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Actually I want to watch one special program in Dhoom Tv live channel, this channel is not available in my cable that’s why I browse the streaming of this channel.
wadiya, lhr Saturday, February 27 2016

Im tahir from sahiwal Ye chanal cabel py q nhi aa raha
tahir , sahiwal Thursday, February 04 2016

Indus k sare channel kohinoor k dhoom tv k bht sare channel ban hai cable per q cable wAlo kuch a sa stb lao k pakistan k sare channel chal jaye ya world k sare channel
Ati rehman, Karachi Friday, November 06 2015

Dhoom news Karachi hyderabad mein baaz areas mein nahi aaraha cables saloon ko paband kia jai Pakistan Kay tamam changes dein Jo pempera approval permistions per hein world had country mein aapnay milk Kay tamam chanles aatay hein you Pakistan kuoon nahi aatay dooh ks networks puray Pakistan mein kia jai aaj say thanks Mustafa hyderabad sindh.
Mustafa, Hyderabad sindh Monday, October 19 2015

Most papuler TV chanel
sher zada, krachi Saturday, September 19 2015

H.M JAVED KALYA, LAHOR Friday, August 28 2015

I love Pakistan and I like dhoom news.
pervez rai, karachi Wednesday, August 26 2015

i love pakistan'
kaleem khan, karachi Friday, August 07 2015

pmnawaz sharif has great leader
rajakhalique, karachi Wednesday, May 20 2015

I love dhoom news
Muhammad faisal, Rahim yar khan Monday, May 04 2015

we want see your channel just like ptv home on ittina

muhammad waheed, hasil paur Saturday, April 25 2015

I Request Pakistan Government to stop Media trial Against MQM Other wise another Bangladesh ITS More then Enough Media trial of MQM. we know MQM IS Pro Pakistan PARTY .. WE are also Pakistani this type of propaganda is not good in National Interest.
MAZHAR AHSAN KHAN, KARACHI Thursday, March 19 2015

Channels not coming
irshad, karachi Wednesday, March 11 2015

salam sir, here is shair Muhammad Abbasi, from Ratodero district LArkana (Sindh) &my qualification B.Sc Agriculture, experience in agriculture field work,photo graph, i wanna work at media, my contact No 0300-3435492,
Shair Muhammad, Ratodero Sunday, March 08 2015

Sir mera Name Halar gulEssani Hi me repoting ki job karna chahtta ho my District (Matiari) & city name (Hala New) hi plz ek mouka dekar dekho inshallah shekayat ka mouka nhi douga plz
My qualification : & Short handsteno graph
My Mobile no:03003081468/03313874909
Halar Gul essani Memon, Hala (New) Wednesday, February 18 2015

Hamariweb site is a very Good and important for us.
We thankful you.
AKHTAR, Alipur Tuesday, February 17 2015

This is the last option people have,after the speech which deliver by PPP Co chairman Asif Zardari, Pakistan army must take the charge from Current Government and not allow any Member of National Assemble Provenance
Assemble,Senator to leave Pakistan un less the approval given by the chief of Army staff, they all are CRIMINALS Looking to escape from Pakistan...Mazhar P.I.S.J
Mazhar Ahsan Khan, karachi Monday, December 29 2014

Very nice Comments on CURRANT government BY Mr Dr Shahid Masood,CURRENT Assembly must removed now ..This so called democracy day by day be come white Horse ..referendum may be held for the form of Government Precedent rule or this type of democracy .Mazhar Ahsan Khan P.I.S.J
Mazhar Ahsan Khan, karachi Thursday, December 25 2014

Altaf Hussain is an Honest and true Pakistani,and his party is pro Pakistan but Pakistani Establishment is totally against MQM. I am fully confidence that after a few days this Government will start Operation such as 1992,Nawas Sharif and Zardare and ANP jamat e Islami are again in same page,,So be care full all MQM Supporter God help Altaf Hussain,,, GA MQM AND APML...Mazhar P.I.SJ
Mazhar Ahsan Khan, karachi Wednesday, December 24 2014

