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Praise be to Allah.In sha Allah! The Islam live tv team is the team of Paradise.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Thursday, January 21 2016

Well done Islam live TV. I am listening the recitation of Glorious Quran in the manner of prayer in the Grand Mosque of Makkha.Your arrangement is praiseworthy.In sha Allah consider your self in paradise now and then.I know the Arabic.Let me to go in loneliness to weep loudly.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Wednesday, January 20 2016

The pleasant activities are seen on the Islam live tv.May God bless the noble team.May God enable the people to know the way of peace.I am listening the recitation of Glorious Quran.Its teachings are the way of the successful life.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Tuesday, January 05 2016

Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Sunday, December 06 2015

Congratulation to world of Islam of the first month of Islamic year 1437.The sacred one due to the sacred events occurred in the human history.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Friday, October 16 2015

It was about the year 1930.The new convert Muhammad Asad was travelling in the ship along with his spouse called Elsa toward the makkha in Saudi Arab.There were the much number of Yemeni labors who were working in the European countries.One labor was near to death point due to the malaria parasite.The doctor in the ship was not taking the risk to come near him. But Mohammad Asad did treatment.The Yemeni labors provided much money to Mohammad Asad. But he denied and said "I did so only for God"The Yemenis start weeping and said,""You should receive this amount.This is not reward of your treatment of the patient.But we came to know that you are Muslim by choice and we are Muslims by chance."
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Saturday, October 10 2015

Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Friday, September 25 2015

"The best way to change the evil is for Muslims to repent to their Lord, correct their beliefs, and nurture themselves and their families according to the correct Islam, as Allaah says "Verily, Allaah does not change: people's condition unless they change what is in themselves." (Soorah ar-Ra'd 13:11). And the way to salvation is not, as some people imagine, to rise up with arms against the rulers, and to conduct military coups. In addition to being among the contemporary bid'ahs (innovations), such actions disregard the texts of Islam, among which is the command to change ourselves. Furthermore, it is imperative to establish the foundation upon which the building will stand: "Verily, Allaah will Most certainly support him who supports His cause; verily, Allaah is Most Powerful and Almighty." (surah al-Hajj 22:40). This is the methodical and orderly approach, and the correct practice based upon the Qur'aan and Sunnah that the Ummah must agree upon, enjoin and call to.
Abu Hanifa, MAFOLUKU OSHODI, Lagos, Nigeria. Monday, September 21 2015

If a Muslim corrects his Aqueedah built upon the Quran and Sunnah,then there is no doubt that from this he will correct his worship correct his behaviour and his manners etc. May Allah give us better understanding of the religion and accept this Hajj as an act of IBADA from brothers and sister.
Abu Hanifa, MAFOLUKU OSHODI, Lagos, Nigeria. Wednesday, September 16 2015

The calamities in these past few years which have been by the hands of these people, beginning from the discord (fitnah) of the Haraam of Makkah to the dissension in Egypt and the killing of Sadaat. Finally, in Syria a sight that everyone can see; the shedding of the blood of many of the innocent Muslims because of these fitn, tribulations, and the occurrence of many trials and calamities.
All of this because they opposed many of the texts from the Book and the Sunnah and the most important of which is:
"Indeed in the Messenger of Allaah you have a good example to follow, for him who hopes in the meeting with Allaah and the Last Day and remembers Allaah much."
Abu Hanifa, MAFOLUKU OSHODI, Lagos. Tuesday, September 15 2015

Incredible, the reward for Allah to accept your Hajj is Jannan, Yah Allah I pray to do Hajj over and over again and assist muslim to come to Hajj and Umurah. Ameen.
Abu Hanifa, MAFOLUKU OSHODI, Lagos. Tuesday, September 15 2015

