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Samaa News TV

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Reviews & Comments on Samaa News TV

I like this channal so much...
Gulbaz baloch, jhang sadar Thursday, September 03 2015

pakistani siyasatdaan a to z fruad fruad fruad duniya kehan say kehan chali gaiy yeh apis main lar lar ker daant chako chako ker drama ker rehay hain mulkko tabah o burbaad ker rehay hain
khalid, karachi Wednesday, September 02 2015

Pakistan will be safe and secure after eliminating the each agent of RAW. West is helping Indians and RAW in all areas.
KHALID SOHAIL, Khobar Saudi Arab Wednesday, September 02 2015

In new world no room for corrupt nations. Honest will rule the world and corrupt will polish the shoes of honest and brave nations.
KHALID SOHAIL, Al Khobar Saudi Arab Wednesday, September 02 2015

PAK ARMY is doing best to eliminate the forces of terrorists and supporters of criminals. RAW is dispatching help and weapons to all kind of criminals / terrorists and traitors to defame Pakistan and PAK ARMY. RAW want to send message to world that Pakistan is not capable to protect ITEM BOMB that is why Indian agents and RAW is spreading terror and panic in Pakistan. west is best friend of Indians and RAW as well.
KHALID SOHAIL, AL KHOBAR SAUDI ARAB Wednesday, September 02 2015

Samma tv plzzzzzzz have a long visit to karachi maveshi mandi in sohrab goth.
mohsan , multan Wednesday, September 02 2015

samaa is my favorite news channal
ahmed sultan , islamabad Wednesday, September 02 2015

SALEEM MARWAT, NOWSHERA Wednesday, September 02 2015

Zerdari went Islamabad, met pm eleven time, for his most clever plans, for getting rid of army chief, Zerdari plan was, that pm make him president, he used his executive power and get rid off army chief and bring their own man, two high ranking generals were contacted, but they refused, and informed the chief, ,if this is true, then both of them must taking care off,
Raja Akhtar z , [email protected] Tuesday, September 01 2015

PPP is good and make Bilawal pm
Keshav, Kabul Tuesday, September 01 2015

Mai watan k muhafizo k sath hu.aghr mari khun ki zarort mairi dhrthi maa ko parhi tu maira sar hazir hia.

Indai kia hia ju iss pak daish(pakistan) mai ghusy gha.likn ham mai himt hia inshahallah hm indai mai ghusy ghy.aghr uss ny aisa ahmkana harkt ki
Fawad khan, billand khel Tuesday, September 01 2015

samaa i love u is tha best chenal
ubaid, karachi Tuesday, September 01 2015

PAKISTAN army doing a very good job

From Riasat Khatan USA
Riasat Khatan. , Baltimore Tuesday, September 01 2015

This is called cleverness but Zardari should remember that this is not the way to escape from the reality of corruptions and no where to run now from the accountability that is the last decision which has taken from the Pk Army to not enterferance in the government but to clean the corrupt and unpatriotic politicians from our holy land
khalid khan, peshawar Monday, August 31 2015

Imran khan is negative man.
qaiser , karachi Monday, August 31 2015

Pakistan must be clear from terrorism and corruption. We support media to disclose corruption with high courageous manner.
kaiser, islamabad Monday, August 31 2015

Samma tv channel is best and updated new news
Altaf Ali , karacchi Monday, August 31 2015

I love samaa tv.
sub say pahlay har jaga.
waqas khan, [email protected] Monday, August 31 2015

TALHA AKHTAR, FSD Monday, August 31 2015

why is it not telecasted in india
t v srikanth, visakhapatnam Monday, August 31 2015

PAK Army: Please and please do not stop your cleaning operation should be continued all over the country step by step. It will be the great historical moment for our nation and this nation will remember your part "job well done" Off-course Army Chief's name will written not as a Great Army General it will be our national Hero InshaAllah. Let all political parties cries as they deserved to cry. They haven't done any thing than corruption, corruption and corruption. Chap of their heads who ever found gilty.
AA Karimi, Manassas, VA Monday, August 31 2015

SAMA NEWS is the Best TV Channal .
Abdul Rasheed Awan, Faisalabad Sunday, August 30 2015

sama tv channel is a best
najam ul hassan, charsadda Sunday, August 30 2015

nadeem malik bohat achy ancor hain
umair zia chan, quaidabad Sunday, August 30 2015

I love and like samaa news
QURBAN ALI PHULPOTO , pipri gambat Sunday, August 30 2015

I think team saama doing good work. God bless you all
Bahram Khan , Lahore Saturday, August 29 2015

sama aik bohat acha kaam kr raha hain jo chor lafangon k asal cehrey mutaraf karwa rahen hain
shakeel ahmad, kl Saturday, August 29 2015

We request the Pk Army please don't forgive all these corrupt before you leave the office that will be your kindness on our country and also please don't wait for peace take give a strong reaction and make them destroyed the India should be scare for ever and they should remember you like Pervez Musharraf Sahib
khalid khan, Peshawar Saturday, August 29 2015

bst chnl bst team fst nws lv u sma tv
m faheemullah khn, Darra pezu lakki marwat Friday, August 28 2015

samaa news best news channel .pakistan

ALI ali musvi, muzaffargaRH Friday, August 28 2015