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PTV News Live is in business from a long time aimed to broadcast latest news and happening at local and international levels. The channel gives you news bulletins catering the National News, Regional News, domestic top stories, and World News. PTV news channel enjoys favorable viewership from various corners of the country. Millions of Pakistanis prefer watching news on PTV, especially the old traditional audience and those living in distant locations. PTV News offers news in both English and Urdu languages. It broadcast talk shows, hot debates, and current affairs program based on various local and international issues.

PTV News on airs various current affairs programs from morn to dusk. The channel broadcasts two Urdu language bulletins during their morning transmission. There are four short duration Urdu news bulletins catering the latest updates, one Arabic news bulletin titled “ Al-Akhbar”, one Kashmiri news bulletin and who can forget the most famous and traditional 9 O'clock Khabarnama. PTV News bulletins after 6 pm are on aired on national TV and are also available for satellite viewers in more than 38 countries. PTV Regional News Bulletin is broadcast in Punjabi language from Lahore PTV centre, Sindhi News from Karachi News Centre, Pushto and Hindko news from Peshawar News Centre, Baluchi news from Quetta centre. The local viewers can watch news in their regional language only on PTV News. You can catch PTV News live online, PTV News Urdu in high quality online streaming only on HamariWeb.

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In the world anywhere if the population bomb is blasted.The control over the street crimes will be out of the control of the government.Somewhere i have studied the significance of the Saying of the Muhammad (s.a.w) that if the population of one place is raised to 10000..the new constructions of the houses may be shifted to another place.Logically all kind of crimes can be seen in the most build up area.I would serve in the most dreadful area where dangerous wild animals were seen abundantly but no demons,giants and giantesses were observed there.Though ,conventionally some mountains were entitled "the mountains of giants."But the no sign of Mr.giant and Mrs giantess were observed.Now a days the most profitable business is observed in the build up areas.Time to time in the huge populations the young boys, girls and the people of certain ages suddenly appear claiming that they have got the control over the giants and giantesses and they can solve the every problems of the people by the aid of the giants.The certain families members who have enmity with each others,in their folly rushes toward them in order to get some knowledge about their enemies.Initially the actors collect the names of those who exist the blood relatives of the dependents.The actors have the mirrors in their hands and impose the artificial unconsciousness on their selves. Then they become awake and look in to the mirrors and trace the defaulters the innocent people.Thus the enmities among the people reach to the climax.The illiterate uncle of a girl showed me the power of wealth that his nice is earning 20000 rupees per day.Oh! Their income is greater than the highest officials of Pakistan and those who are serving at abroad.For God sake O brothers and sisters in Islam.Do not go to the such kind of people.The belief in The Oneness of Allah is sufficient for you.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Sunday, August 02 2015

janab md ptv abdul malak sahab hamarey village mein aik sall sey ptv news aur ptv home key nashriat subah 9 bajay sey ley kar shaam 5 bajay tak band rehtey hai is ka koi hal karein hamrey hain cable nahin local anteena par guzara kartey hain lakin aap key yeh channel subah 9 sey 5bajey tak band rahtey hain pahley bhi aap ko durkhsat ki thi lakin aap ney koi hal nahin kia agar nahin ho sakta tu koi tareeqa hamein bata dein hamra village district faislabad sey 33 kilometer aur tehseel jaranwala sey 3 kilometer key fasley par waqaia hai purey village mein hum ney har aik sey posha sub kehtey hain key ptv news aur ptv home ki nishriat subah sey ley kar shamm tak band rehtey hain kuch hall karein sharm khain sarkari channel ka loudshadding jaisa balkey is sey bi batar hall hai aur nai dramey ptv par chalain puraney chalatey rahtey hain
aftab aslam, jaranwala 53g.b Friday, July 31 2015

