at Eleven, Ayena, Apna Apna Gareban, News Lounge, In Depth with Nadia Mirza, Labb Azad, Insight, Embassy Road, Salam Pakistan, Assignment, Karachi se Khyber Tak, Tonight with Moeed Pirzada, Game Beat to name a few. These shows have created a buzz among the viewers across the country. Waqt News Live anchors have gained respect and acknowledgement for their hosting skills. Alina Shigri, Aniqa Nisar, Hafiz Imran, Ehtisham ur Rehman, Javed Sidiiq, Matiullah Jan, and Saleem Bukhari are some of the well known faces of Waqt News Live TV. Watch Waqt TV online news live, talk show, current affairs program at Waqt News live streaming online. Watch Waqt News Live streaming only on HamariWeb.

Waqt News Live TV is an electronic media wing of Nawa-i- Waqt group. Belonging to Pakistan’s largest news corresponding network, Waqt TV has corporate social responsibility to broadcast latest news and top stories happening in the country to the dedicated viewers. Waqt TV News has gained appreciation and popularity within a short period of time from the masses due to authentic reporting and professional team of anchors and news casters. Some of the popular names associated with Waqt TV are Alina Shighri, Aniqa Nisar, Ehtisham ur Rehman, Javed Sidiq to name a few.

Some of the popular programs of Waqt News are:

Apna Apna Gareban

The show Apna Apna Gareban is on air on Waqt News, a current affairs talk show. The hosts of the show Matiullah Jan, and Senator Mushahid Ullah Khan showcase the program in the most professional manner. Apna Apna Gareban encourages the viewers to visualize the inner faults in the system.


The show Insight is hosted by Saleem Bukhari and on airs on Waqt News. The show is based on discussing various topics and issues faced by Pakistan as a whole. The concept of the show is new and interesting and takes a deeper dig to the prevailing issues. Insight on airs from 10:05 pm to 11 pm on Saturday and Sunday.


Maarka is another popular TV show of on airs on Waqt News. The show is based on the ongoing battle between the truth and lie where truth always win. The show is based on discussing all the prevailing issues and hidden truth which is highlighted in the show. Watch Maarka to learn about current affairs of Pakistan.