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The channel operates with a vision to bring genuine news content and neutral current affairs commentary without being influenced from any political party or affiliations with any government officials. 
daniyal, kohat Thursday, February 23 2017

This is the good site who provides the best thing for everyone who is eager to watch dramas of any channel and this is the nice tv channel also of independence
aneela, islamabad Tuesday, February 21 2017

Independent Tv is based on Bangladesh News Channel where we can watch the news, talk shows and many entertainment programs in Bangladeshi language. Many times I watch this channel.
mudassir, khi Monday, November 28 2016

I don’t know about the independent channel because my father watch this channel but I don’t watch this and don’t like the news channel I like any other channels who show the latest dramas
reshma, pindi Wednesday, September 07 2016

Who operates Independent TV Live and from where? I want to know about the details of this channel. It's live streaming is not working so I cant figure it out. Please add some information about this channel
Kamran, Lahore Thursday, August 04 2016

I love pak pakistan is very beautiful country
sunjay, karachi Wednesday, October 14 2015

i love pakistan
ghulamqadir, karachi Sunday, July 26 2015