Every day the PTV spreads the teachings of Islam.This is most praiseworthy.These are the outstanding teachings of Islam.The noble PTV accomplishes its mission in the most fairway.But here rise a question that how many people follow the commandments of Allah.Having the exemption of the little number of those people who like the righteousness most of the huge population are seem wonderful.Surely the modern era be considered the origin of the Dajjal(The evildoer..the semi human and semi giant).The Prophecy of Muhammad (s.a.w) is visible.On the world bases the truth is made false and the false is made true.Not only on the international bases the wonderful game is played. But our community is being affected by the ignoring the easiest way of life.There is much narratives of this expression but i do stop here.As all know which thing exist the remedy of the removal of all grievance.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Thursday, July 30 2015

imran khan, always against the law.we spouse to be hang up with some more officials. same and popular law only God like.
manzoor, faisalabad Monday, July 27 2015

I am listening the recitation of Sura Tuba on PTV.The credit of this is going to the Government of Pakistan, the nation And to the all True Muslims in the world who believe in Oneness of Allah and love the Muhammad(s.a.w) and His way of life and also love His Companions specially in His life time and their activities and then those who follow the way of Muhammad(s.a.w).Beware O Muslim brothers and sisters in Islam that the defense of Islam is compulsory for every true Muslim by any way.While nations of the worlds adopt the defensive measures against those who exist opponent against their false way of life.Then which thing may be obstacle or to prevent the Muslims from their defense.Beware O brothers and sisters in Islam that the whole text of Swalat(the prayer) and its meanings provide the strong pillars to the Government and its defense but also teaches the Muslims the way of successful life.It is requested to the Muslim brothers and sisters to review the meanings of the opening chapter of the Holy Quran which is recited in the every Swalat(prayer).
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Monday, July 27 2015

PTV role is outstanding.I am listening the speech of Allama Shafaat Rasool about the Swalat(Namaz..prayer).I say 100 time by Allah that the Swalat(namaz) teaches the Muslims the complete way of life.It is the root of constitution.It teach how the rulers rule on the people. It teaches the people how to obey the government.It teaches the defense of Islam.It provides the strong pillar to democracy. it is the ascending for the Muslims toward Allah. It is the complete code of life.The arrangement of salat is the strong castle for the Muslims against the foreign aggressors.To know the meanings of Salat is must for every Muslim cordially and mentally as well. The overthrowing and ignoring of the Salat is not only the root of every evils but exist the cause of mass destruction.The other people are those who arrange the prayer but do not know the meanings of Namaz and the Commandments of Allah revealing in the text of the Namaz.They do fall in every sins. They are also astray people.This has the long narrative but i do stop here as somewhat i said about the Swalat.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Sunday, July 26 2015

our national language spouse to be english.because our officials are speaking english.i know my self i saying strangely.but honestly its 100%.
manzoor, faisalabad Sunday, July 26 2015

The constitution of Pakistan may be considered trustworthy,sacred as it is they way of governing and the peoples will.But it is indispensable that it need to be converted to Original Purity.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Saturday, July 25 2015

Assalamo Aliakum Sir ,
Congratulations u have won the judicial commission decision against Tehrik Insaf , But I have one question from the current government and PPP that you people are in government from last 20years , when I was 20years old and still u are in government , what u have done for pakistan and pakistanies. OK we poor people can't anything but thier is somebody who will question you all Insha Allah. Now we will request u to at least give one chance to Imran khan. You already have enough assets for survival , Give him one chance because he is the last choice. Please keep in mind that you all are answerable to Allah TAhalla Thanks
Asif Mahmood, Dubai Saturday, July 25 2015

Masala Kasmir k baray main may nay bahas suni.Masla Kashmir hee kya aour b buhat masaael hain India aour Pakistan k darmian.Pehlay pehlay tu India k akaber Ulama taqseem Hind K khelaf thay.Laikan jab Islam k namawar farzand Allama Iqbal aour Quid e Azam{r.a) k mehnat say Pakistan wajood main aaya. Tou Akaber e Islam farmanay lagay." Aab Masjed ban chukee hay. Ess Kee hifazat her kisi par lazem hay."Shaikhul Islam Maulana Hussain Ahmad Madani(r.a) kee ketab "Naqsh e Haya" kee roashni main hamain mutahidda Hindustan kee tareekh ko daikhna paray ga.Yeh tou 18 wee saddi k wast tak aman ka gehrawa thee. Laikan jab baironi Quwatoun nay Qadam rakkha tou mutaheda Hindustan main aman o aman jata rha.Taqseem k waqt chand Musalman ryasatain Pakistan ka hessa banna chahtee thee.Magar oun ko Hindustan ka Hessa banaya gya.Kashmir main 1792 say laikar aab tak ajeeb khail jaree hay.Hindustan aour Pakistan k dararmian baree hekmat e amali say aisee nafratoo kee bheej boye gaye jen ka metana bazahir tou mushkil hay.Laikan essay door karna ashad zaroori hay.K parosee mulk hay.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Thursday, July 23 2015

