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Reviews & Comments on Indus News Live

I watch this indust tv channel usually because their comes many good and interesting dramas who mine grandmother also watch that with me
anabia, karachi Thursday, November 02 2017

Various cities and districts of Punjab decorated with banners favoring Nawaz Sharif, it shows the supports of PML N by its parties. Let see what happen after the decision of judiciary.
moiz, khi Thursday, April 20 2017

I use to watch Indus News channel but now a days the transmission is not going well as previous, if this channel want to survive in market it must look after it. I think this channel need some entertainment shows.
faraz, khi Wednesday, February 22 2017

more bombs to divert attention from bakwas sharif just like last time.....
asghar jan , karachi Sunday, February 19 2017

lahore bomb blast done rana shatanula save nawaz sharif
asghar jan, karachi Monday, February 13 2017

The channel strives to maintain its stability in the industry as it is facing fierce competition from other leading media houses.
omer, layyah Friday, December 23 2016

I forget the name of the talk show in Indus News Channel which I watch at 8 PM. The host of this show is such an intelligent, the way he ask the questions shows his profession.
Salahuddin, khi Saturday, November 26 2016

All the youth with Imran Khan, I think it may give a great change on 2nd November but the role of the jurisdiction in Pakistan is very important to influence the law and order situation.
yasir, khi Tuesday, November 01 2016

I forget the name of a famous journalist in Indus News channel but I watch his talk show every night after the news bulletin. He also highlight the current political situation
mudassir, khi Thursday, October 27 2016

very nice
m fasial, hasilpur Wednesday, August 24 2016

Humary pass 3 month se pani ni he Indu shakh me bulkal ek qatra bi ni he plz humari awaz media tk pochai jai
Dilawar, bagan Wednesday, June 15 2016

Indus News is one of the oldest channel to offer news and current affairs shows in Pakistan. Please make sure that the live streaming of this channel actually works.
Ghazanfar, Karachi Monday, May 16 2016

There is no any talk show in Indus news Channel is famous, the reporting team of this channel just cover the main cities of Pakistan.
isma, khi Tuesday, May 10 2016

I only watch the live streaming of Indus News channel in hamriweb live Tv Channlel. News and the entertainment channle of Indus both are good.
bilal, lhr Monday, May 09 2016

Indus news channel is also good but our cable operator set this channel in a very late numbers that is why I couldn’t watch this channel for a long time.
hamza, khi Monday, May 09 2016

The Pakistanis passed through very tense situation i.e. LBs Elections which proved: 1. It is pity that those at the helm of affairs did not take their duty seriously; even blind men/deceased persons were initially detailed as Returning Officers. 2. We take pride in violation of orders, instructions and Zabita-i-Akhlaq and instead of feeling ashamed we laugh out as if we have done something very good. 3. We lack self respect, integrity, accountability, and think ourselves to be care free. 4. To us human lives are of no value. Murdering / wounding of many Pakistanis in LBs election will not open our eyes. Election Commissioner could not make fool proof arrangements to avoid loss of human lives. 5. Holding of fair, free and systematic elections is only a dream, beyond our capability. 6. We are expert in misuse of our authority, State resources and contacts. None can put us right through persuasion or lectures. Of course we need “Danda” which is not there. 7. As Govt. functionaries, we are to obey orders wrong (Mostly) or right. 8. We betray our Voters through Bogus votes, or having been elected as Independent, we join some Party. 9, We can sell our vote ((Zanmeer) for money, Bradari, political affiliation or friendship, 10. Bharat is our enemy. Can we learn something good from her Election system? Patriot Media deserve appreciation in their efforts to expose the failings of PEC and Govts at all levels. Your efforts will certainly bear fruit. Keep it up!!
sarwar, lahore Friday, November 20 2015

its been ages that when i watch this channel. i used to watch indus music and pakistani drama channel when this TV channel launched. even here streaming is not working properly.
waqar, karachi Monday, January 26 2015

Rafeeq sahib, Sab Jhoot ha, Suni suai batoon na yaqeen kia karan,


Kabhi Pakistan Lahore Aa kar dakhan, Shabaz shareef kay kam.

apko paris nazar aa jaiay ga.

rabia, Lahore Monday, December 01 2014

TV will be much better in future for us!!. More Over Please Instruct to MR Ishaq Dar,in current affair of Pakistan. Please issue notification to concern for Issue of EOBI Pension RS:6000 along with arrears to old citizen of 05 PROVENCE'S OF Pakistan and this matter may please be discussed in tv programs.

rabia , lahore
rabia, LAHORE Monday, December 01 2014

@MSani , you two timer whores illegitimate offspring , how dare you question the loyality of the Muhajirs .if it wasn't for us you would have been still offering ur moms and sisters to Hindu bania .
Ingrateful inglorious bustard .Now go and get a life you parasitic amoeba .
Salman , KI Thursday, October 09 2014