I humbly Request to Pakistani Government and Army chief and T.V channels Proprietors al least for 40 days stop all funny and comedy programs such as Hum sub umaid sa haa,Mazak ratt,Hasbahal and other like this,The time is very painful for Pakistan..thanks .Mazhar P.I.S,J
Mazhar Ahsan Khan, karachi Wednesday, December 24 2014

Paigham tv channal ki awaz ku ni ati
luqman , lahore Sunday, December 21 2014

sir with respect all Pakistani tv channel must stop insulting pakistani hero sir pervaiz mushraff,its more then enough.HE is not only ex president of Pakistan he is also remain the part of our brave army. universtey hyderabad zeeshan
zeeshan, hyderabad Thursday, December 18 2014

I Request to Pakistan Government please Published terrorist Photo around the area where they come from the back of school,bound re and announce reward so we can trace in which house and with home they stay for this dirty game......People around this area my Identify helping person .....Mazhar Ahsan Khan P.I.S.J
Mazhar Ahsan Khan, karachi Tuesday, December 16 2014

Dear hamari awam ko greeb he ranain do kioon kay zardari aor nawaz he pakistan kay theek hay in donon ki ghalti nain awam ki ghalti hay is liyay mazay uthahoon aor kabi maroo aor kabi khud kashain kero achay loog pakistan ki zaroorat nain hay imran aor qadri nain bohat koshashi kia lakin awam is kabile nain hay
idrees, Rawalpindi Wednesday, November 05 2014

Pleas Correct digital clock which is being displayed on Dhoom TV, it is one hour late.
Shahbaz Khan, Karachi Monday, November 03 2014

i am yahya i like geo news chenal and jeo tezz pleaz must see and shere.pakistaaan zinda baad
yahya, jehlum Monday, October 20 2014

yar tensport to net pe opne kar do
RAIS TAHIR , Ahmed Pur East Saturday, October 18 2014

Parvez Musharraf Mulk Ka Wafadaar Hey, Watan Ka Chahney Wala Hey.Jis Waqt 1999 Main Nawaz Shareef Ko Alag Kiya Gaya Tha Poorey Mulk Main Jashan Manaya Gaya Tha. Punjab Main Mithaayan Bantee Gayee Theen. Awam Ka Haafiza Itna Kharab Naheen Hey.Awam Ney Aur TAMAM SIYASEE PARTIYON NE AFWAJ-E PAKISTAN KE ISS IQDAM KO AUR PARVEZ MUSHARRAF KO WELCOME KIYA THA. Watan Ke Chahney Waley, Watan Ke Wafadaar Uss Ke Saath Hain.Nawaz-Iftikhari Mafia Apnee Hasad Kee Aag Main Jal Mar ka khatm ho ga Inshallah. Mazhar Ahsan Khan P I S J
MAZHAR AHSAN KHAN, KARACHI Wednesday, October 15 2014

Hi Dhoom all program Anchors. I would ask you to ask from MQM leaders including Altaf Sahib they want to create 20 more provinces in Pakistan. But why not they announces the name of 20 provinces and how many in Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and in Khyber Pahktoon. Why not both houses together give permission to Government of Pakistan to remove by force these terrorist sitting at Shiara Dastoor in Capital islamabad. Pakistan Zindabad.
fArooq, chicago,IL usa Monday, September 15 2014

Truth will always taste bitter to those who refine their lies & start believing it as truth. This is the exact position of the present rulers & majority of the politicians sitting in the parliment. They say that they are defending the constitution, democracy & sancitity of the parliment, whereas the truth is that they are defending their personal wealth gained through corruption, kickbacks, undue favors without merit, tax defaults & money laundering to build their wealth empires outside the country. They are "the vampires" who are sucking the blood of the people. Little did they know that "Vampire Slayers" will be knocking at their doorsteps. May Allah Bless & Strengthen the "Vampire Slayers" cause & the electronic media who support the truth. It has been a long time coming & as they say the fruit of patience is truly sweet. Pakistan Zindabad.
Irshad Lateef, ISLAMABAD Thursday, September 11 2014