PTV is most lucky who arrange the well versed scholars of Islam alike Allama Shfaat Rasool to call them and to do spread the light of Islam all over the world.I think this is sufficient for the success of Pakistan. I am listening the interpretation of 28 part of Glorious Quran.I was willing to write commentary on Sura Mujadila.But i am ailing to some extent. But i would like to say that the Sura represent the most lovely spiritual panorama.All those whose inner vision is bright will have been feeling that the events occurred in the life time of Muhammad (s.a.w) are ahead to them.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Wednesday, July 22 2015

as very high amount rivers filed up.its God our duty to give more water supply to channels.but madness ,we are stopping.
manzoor, faisalabad Wednesday, July 22 2015

I am listening the dreadful news on TV.The massacre of the innocent people is shown on the large scale particularly in the Muslims countries and most rarely in the non Muslim countries.Besides these the seismological activities and climatic changing have been also observed in the global world.This is the game of most intellectual hidden force living on the Earth somewhere. Its tracing is beyond and beyond of the world of science. They want to prostrate the people before them as they are considering themselves to be Godhead.But it is clear that those whose Faith is strong will prostrate before One And True Allah.MashAllah the Teachings of Islam is being spread in the dear homeland by the most fair way.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Tuesday, July 21 2015

Pooray dhartee ko eid Mubarak ho. Yeh agarche khusheyon ka den hay.K ess den naye kapron aala khanay ka Ehtemam hota hay. Magar yeh b hay k ess den Fareshtay Musamano say hath milathay hain.( hadess) Fareshtay aour hath? kya matlab.G haun drusr Farmaya Sarkar (s.a.w) nay.G haun ensan k jor jor par Angels impact hay.
Abdullah, kalabat Swabi Pakistan Saturday, July 18 2015

I like ptv
imran, karak Saturday, July 18 2015

I recently opened the PTV.As the huge hurricane and flood are destroying the many things.The water is whirling in the streets and the water is falling from the ceilings of houses.But in the most parts of KPK the Eid is being celebrated having the similarity with the HARAMAIN Sharifain.OK do as they like.I am listening the speech of the well versed scholar accompanied by the others intellects.From them one give the quotation of Hadess. "The Muhammad(s.a.w) said,"we are coming back from Jehad e Asghar to Jehadi Akbar."The Elmi Hadees has the wide range.Every Saying was said on the special occasion. Thus Holy Quran would reveal on account of special occasion. The 558 vrrses are about the defense of Islam and these are compulsory as the the others pillars are Islam are compulsory But for the defense of Islam the harmony among the Muslims is compulsory. The violations of the Commanding of Allah provide the chance to the foreign aggressors I was addressing to the congregation on the eve of Eid prayer. I recited the last rukoh of sura Al-fateh.The panorama of that time suddenly came in my spiritual insight .'' The Muslims are very kind to each others But they stand more active for the defense of Islam"I was weeping and cannot control my emotion to see the circumstances of modern era.
Abdullah, kalabat swabi pakistan Friday, July 17 2015

hamrey village main local anteena par ptv home aur ptv news ki nashriyat do maheney se nahin chil rahin hamein bari mushkil ka samna hain bray meherbani is ka permanent hal karein parani machinery badil lein takey nashriyat theek tareeqey sey hum bhi dekh sakin
address chak no 53 gb mansoorpur tehsel jaranwala district faisalabad
shehzad aslam, jaranwala Friday, July 17 2015

MANZOOR, FAISALABAD Thursday, July 16 2015

Hazrat Mulana sahib buhat mukammal aour jameh andaz main deeni Uloom ko phela raha hay. Ess k baad hazrat Allam sahib majooda doar k baray may tafseely bahas farma rehay hain.Sab Musalman jantay hain k kufar ka ayk hi ilaj hay. Zabanee daleel bekar hay,ES LIYE Alem Islam ko ayk doosroun ke sath mamelat ka jaiza laina paray ga.
Abdullah, Kalabat swabi Pakistan Thursday, July 16 2015