Hi Indus news all program Anchors. I would ask you to ask from MQM leaders including Altaf Sahib they want to create 20 more provinces in Pakistan. But why not they announces the name of 20 provinces and how many in Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and in Khyber Pahktoon. Why not both houses together give permission to Government of Pakistan to remove by force these terrorist sitting at Shiara Dastoor in Capital islamabad. Pakistan Zindabad.
Farooq, chicago,IL USA Monday, September 15 2014

Qdri sb plz datay raho Imran Khan sb plz datay raho kom dono k sath hay GO NAWAZ GO PAKISTAN KI JAN CHRO
ABDUL AZIZ, hydrabad Sunday, September 07 2014

Best of luck geo we are always with you hamid app jaldi sey apna ptograme continue karein we all are missing you very much may Allah bless you with health amin and geo may Allah bless you with success
fatima cheema, gujranwala Wednesday, April 23 2014

Assalam o alaikum, Pak Watan shadab chaman Ay Piaray Pakistan,Piaray Pakistan Unchi tairi shan
Sher-e-Arab Ibn-e-Qasim nai taira parcham lehraya tha
Ghauri aur Mehmood nai barh kar tairi hadoon ko chamkaya tha
Quaid e Azam ki koshish sai charha hai tou parwan
piaray Pakistan unchi tairi shan
Fauzia Ahmed, Lahore Wednesday, February 05 2014

1) Nawaz Sharif
2) Shahbaz Sharif-MPA (Brother of Nawaz Sharif)
3) Hamza Shahbaz Sharif-MNA (Nephew of Nawaz Sharif, Son of Nawaz Sharif)
4) Maryam Nawaz Sharif (Daughter of Nawaz Sharif)
5) Captain Safdar-MNA (Son in Law of Nawaz Sharif)
6) Haji Tahir Ali-NA 21 Mansehra Bye Election Pmln Ticket Holder (Brother of Captain Safdar )
7) Bilal Yaseen-MNA (Nephew of Kalsoom Nawaz who is Wife of Nawaz Sharif)
Mohsin Latif-MPA (Nephew of Kalsoom Nawaz who is Wife of Nawaz Sharif)
9) Ishaq Dar-Senator (father in Law of Nawaz Sharif's Daughter)
10) Umar Sohail Zia-MNA (Son of Ex-MNA Sohail Zia Butt, Close Relative of Nawaz Sharif)
11) Sohail Zia Butt (Cousin in Law of Nawaz Sharif)
12) Owais Zia Butt (Brother of Sohail Zia Butt, Ex-MPA)
13) Abid Sher Ali-MNA (Son of Kalsoom Nawaz's Sister)
14) Ch. Sher Ali (Husband of Kalsoom Nawaz's Sister)
15) Salman Shahbaz (Son of Shahbaz Sharif, Nephew of Nawaz Sharif)
16) Senator Farooq Saeed Khan (Nawaz Sharif's Son Father in Law
shakeelawan, london Sunday, December 29 2013

Coruption of Nawaz Sharif chore family

Raiwind ka Residance:
Area 2500 Kanal.

11 Sugar Mills and
15 Industrial Estates of just Rs.2900 millions

London/UK 80 flats, Approximate value of flats: Rs.30 Billions.

Steel Mill& Residences in Saudi Arabia, Istanbol, Dubai& Spain: Cost 1.30 Billion US $

RESIDENce ka BUDGET Annual Rs.270 Millions,

1766 Officers& Servants ki saliries 190 Million,

5 BULLET PROOF CARS cost Rs.200 Million
aur tax diya Rs.5000

khadim ho tou aisa.

Please forward to public for awareness.
(Report CNBC)
mohammed rafiq, uk Sunday, December 29 2013

MAZHAR AHSAN KHAN, KARACHI Saturday, November 23 2013

nice channel
babar, karachi Friday, November 22 2013

Sir man Hasil pur press culb ka member hon alredy aik chanel aur 3 News pepar k sath kam kar Cuka hoon aur ab city 42k sathkam karny ka khwahish Rakhta hon
shahid khan, hasil pur Wednesday, October 09 2013

Jo Naadar Hain, Unhen Bhi Dikha De Haram ke Tu Jalwe
Hazoori Ho Sab ki Dua Mangta Hoon
Ilaahi Main Tujhse Dua Mangta Hoon
Karam Mangta Hoon , Ata Mangta Hoon
Ilaahi Main Tujhse Dua Mangta Hoon
fauzia Ahmed, Lahore Saturday, October 05 2013

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