The very beautiful panorama of Islam is being exposed on Islam live TV.The recitation of Glorious Quran i s arranged recited in the Holy Mosque of Mecca.I was on the eve of Hajj and was on journey from Muzdalifa to Jamarat by train. My spouse was setting on the seat. I was setting on the right sight of her. To left side of the seat the gentle ladies were setting.Suddenly i saw a lady standing with her husband.I left my seat and pointed her to set with my wife.Her husband became very happy.After introduction it was found that he belonged to my country.He was colonel in Army.Now we were talking in English and Pushtu.Suddenly the European Muslim said enthusiastically."This is a real Hajj"To make someone comfortable.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Sunday, August 16 2015

I can not control my emotions on seeing the Islamic monuments on Islam LiveTV. I am also seeing the congregation in full Islamic dress which absolutely exhibit the spiritual panorama.Congratulation to the Islam live TV.As its function is the road to Paradise.I do remind those Anti Islam forces who are interested to surrender the world by the their marvel lance Technology that their power is alike ash comparative than the highest Spiritual power of Islam.
Abdullah, Kalabat swabi Pakistan Monday, August 10 2015

Jazakumullahu Kairan, I learn some of my deen on Islam channel.
Abu Hanifa, MAFOLUKU OSHODI, Lagos. Thursday, August 06 2015

Very nice very nice i am seeing on the screen of Islam Live TV the sisters in Islam having the scarf on their heads.The sisters and Islam Live team may consider themselves to sitting in paradise now.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Wednesday, August 05 2015

I am seeing the most beautiful faces of the Muslims brothers and scholars of Islam on the Islam live TV.Their debate in English is felt most lovely.They are looked most peaceful.The Muslims believe in all Apostles.I confess that sectarianism can be found in every religion.I have studied thoroughly the comparative religions. The intellects of religions followers are requested to study the last sermon of Mohammad(p.b.u) available in a few lines.This is the complete code of life and the way of peaceful life.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi pakistan Saturday, August 01 2015

Asalamualyku? what an Uncountable rewards earned by IslamTV, How I wish I pick up a careers here. Am Accountant by profession.
Abu Hanifa, Ibn Raji, Lagos, Nigeria Monday, July 27 2015

Cordially congratulation of Eid To Islam live TV team who exist the island of Peace.
Abdullah, Kalabat swabi Pakistan Saturday, July 18 2015

All Apostles are true according to the teachings of Islam.The Muslims believe in all Apostles and do not make differentiation among them. If some one deny the prophet hood of any Apostle he will be considered infidel.Now the Muslims are criticized that why they are not the true followers of Islam.So the same questions can be labelled on the world of Christianity and Judaism that why they are ignorant from the teachings of old and new Testament while all Apostles were true and calling the people to monotheism,Peace and harmony.That is why that people fell in sectarianism and forgot the original purity.Due to the course of time and the huge population sectarianism not only existed in Islam but also in the other religions. The Gandhi told,"I do not know what are the teachings of Hinduism".However the true way of Peace is alive and will exist in the due course of time.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Wednesday, July 15 2015

Masha Allah the discussion among the Muslim brothers is most lovely on the Islam live TV.It provide the true image of Islamic brotherhood.The recitation of the last Verses of Al Baqara are the open road to paradise.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Tuesday, July 14 2015

God ( Jeremiah 17 : 5 ) sent Jesus to change the 615 commandments . How many commandments does the people have to obey ? Why islam do not obey all the commandments ? ( Revelatio chapter : 18 ) ( Revelation 20 : 10 )
juan carlos, chula vista Tuesday, July 14 2015

Alhamdu LILLAH Alhamdu LILLAH! The Islam Live TV is busy in the spreading of the Light of Islam all over the world.I am listening the speech of well versed Scholar of Islam.He is teaching the way of the successful life of Eternity. May Allah Bless the Islam live Team.
Haji Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Monday, July 13 2015

assalam-oalukm sir m atv chanal par acting shoro krna chahta hu agr ap mj sy tawn kry to
usman afzal, wzirabd pakstan Sunday, July 12 2015