May Allah bless well versed scholar of Islam who is comprehensively spreading the light of Islam by the Glorious Quran.It is felt that as he is in the Paradise now.May Allah bless the PTV and Government of Pakistan.Who love the such scholars of Islam.I listened his teaching. I was studying the statement of a scholar of Islam in newspaper that the summary of Hundreds sins can be divided into four:- *The disappointment from the Grace of Allah.*Disappointment from the Mercy of Allah*To remain inattentive from the hidden trips of Allah*To make the partners of Allah.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Wednesday, July 15 2015

The speech of the well versed Scholar is praiseworthy.And the intellect of doctor sahib is most valuable.I think that lailatul Qadar is most secret. But the last ten nights of Ramadan is most important as the Quran was revealed in these nights. Therefore The Month of Ramazan is the root of Nabuwwat.
Haji Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi pakistan Tuesday, July 14 2015

The Muslims of Pakistan Maasha Allah have the great love with Muhammad (s.a.w).The sisters of Islam are talking about the brave activities of Army in tribal territory and also talking about the Pashtun's conflicts which can be seen up to their last breathing.The existing terrorism may be the cause of hidden enemies who may have knowledge of this terrain. Thus they have not only created the enmity among them but also imposed the proxy war. May be this so.The terrorist not fall from the sky but rise from the grass root level and full support are provided them by multiple devices.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Monday, July 13 2015

Musalman behnooun aour bhayeoun PTV par Ramazan mubarak k baray main behtareen Aalemi Deen mukhtalif swalat ka jawb dey rahay hain.Ess main Etikaf aour Rouzon kay baray main erntehayee aasan andaz main jawabat dey rahay hain.Lailatul Qadar kya hay. Etikaf kya hay.waghairahum. Musalman behnoun aur bhayeyoun dar asal roza,etikaf Nabuwwat kee bunyad hay aour oukhrawee zindagi jes main ensani wajood fana nahee hoga k liye tayyari hain. Baaz log rozay rakhtain nahi aour baaz log rozay rakhtay hain magar per b gunahoun k daldal main doobay rehtay hain.Ess par hazaroun safhoun par kitab likhi ja saktee hay Ye jo batain ham kartay hain aour sans laitahay re
htay hain.Maslan chughlee aur Gheebat ko entahaye khofnak shekal diya jayega.Namaz ko khoobsoorat jawan ka shikal dya jayega.Gunahahain sanmp aur ajdahay kee shikal main zahir houngay.Halankay ye saray alfaz tu hain.Insan jab dunya say ruhsat ho jata hay tu jesam rooh ke tabeh ho jatee hay. Khwa wajood k zarrat dunya main phali q na houn.Aalamay Barzeh main gunahgar sakht azab main mubtala houngay. Laikan dunya walay ess ko nahee daikh saktay hain.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Sunday, July 12 2015

My dear brothers and sisters in Islam.We can put the Muslims in three categories.The Muslims by chance,the Muslims by choice and the Muslims dwelling among the pagans.The first category is of those who are born in Muslim community and have not done any use full work for the growth of Islam and they easily imitate the way of those nation who are real opponent of Islam.Such kind of Muslim having deity in their pocket. Neither they are aware of the principles of Islam nor interested in the problems to which the world of Islam is facing.The second category of those who accepted the Islam by their own hearts.As the Sahaba of Rasoolallah (S.A.W)number three those who are dwelling among the pagans the number two & three are most near to the Allah.One day A Sahabi said to the Muhammad (S.A.W),"I love you." Muhammad (S.A.W)replied,"If you love me then be ready for all hardship in the way of Islam."The Ali (R.A) and the Sahaba and all true Muslims can be put in the number two and three categories.They are the real followers of the way of Muhammad (S.A.W) No distension can be made among these Sahaba of Muhammad (S.A.W) His three nearest Sahaba attained Shahadat and the other Sahaba as well there fore Islam is not the bed of flower in which one may sleep and dwell his life to his own will.Those who are Muslim by chance and providing their solders to the anti Islamic powers to be conseared the astray people. Ali (R.A) is the star of Islam and cousion of Muhammad (S.A.W).
Abdullah, kalabat swabi pakistan Thursday, July 09 2015