Masha Allah i am seeing the beautiful faces of Islam on Islam live TV.Beware O brothers and sisters in Islam. The Fasting is the root of Prophet hood and the road toward the successful life of Eternity.The narration and philosophy of the Fasting is very long.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Sunday, July 12 2015

I am listening the most lovely talking of the Muslims brothers on the Islam live TV.Around them i am watching the most attractive panorama. The panorama of peace the panorama of the most beautiful area.The people of UK are required to do watch this TV.They are lucky as the Islam TV is there.Beware O brothers and sisters the religions followers can be decided in two categories.By chance and by choice.Muhammad Asad the new convert had accepted the Islam by his own choice.He and his aged spouse were travelling in the train through desert.During the journey one Muslim provided them food.Then they were on journey to Makkha by ship.There were great number of Ya man's Muslims labors coming from the western countries. From them one was ailing from malaria.The doctors were not coming near him. Muhammad Asad gave him the treatments and he was recovered.The Yaman,s Muslims murmured and collected the huge amount to give it to Muhammad Asad.But Muhammad Asad denied. The Ya man's Muslims began weeping and said," you accept Islam by your heart and we are the Muslims by chance" He accepted this.And he reached Makkha along with his wife named Elsa . Elsa was died in Makkha and King Abdul Aziz(r.a) would call him O my son He would stay in the residence of Abdul Aziz(r.a).
Abdullah, klabat,swabi,pakistan Monday, July 06 2015

I was eager to write the spirit and secret and philosophy of the Shahwaliullah the Leader of the Revolution of Islam related to the Fasting.But i think that it may be hardly understood by the common intelligentsia. Therefore i desired to somewhat to translate the verses of about the Fasting from the Glorious Quran. Not only the Fasting is the remedy of fatal diseases but also the bright road toward Eternity. I only present the translation of Glorious Quran from part 2 Verses 183 to 186.initially from pt v then these well be sent to the Haramin Sharrafain and other Islamic channels for the purpose of mass benefits:- 183.O you believe! Fasting is prescribed to you As it was prescribed To those before you That ye may learn Self resistant.184.Fasting for a fixed Number of days But any of you is ill Or on journey The prescribed number (should be made up) From days latter. for those who (With hard ship is ransom, The feeding of one That is indigent By they will give More of his free will It is better for him And it is better go

ye only knew you185. Ramadan is the month In which was sent down THE Quraan as a guide To mankind also clear Signs For guidance and judgement between wright and wrong SO EVERY ONE OF YOU Who is preset at his home During that month Should speed it in the fasting But any one is ill Or on a journey The prescribed period Should be made up By days later God intends every facility for you He does not wnt To put you to difficulties. He wants you to complete The prescribed periods.And to Glorify Him In that He has guided you And preaching ye shall be grateful.186. When my servants servants ask the concerning me. I am indeed Close to them I listen To the prayer of every Suppliant when he calleth on m: Let them also with a will, Listen to my call,And believe in Me: That they may walk inthe right way
Abdullah, klabat,swabi,pakistan Saturday, June 20 2015

Assalamoalikum, i m noorulamin from jalbai(swabi)kpk. i m watching islam tv ist time,unforchonity the network is very slow.Next time when the network become fast,then i will give more comments according to its different events.
noorulamin, jalbai(swabi) Thursday, June 18 2015

Is Gawahi TV a Christian station?
The fish symbol in their logo is a Christian symbol.
Mahabba, Minneapolis Saturday, June 13 2015

Assalamoalikum!My dear brothers and sisters in Islam of Islam live TV channel.And all Muslims in the world and all those who are watching the Islam TV channel this time.I am seeing the most Honorable faces on the Islam live TV channel.Several questions are being put up to the able Scholar of Islam.My grievances are being erased.One question was about the Fasting.And some thing about the oppressed.InshaAllah much will be shared with this noblest channel.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakisan Saturday, June 13 2015

I'm much happy to watch Islam TV. It educate us true knowledge
Ali muhammad , chiniot Wednesday, June 03 2015