Ptv is active in service of Islam. Darse Quran by well versed scholar is most lovely.HE IS REPRESENTING THE TEACHINGS of Islam in most easy manner. I had decided to write an application to the Prime Minister to nationalize at least two Masjed in every village and employ there the well versed scholars.Mr.Asad Qaisar Speaker kpk assembly is making the two stories JANAZ GAH.It can be used for the multi purposes.I.The Msjed.2.Janazga 3.Deeni Madrassa imparting the deeni dunyavi education.In Haramain i have seen the darse,salat( prayer) and 20 janazay at one tme.The debate on Kashmir issue is praiseworthy.

Abdullah, kalabat swabi pakistan Wednesday, July 08 2015

I am seeing the bright face of the Scholar having nice speech on the the Siam(fasting). The programe compare face is too lovely.I am now aged and i am sustaining the wonderful decease.I am under free treatment at AFIC Rawalpindi. The noble doctor says to me "Nothing alarming.And i keep the Soam(fasting) regularly. I become much relaxed in this month.I feel much pleasure in this month. Oh! i am listening the Qaseeda Burda.Aha Aha This is sufficient for the success of Pakistan.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Tuesday, July 07 2015

to shahbaz sharif,i requested for you give publick CBR acc number .because no body can pay direct tax in publick fund.
manzoor, faisalabad Monday, July 06 2015

I am listening the Qaseeda Burda on PTV. I can not control my emotions. This exist the strong castle for the Pakistan,After ward i am listening the speech of Hazrat Hafiz Sahib about the superiority of the month of Ramazan and direct the nation what have to do in the month of Fasting.I would like to aid that the Fasting is the root of prophet hood. Now i again listening the same topic. The Ramazan is not only the name in which one may prevent himself from the eating of foodstuff for whole day.But it is the training in which one may abandon all those works which stand hazard to the mankind and to do the worship of Allah regularly. I was on Hajj 2012. One day i entered in the cave Hira where Muhammad (s.a.w) would remain in the manner of Fasting and meditation in order to remember the Allah.At last the Angel Gabraiel brought the Message of Allah. Muhammad (s.a.w) was surprised. That time his age was 40 and the Hazrat Khadija was 55 years old. Muhammad (s.a.w) comes to his home and tell this wonderful event.The Mother of the Muslims replied,"Don't worry you never disgrace any one. you are keen for all and never been harmful to any one.You are hospitable.Allah will not abandon you. and bear witness that you are the Great Apostle of Allah.And i am the first who believe in your Prophet hood."Oh!I can not control my emotions.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Sunday, July 05 2015

The PTV is most lucky to arrange to telecasts the speech of the great scholar of the Islam and also arrange the discussion about the Islam and Modern Era after the speech of the well versed scholar.I feel that there is hardly be 0.05% people who use net for useful purpose. while remaining people use it for recreation.Eventually they become the servants of net and not servants of Allah.I am so weak
and aged that i am outwardly seem to be of 100 years. I do not know the authority who do throw my comments in dust ban.Oh! the train accident in which the brave soldiers attained Martyrdom and others also May Allah bless them all. This is the visible terrorism by the hidden enemies.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakista Friday, July 03 2015

PTV is most lucky which administered the well versed Scholar of Islam .Who is busy to spreading the translation and interpretation of Holy Quran.He has indeed owe the Heritage of Muhammad (S.a.w ).May Allah Bless the scholar,Ptv,Government and all those who do love the teachings of Muhammad(s.a.w.).After that i am lessening the most valuable talking between the Hafiz Sahib and Doctor Sahib who are doing most useful talking about the teachings of Muhammad (s.a.w).The three mentioned Scholars can be considered this time in paradise.Haha haha the Qaseeda Burda is the strongest castle For Pakistan.(All true Muslims may have awareness that social media may be useful to some extent but mostly it is considered bee the mother of evils.).
Abdullah, Kalabat swabi Pakistan Thursday, July 02 2015